Hello, the name is Michael Honore and put quite simply I am a writer. I have a written a novel that was self published on Kindle that is a mostly silly story called Project Rabble. My education background is that of trying to get my Masters from Western Connecticut State University in professional writing. I did get my bachelors degree from the above college in professional writing. I also have my associates in general studies from Three Rivers Community College.

I mostly write fiction most of that being humorous in nature, but I have no problems writing any story or work that needs some attention. I have written and am searching for an artist for a graphic novel I wrote, and film/TV scripts that will likely go nowhere. I write a lot of what comes to my imagination in whatever form it comes in.

I want to use this blog space as a place to explore the world of video game news and releases. As well as some entertainment news that happens in the previous week. Please know that I try to cover the stuff that is mostly that I found interesting and worth noting and bringing up to other people.

Feel free to contact me at lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com if you have any comments or questions about the website. Any other contacts can go through Honoremichael01@gmail.com.