Another week in the world of video games has rumbled on by…

This week in gaming… some game’s released, some game news came out and it was semi quiet overall. This is the week of May 31 to June 6 2020 looked over for the interesting gaming news that caught my interest. Now onto the silliness.

Game Releases:

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

A variety collection game that has 51 games for you to try out and play. From classic table games like chess to more modern stuff like slot car racing. There is solo play or you also play with four other friends on the same Switch or online. Developed and published by Nintendo it came out on their Switch console on June 5th 2020.

Valorant –

An epic free to play first person hero shooter meant to be a competitive game. You’ll have powers that help you take out your opponents that you’ll face in rounds of game play. But also at the beginning of each round you’ll have some money to buy weapons or use that money to enhance your abilities. Released on PC on June 2nd 2020. It was developed and published by Riot Games.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection –

The classic real time strategy game returns to action. Command and build your base as you take on the devious forces of evil led by Kane as you try to find ways to quickly overwhelm the enemy base. In this remaster you get both Command and Conquer plus Red Alert and the three expansions that came out. Plus redone graphics, mod support, and modernized controls. It released on June 5th 2020 from developers formerly at Westwood Studio who are now over at Petroglyph and published by Electronic Arts. It launched its attack on PC for both EA’s Origin digital storefront as well as on Steam.

Game News:

Double Fine and developer Boneloaf are going their separate ways after they had teamed up on the game Gangbeasts. Double Fine had come on as publisher for the game under their Double Fine Presents banner. This dissolution of a partnership comes about as Double Fine is ending their publishing section since the company was bought by Microsoft. This news was announced via the Gangbeasts website so you can head over there for the full news.

This is sad news but also understandable as it was only a matter of time before the two went their separate ways. Gangbeasts has gone through a lot of development since the two joined together and it did seem to lose some of that original charm it had. But that’s just my thoughts on it, hopefully the game can live up to its original plan and Boneloaf has learned a lot from their time with Double Fine.

If you’re a fan of World Rally Championship (WRC) games then you’ll want to know that things will be changing in 2023. Codemasters and the WRC have signed an exclusive agreement for them to make games using the WRC license in 2023. Until then though developer/publisher BigBen will continue to make WRC games. reported on this news and have the story if you love WRC style racing.

I keep hemming and hawing about this news. On one hand Codemasters has made some great rally games and people for the most part love DiRT Rally except for the whole always online part. Then there is the whole exclusivity thing which I’m not a big fan of as it tends to make developers lazy. Look no further then the Madden football series to prove my point, which while they’re still good games they haven’t had a massive overhaul in a long time. I don’t trust Codemasters to not get lazy with their games, their Formula 1 series hasn’t really lived up to what it should be ever since they got the exclusive rights. I just find this news disappointing and I hope it doesn’t mean that BigBen isn’t going to put in reduced effort in their games or start downsizing staff at the studio Klyotonn who they bought to work on WRC.

The planned Sony event for revealing the Playstation 5 via a video has been delayed. Sony has decided due to recent events those being the protest about police treatment and brutality that it is not the time to due this.

It’s terrible and unfortunate that Sony felt that they had to do this. It’s also completely understandable that they didn’t want people to feel like they were ignoring them by taking up news space. Sony did what was right but it still sucks a bit that we don’t get to hear all about the new Playstation.

Like wise the game Cyberpunk 2077 was set to get a more in depth look from the developers. This to has been delayed because of the protest as they feel it isn’t the right time to show off the game.

Once again it sucks that we don’t get to hear about the game that probably has the most buzz since GTA 5. I understand why they have decided on this route as they want the world to hear about the injustice that has occurred and not to distract people away.

The micro console trend continues on its way with a new entrant in the form of a Gamer Gear Micro. That’s right the heavy brick that was the SEGA Game Gear is getting a smaller version for SEGA’s 60th anniversary. This however might be a Japan only thing as it so far is only advertised there and on SEGA’s Japanese website. Also each micro handheld only contains four games so you’d have to pick up each one to get all the games. It retails for 4,980 yen or about 50 USD for one.

Well hopefully images are deceiving otherwise the Game Gear went from the size of a brick to almost way too small to be usable. From all appearance though it is really much smaller. It’s also a bit disappointing that it will only have four games on each little system. It seems so paltry and not worth the money.

The slow battle for the game industry to unionize has seen a success with one company. Paradox Interactive out of Sweden has come to agreed to do collective bargaining with labor unions for their employees. This was announced on the Paradox website which if you’re interested in what’s happening is worth checking out.

This is great news for the gaming industry as it hopefully will help more unionization pop up and better working conditions. That said it is still a long fight and I doubt any U.S. companies will eagerly follow suit. Maybe I’m wrong on that though, which I am more then willing to be.

The situation over the development of Kerbal Space Program 2 and Take-Two Interactive and how the former development studio, Star Theory, shut down has become clearer. After failing to buy the developer Take-Two who had bought the rights to the game then took development away from the developer and offered the employees a deal to come join the new development studio. Then because Star Theory had no other projects and Covid-19 struck those that remained felt they had no choice but to close the studio. This news came from Jason Schreier who now works over at Bloomberg.

This is just… frustrating. To hear Take-Two basically bullying a business and put it in such a situation because they didn’t like your business offer? It’s just terrible and Take-Two is without a doubt one of the worst companies in the gaming industry. Sadly, doing things such as this is how many business operate even outside of gaming and it is disheartening to think about.

For those that love to create things and want to build crazy contraptions in the form of ships a new game is being developed. Called Sea of Craft, it allows you to build boats through a variety of small pieces to create whatever monstrosity your imagination can come up with and that floats. The game is on Steam and is currently in the beta phase of development. Game development is being handled by Wizard Games.

It looks like a good game for those who have the crazed engineers mind to make things work. Hopefully it finds its niche and doesn’t spend forever in development like Besiege did. I’m curious to see how it develops further and if it can find its audience.

And that’s it from me for this week. Thanks for looking at what I’ve written. If you wish to get in touch with me please feel free to leave a comment below, or email at, or you can also find me on Twitter: @Snipehockey. Have a good day and stay safe out there.

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