Reviewing the week of what happened in gaming.

The gaming blog post of the week is here and well not much has happened. Still there was some stuff to talk about so, let’s get onto the gaming news and some entertainment news for this week. Which, by the way covers June 28 to July 4, 2020 and is the stuff that caught my interest.

Game News:

Nintendo has apologized for the joy cons and the joystick drift issue. Though that’s as far as he can go because of the ongoing class action lawsuit against the company for the issue. This was reported by Kotaku who got the information from a released financial questions and answers that Nintendo released to investors.

I’m not sure that an apology really does anything at this point. It is nice to hear but it doesn’t fix the problem the controllers have been having. What makes it sadder is that Nintendo is usually known for having robust controllers that can take a beating and keep going. Somewhere along the line though that seems to have failed.

The game Crucible which was launched last month fairly quietly has been pulled from full access on Steam. Amazon who are publishing the game and acting as developer along with Relentless Games have decided to put the game back in closed beta. This was announced on the game’s website so if you’re interested in the game head on over there.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this happening. It sucks for the game and makes things seem like they’ve been rushed out to arbitrarily meet deadlines and so on. I doubt that is the case but that is the way it seems. Hopefully lessons were learned and the game can get better as a result other games have managed to come back to life despite bad starts. Though, the chances are slim that it will be able to follow through on that.

NBA2K21 will not be a cheap game to buy on either the upcoming Xbox Series X or Playstation 5. The price for the game has risen ten dollars so that the game will now be 70 dollars. This was reported by so head over their for the full story.

Well this is an unwelcome surprise. I suppose this might be easier to swallow if the 2K basketball series wasn’t so heavily laden with micro-transactions that have seeped so deeply into all facets of the game. It also reminded me that not that long ago top games were going for 50 bucks during the original Xbox and Playstation 2 era then it went up this last generation and now it appears to be going up further. I can understand why the price is going up as development gets more expensive and both developer and publisher want to recoup expenses. However, this could also lead to less people willing to buy the game as they’re being priced out.

Sadly streamer Byron Bernstein, known as Reckful, took his own life on July 2nd 2020. He was 31 years old and was well loved by many in gaming streaming world.

A very sad day for the gaming community on the whole. Suicide is a terrible thing and he will be sorely missed by the community. Streaming is a hard job that takes a lot out of a person, hopefully everyone can step back and appreciate the effort people put into the job just to entertain a few people for a couple of hours.

Entertainment News:

Comedian extraordinaire and all around funny man Carl Reiner has passed away. He was 98 years old and had a long storied career as a comedian, a show writer, and as an actor. Rolling Stone has a nice obituary up on the man who touched so many.

The man has touched so many lives with so much humor and grace. He will be greatly missed for both his humor and ability to bring a smile to anyone’s face. He was a star that never was but always will be in everyone’s hearts.

For fans of the wastelands of the game series Fallout there is good news, maybe. Bethesda is teaming up with studio Kilter Films and Amazon Studios to make a TV show set in the world of the game. The Fallout world is coming to TV in some form with producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy who are known for their work on the series Westworld. This will be the third TV series for the studio who previously made Person of Interest and the aforementioned Westworld. You can also check out for their PR/Blog post about the news.

I’m curious about what exactly they’d do in this world and how it would play out. It would be I think very easy for them to sort of do a kind of show like The Walking Dead but I feel like that would be a bit boring. I want a show that challenges what we think of Fallout but also keeps the dark humor, it doesn’t have to be cannon to the series. It just needs to be interesting.

Also potentially making the jump over from the video game world to the television one is My Friend Pedro. This is a wacky out their shooter which has the main character trying to survive being kidnapped by the mob and then being made into food. The potential series is being worked on by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad with DJ2 Entertainment who recently signed on for the Disco Elysium TV series. If you wish to learn more about the adaptation being worked on head over to

No idea how well this show might turn out as the game was all about the action. But, if they can somehow get a decent story going to go with the action then it will probably work out. It should also be noted that John Wick is pretty much all action and no story so… it’s possible for it to work but that was a movie and not a several hour long series.

That will be all for this week. Thanks for stopping by and reading what I’ve written. For those with questions, comments, and or suggestions please feel free to contact me. You can do so via Twitter: @Snipehockey, or the comment section below, or just emailing me at: With that said stay safe out there during these trying times.

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