Telltale Teases Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale Games has released a teaser video for The Walking Dead Season Two, the next installment of their loved adventure game. Clementine the character you help throughout the first season returns, a little bit older, and still stuck in a zombie wasteland. The Walking Dead Season Two will be coming soon on the PS3, Xbox…

Telltale Games Walking Dead Teaser Trailer For Episode 4

Telltale Games unleashed a teaser trailer for Episode four of the Walking Dead, it’s as tenses as it always is. The decisions only seem to be getting harder and harder to make. The Walking Dead Episode 4 is due out soon on PC, PSN, XBLA and Mac. News Source (Destructoid)

The Walking Dead Gets Another Game

Activision working in conjuncture with developer Terminal Reality will be making a game based around the Walking Dead Franchise this time it will be a first person shooter. The game will be centered more around the TV show as you take the role of Daryl Dixon who is making his way to Atlanta with his brother Merle….

The Walking Dead The Video Game Teaser Trailer

Telltale Games have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game The Walking Dead, giving a small sneak peak into the world they’re creating. The game is based around the TV show and the graphic novel series. Telltale is usually known for their light hearted point and click adventure games, they brought back classics like Monkey Island…