A rambling post of not so much for this weeks gaming blog post.

This was a quiet week in the world of gaming, though there was some interesting entertainment news that caught my interest. I’m here to spread the news of the latest gaming releases, news, and of course the entertainment stuff that caught my attention. This is for the week of October 4th to the 10th, of the year 2020. Please enjoy.

Game Releases:

The Survivalist

You have landed on an island and your only task is to survive and build a new home there. Can you deal with all of the elements, evils creatures, and monkeys? Or will you falter and fall? This game is set in the same universe and world as The Escapist games so expect a similar world and crafting system as you live from day to day. Developed and published by Team17 Digital Ltd, the game released on October 9, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

I am Dead

A charming puzzle game that explores the afterlife. You play as Morris Lupton who worked as the museum curator but then died. However, he can not easily pass on as he discovers that the island residents are in danger from a volcano and an ancient secret. You must solve the mystery of what’s going on and save Shelmerston. Released on October 8, 2020 it came out on Switch and PC. Development of the game was handled by Hollow Ponds while publishing duties are handled by Annapurna Interactive.

Game News:

Electronic Arts is bringing back one of the loved games in the Need for Speed series. They’re doing a remaster of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The game is set to come out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 6, 2020 with a Switch version coming out the following week November 13, 2020. The game features upgraded visuals from the 2010 release as it is using the latest version of the Frostbyte engine.

It feels a bit like EA are trying to win NFS fans back with nostalgia and what were generally considered fun games. The problem being that so many fans have different favorites from the series its hard to pinpoint one game to really fans can gather around for that nostalgic hit. Still, the game looks good and as long as it is fun and they aren’t asking full price it would at the very least be worth checking out.

For fans of the recently released Star Wars: Squadrons there is a bit of sad news. It was announced that there are currently no plans for DLC, or new modes, or even an Oculus Quest version/port over to that VR headset. This news dropped via the news outlet uploadvr.com who have a report on what’s going on.

It’s a bit disappointing as there is a solid base game in Star Wars: Squadrons but it doesn’t seem to have much depth story wise or mode wise. It feels a little bare bones and safe but perhaps that’s what the development team were going for. A basic game where you really concentrate solely on the ships that you have. This will probably lead to a short life span of the game multiplayer wise, but it is what it is.

Riot games have shut down their Australian studio along with the dissolution of the Oceania Pro League which was a League of Legends pro gaming league. If you wish to learn about the closure and ending of the league head over to LoLssports.com who have the announcement of what’s going on.

It’s sad when stuff like this happens, but the LoL e-sports scene seems to have struggled in Australia and so here we are. Riot can’t support what isn’t there for them and unfortunately that has cost people jobs.

A new card/deck building game has been announced for PC and Switch. It is a mystery game in which you play as a Magistrate or as the world that this game calls it Magister. You will investigate crimes question suspects and there is also some combat for when things get out of hand with people who refuse to cooperate. The title of this game is The Magister.

This has a very interesting look to it. It’s both a bit wonky with the way characters move and also charming in a way? I don’t know it is a very curious looking thing trailer that I watched on a whim to see what it was and it sort of won me over. Or I feel like it is better to say that it has my curiosity.

Entertainment News:

A trailer for the upcoming movie Fatman was released. This movie is all about a guy called Fatman who gave a bad present to a snobby kid. Now that kid has hired a hitman to to take out the Fatman and provide proof that the job is done. The film is supposed to arrive on November 17th 2020 and stars Mel Gibson and Walter Goggins.

This trailer is a bit bonkers and it feels like a parody of a film trailer but in a good terrible way. It’s one of those films that has you curious to see it, but… whether or not it needs to be seen in a theater is the argument you wind up having with yourself. It looks fun despite one of the actors not being a great person and the premise being a bit thin and goofy.

The video game Kingdom Come: Deliverance might be taking its action to the big screen or small screen in the form of a live action film or TV show. Set in medieval Bohemia the game tells the story of a young man who worked as a blacksmith in his father’s shop when it was raided and everyone was killed except for him. He then works hard to become a knight and find the murders who caused him so much grief. The game studio who developed the game, Warhorse Studios, and recently founded Wild Sheep Content are seeking out writers and producers to make the series. This comes after Wild Sheep also have signed a pact to help develop a film based on the Yakuza SEGA game franchise. This report came from Variety.com.

I could certainly see this being an interesting series as there aren’t many medieval shows. Granted it would need to be an interesting plot and it would probably cost a lot of money to make, but it could be worth it. At the very least it would be interesting to see them try to put it together and make something like the show Vikings giving us a world to explore.

Because New York Comic Con is going on virtually, Amazon released a teaser for their upcoming Robert Kirkman show Invincible. It’s an animated superhero show based on the comics from Robert Kirkman and goes by the same name. It tells the story of Mark Grayson a growing teenager and is struggling to deal what being a superhero means. The series will arrive on Amazon Prime sometime in 2021.

The trailer doesn’t have a warning on it that this is a mature series as there will be animated violence and gore. It probably should have a warning but at the same time that might drive people away from it so it is hard to say for sure whether or not warning is a good idea. It is a highly acclaimed comic book series and I think people will be surprised just make sure that the trailer doesn’t completely set your expectations. I’m surprised at how closely the TV series is keeping the original look of the comics. It’s nice but also surprising as usually adaptions get their own style, but I guess the art is so closely associated with the comic that it just made sense to try and replicate it.

Alright well that shall do it for this week’s blog post. Thanks for reading and checking out my blog. If you’re interested in any of my other work, I also have a podcast called Running Sentences. It however has nothing to do with video games and is all about telling fictional stories. Please feel free to check it out on a bunch of popular podcast websites. Now, if you have and suggestions, questions, or comments about this website or my podcast please feel free to drop them below. Or you can email me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, you can also come talk to me on Twitter @Snipehockey. Thanks once again and please stay safe during these troubling times.

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