Working through a new week in gaming silliness.

Welcome to another blog post about the week of gaming. This time for the week of August 9 to 15 2020 and the gaming releases, gaming news, and a touch of entertainment stuff that caught my attention. Please know that I don’t cover all that’s happened during the week.


Game Releases:

Risk of Rain 2 –

A rogue-like adventure where the battle and levels are always changing with every encounter. Fight your way through creatures and bosses as you try to teleport to your next location. Play alone or with four friends as you take on the harsh world. Originally an early access title it now is full released on August 11th, 2020. Hopoo Games who created the original game were the development team behind this sequel with Gearbox Software acting as publisher. The game released on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.

Factorio –

A management strategy game that really gets down to the nuts and bolts of things. You have been placed in the position to build a factory that can build pretty much anything you want as long as you can dream it up. The catch is that you’ll have to figure out how to lay out your factory and keeping everything neat and organized so that it runs. Or you can make a mess of it to see what can go wrong. Another early access title that is now headed to full release on PC on August 14th, 2020. Development and publishing of the game was done by Wube Software.

A Total War Saga: Troy –

The city state of Troy has become the focus of the latest Total War game. You must take up the management of a country or a city leading it against others who wish to conquer you. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA for PC on Epic Games Store which gave it away for free for the first 24 hours of release which was on August 13th, 2020.


Gaming News:

Yoshinori Ono is leaving Capcom after working as a producer for them. He has been known for many games while perhaps best known for his work on Street Fighter for the studio.

It’s always a bit sad to hear someone leaving a job that they loved after working for a company for so long. But at the same time there are new opportunities that will now arise from this. Mr. Ono deserves a break for all his hard work and I’ll be curious to see where he pops up next of if he chooses to go down another path all together.

Amazon has made changes to Twitch and the Twitch Prime program. Though it is really only a name change that’s happening going from Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming. Also if you’re only interested in the free games they give away every month, you no longer have to have your Twitch account linked to your Amazon account. This will allow you to claim the games on Amazon if you so wish. has a few more details for those interested in learning more.

So, this is an odd change I feel like didn’t need to be made but here it is. Odd that it is happening but it’s not a big deal that it has occured. It’s more of a quirky little title change I guess to make it feel more like those who subscribe to Amazon Prime to feel like they’re getting something out of it.

A flurry of games were announced as being delayed this week. Work on Halo Infinite will continue into next year as the game has been delayed into 2021. Likewise Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 will also be missing 2020 as it now packs up for a 2021 release. DIRT 5 also was hit with a delayed release this one however is staying in 2020. It will only see a delay of a couple of days and will now be racing on it’s new release date of October 16th 2020.

Unfortunate that games get delayed and we have to sit around and wait for them as a result. Still it is better than a half finished game being released and being told to deal with it. The Dirt 5 release change is a bit odd though as it is only a week so I don’t know what’s going on there. It could be they missed a small deadline and things slipped just a little bit back and they decided instead of pushing for that hard deadline the game could slip a week. It’s all conjecture on my part though and hopefully all these games get more tuned up from these delays.

Embracer Group who are former known as THQ Nordic have gone on another spree of bringing development teams into the fold. This time taking in 4A Games, DECA Games, New World Interactive, Palindrome Interactive, Rare Earth Games, Vermila Studios, Sola Media, and Pow Wow Entertainment. The Embracer Group has about 125 games in development with about 73 unannounced and with these new studios now working hard to create new and recreate existing IP’s for them. If you wish to know a little bit more head over to who have the news.

Every time I turn around it feels like a new company has been snatched up and stashed away into the log jam of Embracer Group. I’m not complaining as it gives some studios much needed backing to help keep them afloat which is important during a tough pandemic. I do worry that Embracer will run into trouble at some point financially that the whole thing will fall apart. Many of these companies that get bought do so through stock sales which gives them stock in the Embracer Group. This in theory should make them work hard to create solid products for the company so that they get rewarded with more money. But, should there be a slight falter or a financial situation causing strain on Embracer then it might all come tumbling down.

Apple and Epic Games are now fighting with one another over the iOS app store. Epic moved to bypass the store by offering direct payment option in their game Fortnight on the store. This resulted in Apple pulling the game and then Epic filing a lawsuit against Apple for pulling the game. Epic have also gotten into a legal fight with Google who have also removed the game from their play store after a direct payment option was added to Fortnight. The has the lawsuit news over the Google store removal.

Well, this is turning into a gigantic mess of legalese and it will probably wind up stuck in the courts forever because all sides have so much money. And who knows how all of this will turn out and if Google or Apple will even pay attention to the ruling or just continue on as they’ve always been doing. This might have a bigger impact on Apple as their currently under investigation in Europe for antitrust practices but it is hard to know or tell if it will.

If you were asked to name the inventor of the pixel, the little dot that created images on computer screens, you’d probably be hard pressed to name that person. Which is an unfortunate fate for someone who had such a massive impact on the world. Sadly, Russell Kirsch the creator of the pixel passed away at age 91 in his home. If you wish to learn more about him check out his obituary on

It’s sad when someone so important to the world of gaming, computers, and technology passes away. It feels like the world is missing someone important that it couldn’t hold onto. I hope his name, Russel Kirsch, is elevated into a more prominent position in history worthy of what he created.

EA Games is making some tweaks to their EA Access and Origin Access program. Neither are going away, but to simplify matters they’re both being combined under a new title EA Play. It will keep all the features of both programs but on the 18th of August 2020 it will be a single thing. You can read all about the changes on

While not a big deal, I do wish that more services would simplify and combine programs that are too similar to one another. It makes it confusing when you have so many programs that have similar names and are only slightly different. Consumers are going to get confused and not sign up for the program because what they get isn’t clear or differentiated enough from the other one. Simplicity is the best.


Entertainment News:

Avatar the Last Airbender which made many a wave when it arrived on Netflix a month ago and a live action adaption was being worked on by a few of the shows creators has hit a snag. Two of the creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, of the original animated show have decided to leave the show because of differences in the way things were going. Namely they didn’t feel like they had creative freedom to direct the show in a direction that they liked and thus decided to leave.

Unfortunate that this happened and that both parties decided that splitting up was better then finishing what they started. Sometimes as an artist that’s the road you have to take and the creators were in a good position to be able to do that. It doesn’t bode well for the show or the rabid fans who will likely take every piece of news and tear it down to the smallest degree reading far too much into it. That said, it could still turn out well, the show just has a much higher wall to get up and over to create and leave lasting memories.


Now with all that written down and talked about, this is a good place to end this blog post. So, thank you for stopping by. If you have any comments, questions, and or suggestions please feel free to leave them. You can do so via email:, the comment section below, or come talk to me on Twitter: @Snipehockey. With all that said and done, please stay safe out there as despite everything looking better there is still a pandemic going on with a nasty virus that kills anyone and everyone.

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