Chipping away at the rocky mountain of gaming news.

This week in the madness of September 6th to the 12th of 2020 there was lots of gaming news. Welcome to my silly blog that covers the week that was in gaming from gaming releases, and news, to the sometimes entertainment news (not this week) that caught my interest. Please enjoy.


Game Releases:

Hotshot Racing

Arcade racing brings the speed and drifting from the 90’s to the modern day. Keep your speed up as you race around colorful low ploy worlds and tough competition to win races. Developed by Lucky Mountain Games and SUMO Digital while publishing duties landed with Curve Digital. It released on September 10th, 2020 for Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Game News:

A leaked reveal caught everyone off guard and showed off the Xbox Series S. This will be a digital only device of the next generation console and will be cheaper then the Series X as a result. The Series S will have a 512 GB hard drive and capable of 1440p resolution on screen at a cost of 299 U.S. dollars. Microsoft also revealed the price, pre-order date (September 22nd), and launch date for the Series X and the S model which will be arriving on November 10th, 2020. The X model will be retailing at 499 U.S. dollars.

There isn’t much to say other then these look pretty good and are decently priced so that they won’t price out many consumers looking to stretch their dollars. Plus we finally get a release date and a price point for one of the next generation consoles. Plus the S though low on storage memory looks like it could be a bargain buy for more cost conscious people.

A new Zelda game is on the way and it will be a part of the lore cannon as it takes place 100 years prior to the events in Breath of the Wild. It will be a Hyrule Warriors game where you play as a character fighting off 1000 or so enemies so don’t expect a complete adventure game. Though the story and dialogue are being worked on by Nintendo to keep it in line with the series. The game is going by the name of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and will cover what calamity Gannon did to the world. Development is being handled by Koei Temco Games along with Omega Force and it will arrive on November 20th, 2020.

While I’m not the biggest fan of the Warriors style games, this is pretty neat and the game drops in just a few months. It makes me curious about the story of how the events 100 years prior to the events of Breath of the Wild happened. Apparently Nintendo had enough of a story to tell it just not the right game to do it in until now which is great for those that love the lore.

If you’re looking for some amusement park building fun then a remastered Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 might be worth a look. The game will feature updated graphics plus all of the original DLC in a neat little package. It will be coming to PC and Switch on September 24th 2020 under the title Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition.

I’m a sucker for tycoon games and while I already have this game on PC I might be tempted to look it up when its on sale. It is a game well worth trying out if you like games that have you building theme parks and have a management side to things to keep it complicated.

EA and Microsoft are teaming up to make the Xbox Game Pass even more worth it. EA Play, the new name for EA’s subscription game service, will be available to subscribers of the Xbox Ultimate Game Pass for no extra cost. This will be available to both Xbox and PC players later this fall when it arrives. The price for the PC version is also now going up to be more in line with the Xbox version as it will be 9.99 a month. Head over to the Microsoft Xbox blog for more details on the EA and Microsoft partnership. If you’re interested in the PC game pass price then is the place to go.

Well this is certainly a surprise and a welcome one as it adds a lot of games to the Game Pass. It certainly makes it worth at least checking out for a month or two to see if it is worth it for you. Since games general rotate on and off of the service much like the video streaming service you’ll probably also want to pay attention to what’s coming and going if you subscribe.

Ubisoft held another Forward video event to show off games. This time they concentrated on bringing back the Scott Pilgrim, giving a new name and trailer to Immortals Fenyx Rising – formally known as Gods and Monsters – a game set in ancient Greece, and a remaster of Prince of Persia Sands of Times.

Unfortunately this was really was a disappointing showcase for me. None of these games really interest me and not being a fan of Scott Pilgrim or Prince of Persia that only leaves Immortals Fenyx Rising. A game that is supposed to take inspiration from both the Assassin’s Creed franchise and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I can see how people drew those conclusions and well that’s also my problem with the game. It looks like a frustrating bland copy of the two games without making it stand out in some way or form. It looks like it is missing something to capture my interest.

For those hoping for the weird/crazy Suda 51 inspired action in the form of No More Heroes III to hit the Switch this year… Unfortunately its been pushed to 2021. Development has been rocky since the pandemic has hit and the developers decided it was best to push the game to next year.

It is sad, but it is that time of year where games get pushed into the new year because development hasn’t gone as well as planned. It happens, it is unfortunate and you can only hope and pray at the end of this that the game comes out better because of the delay.

Apple has reinforced their rules for when it comes to streaming game apps on their platform. That is that they will allow them as long as each game on the service is submitted for review and Apple approves the game. Then you could download the game individually from the streaming app. Head over to for the headscatching story to see if it makes any sense to you.

Apple really doesn’t want any competition to Apple Arcade even though as far as I know Apple doesn’t have game streaming app. It’s dumb and anti-competitive behavior that will probably at some point result in a lawsuit against them. Not that Apple cares because they’re going to do what they want regardless of what you think.

Well that’s all there is for this week, which was rather heavy on the gaming news side of things. Though that’s good for me as I get lots to write about. Anyway, thank you for coming and looking at my blog. For those with comments, suggestions, and or questions please feel free to contact me. You can do so via email:, via Twitter: @Snipehockey, or just drop a comment in the comment section below. Thanks once again and stay safe out there and please wear a mask.

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