A shockingly shocking week in the world of games.

With the Tokyo Game Show quietly going on in the background another week of gaming related silliness popped up. This time I’m covering the week of September 20th to the 26th of 2020 and some of the gaming releases, gaming news, and entertainment news that happened. Please know that I don’t cover everything because that would take forever, plus not all news is interesting. So, here is the stuff that caught my interest this week.


Game Releases:

Art of Rally

A low poly rally racing game in which you race around in a fast car in a colorful world against a timer. Your job is simple, try to get your vehicle around roads/gravel/dirt/snow as fast as you can to win the stages. As it goes with rally racing, drifting is also a part of the game to an extent and you’re vehicle will at some point be drifting around corners to try and set yourself up for the next part of the road. Also, unlike many racing games this uses a top down perspective camera putting you behind the car and offering that as your go to camera mode. Created by developer Funselektor Labs Inc who are also publishing the game. It came out on PC on September 23rd, 2020.

Serious Sam 4

The seriously unserious first person shooter returns for more mayhem. Hordes of enemies have come to beat on an already destroyed civilization as an alien invasion tries to take out what’s left. It’s up to you playing as Sam to fight back along with a group of commandos. It released on September 24th, 2020 from developer Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital. The game hit the platforms Stadia and PC with a PS4 and Xbox One version coming in 2021.

Going Under

In a world where start up companies flounder and go under you find yourself fighting through the remains of these companies. As an unpaid intern you now wander these wastelands under the company campus that you work for, using whatever office junk you can find to defend yourself from the hordes of lost workers. This is a satirical rogue-like dungeon crawler that came out on Xbox One, Switch, PC, and PS4 on September 14th 2020. Development was handled by Aggro Crab with publishing handled by Team17.


Game News:

Microsoft and ZeniMax Media are working together in the form of a 7.5 billion dollar deal that allows Microsoft to acquire the company. Microsoft have also announced that it will honor any game deals between Zenimax and Sony for games that had some form of exclusivity in being released on other platforms. Games like Deathloop will still have that timed exclusive release on PS4 first. The purchase consists of the overall structure of ZeniMax Media which equals – Bethesda Softworks, Arkane Studios, id Software, Alpha Dog Games, MachineGames, Roundhouse Studios, Tango Gameworks, and ZeniMax Online Studios. You can checkout Microsoft’s announcement on their Xbox webpage and Bethesda’s announcement on their website.

This was very sudden and unexpected. It’s a big get for Microsoft as it now blocks any unconfirmed games for either Nintendo or Sony unless they decide that it is okay. The bigger deal is the older games going onto the Xbox Game Pass which will soon have both EA and Bethesda games on it for a very affordable price. It’s a small blow to Sony who obviously did well with Zenimax games on their consoles, but they have plenty of other companies to turn to in the hopes of filling that void. The only thing I’m really getting from all of this is that this next generation is really going to be about games from companies that have been acquired by Microsoft or that Sony have locked into exclusive deals. It’s probably not going to be a big generation for third party games.

There is a rumored Kirby fighting game coming. It was accidentally leaked by Nintendo themselves with an early posting on their website of the game. Then Nintendo went and released a trailer and also dropped the game onto their eShop in the form of Kirby Fighter 2.

This was a sudden surprise but a mostly welcome one. It does come off a bit like a Smash Brothers light version that only has Kirby in it as well as some other characters from that franchise. It’s a curious little game and I wonder if it will sell well or quietly go away. But, knowing that it is a fighting game there will probably be a group that makes it into their fighting game of choice.

Rocket League has now officially gone free to play. And since then has now reached higher online player levels then they’ve ever had before.

It does seem like the perfect free to play game with the way skins and other things are released on it. People seemed to have waited for it to go free to play to give it a try and it seems really popular now. Not that it wasn’t popular before but it has taken off. Now all that remains to be seen is if they can keep it up.

Amazon has entered into another arena of gaming this time with the cloud gaming service Luna. It will play games via a streaming internet connection much like Google Stadia. It will be a subscription plan service which costs 5.99 dollars a month initially with a price increase at full release. But, you get access to a collection of games to play that is constantly growing with that fee. The games are set to run at 1080p at 60 frames per second, plus you can stream games on two devices for more fun. Finally it will be playable on PC, Mac, Fire TV, and Apple iPhone and iPad. You can check it out on Amazon’s website and even request to be allowed into early access of the services.

This is interesting news though I don’t know if it will ever fully catch on. The biggest issue will remain to be good solid internet connections and speeds. In the United States the internet is all over the place so this will probably have the same tough road that Stadia is having right now. Though, going with having a game library instead of having to buy each game individually is a great thing for those that love to try games.

In news of the slightly odd, Among Us 2 which had been planned and announced in August 2020 is now canceled. This is thanks to the popularity of the original game, Among Us, which has seen an influx in popularity thanks to YouTube and streamers.The game was being built with the PC crowd in mind and had lots of improvements over the first Among Us. That content will now shift over to the first game. If you wish to know more head over to the developers Itch.io page to find out all of their reasonings.

It isn’t often that a game gets canceled because the original was popular yet here we are. You also have to wonder how much of an improvement the second game was going to be when you easily move things over to the original. The supposed sequel was probably designed to run much smoother on PC and I wonder if the developers can’t in some way bring that over now that the sequel is dashed.

If you’re looking for a 2D pixelated RPG Potion Permit might be the game for you. Coming in 2021 for PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One it is a game about making potions. You play as a young chemist in the town of Moonbury whose citizens could use a few healing potions to help them out. Of course you will also need to collect medicines and items in hazardous areas so don’t expect to go easily marching about as enemies are around and will attack.

The trailer is interesting to me because it mixes a sort of farming style game play like a Stardew Valley with medical mystery and research. I think that’s pretty neat concept to combine and could make for a good game loop. The only thing I’m kind of iffy on it is the art and that’s because it looks that bit too sharp in the backgrounds making too many things pop out and cause the character to look a little off while moving. That might just be me though as the art style does have a charm to it.


Entertainment News:

Sega is teaming up with development teams 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content to make a movie. The game series Yakuza is getting the film treatment though there are currently no writers working on it. For those interested in what scant detail there are… Variety.com is the news source on this so head over there.

It’s a little concerning that this is being announced but doesn’t have any writers attached to it. It feels too soon to announce the movie, but I guess they’re trying to attract funding otherwise why really talk about it? I mean aside from the ongoing Tokyo Game Show where gaming news is announced it is feels like they threw that in there as well because they could.

Amazon released a full trailer for their wacky supernatural television show Truth Seekers. This a series about hunting paranormal creatures and stars Nick Frost as the lead investigator. Though something appears to be amiss because the company he works for may be involved in some fashion with the paranormal. The series drops onto Prime on October 30th 2020 a perfect time for a little horror comedic fun.

Well this feels a little less “Dr. Who and X-File’s like” then the teaser trailer which is curious and interesting. But, it still looks good, weird, and out there with that standard dry British humor to keep you company. Plus Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are once again working together on a series so it should be fun to watch.


Right well that’s about all there is for this week. Thanks for visiting and looking around. For those with suggestions, questions, and or comments please feel free to leave them below. Or contact me via email: Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, or find me on Twitter @Snipehockey. Thanks and stay safe out there.

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