More gaming news not so hot off the presses.

Hello to another weekly blog post for the week of gaming. Namely the week of August 30 to September 5 2020 where some games released and of course some game news happened. Welcome and enjoy the silly blog post… also this covers the news that caught my attention and I thought worth sharing.


Game Releases:

Crusader Kings III

You are once again thrown into medieval Europe and you get to choose who you will rule over. The game plays out from either 867 or 1067 as you control your fiefdom and try to continue your dynastic line. Released on PC on September 1st, 2020 the games was developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive.

Iron Harvest

A real time strategy game that uses diesel/steampunk ascetic and visuals. Set in the 1920’s in an alternate universe where three armies are fighting for control over land. It is inspired by the Polish-Soviet war that occurred during the 1920’s and the counties in the game Polenia, Rusviet, and Saxony represent real world Poland, Soviet Russia, and Germany. Released on September 1st, 2020 by developers King Art Games and published by Deep Silver. It came out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

The legendary skating game returns with a remaster of the first and second original Tony Hawk games. You will once again be skating the legendary levels trying to do crazy tricks and listening to music that so defined these games while adding a few more music tracks. This remaster is the third time that these two games were redone and released. This time it was done by developer Vicarious Visions with publishing duties handled by Activision. It skated onto PS4, PC and Xbox One on September 4th, 2020.


Game News:

Nvidia have revealed their next generation of graphics card the 3000 series. The cards are a set to have a performance boost over the previous generation of cards which will be hitting the markets later this month. They’re also keeping things relatively affordable for those that get to use U.S. dollars. The 3070 will cost 500 dollars but won’t be out until October. The 3080 version will be out in September but it will cost 700 dollars. And finally there is the top of the line 3090 card which will be capable of 8K resolutions while running 60 frames per second (FPS) it will arrive at retail for a whopping 1500 dollars. Head on down to where you can find all the details about these new cards.

I’m starting to wonder how much further graphics can be pushed by these cards. They certainly look good on paper, though the whole 8K resolution thing is a bit silly since adoption of 4K is still happening rather slowly. Hopefully the cards are good and that AMD can come up with some good competition for them so that we get a competitive price battle.

The sale of Warner Brothers gaming division does not look to be going forward. AT&T appear to have scrapped the planned sale. This news comes from who after a brief report on some reasons on why this might have turned out this way.

To me the sale of the game division never made much sense and I doubt AT&T is totally going to give up on the idea. As a company they want to figure out how to recover as much money as they can from the purchase. Often that comes in the form of layoffs of surplus workers doing the same job that’s already been done at the parent company. Other times they sell of parts of the company which is what they were trying to do here.

With new regulatory talks going on in Germany Oculus which is owned by Facebook have halted sales of the VR headsets in the country from the company. This stops Rift and Quest headsets as the company and regulators talk about how connected the device is when it comes to requiring a Facebook account to use it. For those that wish to know more head over to who have a report on what scant details are out there.

Probably for the best that they do stop sales until the whole matter is cleared up. Not that it will stop Facebook as they tend to do what they want and ignore how it looks to people. Which makes this a little surprising to proactively pull a product and talk to a regulatory board… it is very un-facebook like.

As Rocket League goes free to play for those who play on Switch and PS4 you will no longer need an online account with those services to play online. However, Xbox will still require an Xbox Live membership to play online. The launch to free to play will be happening with the next big game update in mid-September. For those that wish to read a real article about the matter head over

This is a sort nice little piece of news at least for those with a PS4 or Switch. Not great if you have Xbox Live which continues to insist you have a subscription to play free to play games. But, that’s the breaks and hopefully at some point Microsoft will come around to saying you don’t need Xbox Live to play free to play online games.

India has continued to ban apps from China after a border excursion between the two countries. One of the latest hit by the ban was the game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground) which will now not be playable for those in India. Tencent who helps publish the game on mobile are the reason the game is being banned as they’re closely associated with Chinese government. This report comes from based out of India.

It is unfortunate that entertainment things get caught up in countries disputes. But that’s what happens when companies are closely tied to the governments. I don’t know if PUBG will ever be sold again in India but I thought it was interesting how much games are now getting caught up in politics and in fighting between countries.

Nintendo is celebrating Mario’s 35th anniversary through its usual means a Nintendo direct that was a surprise. They announced Super Mario 3d World + Bowsers Fury, Super Mario 3D All Stars, the limited time game for Nintendo Online subscribers Super Mario Brothers 35, and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

There is some fun looking stuff from this though there are also a lot of odd choices. The limited time availability of certain games like Super Mario Brothers 35 and Super Mario 3d All Stars is a bit odd. I’m guessing that these types of games don’t get that much attention or sales so they’re going for limited runs at least physically. But these will also be limited digitally, which doesn’t make sense unless they’re going to sell the All Stars games separately. Oh well, it’s Nintendo they do weird things that are never fully explained. And before I move on, the Mario Kart Live thing looks pretty neat and cool even if you don’t have kids

Lab Zero might officially be no more as Mike Z now fully in control of the game studio has laid off the rest of the staff. This news broke via a Tweet from one of the former developers at Lab Zero.

With the studio already tainted from the accusations and being a small studio to begin with, this was pretty much bound to happen. People don’t like to stick around places like this and it was either studio closure or the slow departure of the staff. Plus with the contracts from the publishers being pulled there was little to keep the developer going. It is sad all around and a good case for don’t be an ass to workers.

Game development is a long and harsh process that takes its toll on even the most amazing of developers. Alex Evans of Media Molecule fame for the games Dreams and Little Big Planet is stepping away from gaming at least for a while.

It’s sad to hear someone get burnt out on game development. I know that it is a tough cycle to get a game up and running and that it requires a lot of creators to get their vision moving in a game. Mr. Evans has certainly done his fair share of getting crazy ambitious projects into players hands and for that he deserves a break from it all.

That’s all for this week’s blog post. Thank you for stopping by and reading my writings about the world of video games. If you have any comments, questions, and or suggestions please feel free to get in contact with me. You can do so through twitter: @Snipehockey, emailing me at, or throw a comment below in the comment section. With that have a good week, stay safe, and don’t forget that there is still a very ugly pandemic going on.

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