A mildly entertaining week in the world of video games.

Another week of gaming news has popped up and so let the blogging about what was begin. And before we get to that this blog post is covering the week of May 24th to the 30th of 2020 and contains the news that caught my interest.

Game Releases:


A 2D pixel platforming stealth adventure game where you must use the elements to help you get around. Use fire, freeze water, and also move earth as this will cause your enemies who are deeply superstitious of anything out of the ordinary to freak out. The Arch Duchess has declared you an enemy since you happen to have powers that allow you to use magic. Do your best to survive as you try to make it home. Released on May 25th 2020 from developer Sneaky Bastards and publisher Humble Games it came out on PC via Humble Bundle Store and Steam.

Minecraft Dungeons

The popular sandbox and creation game Minecraft has been spunoff into an isometric action rpg. With this game you play as a character of your choice battling your way through baddies and collecting more and better loot from the dungeons that you invade. It’s made for either single player or for four friends to go questing and fighting. Released on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch on May 26 2020 it was developed by Mojang with the console version behind handled by Double Eleven and published by Xbox Game Studios.

Poly Bridge 2

More bridge building madness is shipping out. Your job in this game is to build bridges to let things cross across and under what you’ve built. It’s a puzzle game that often limits your resources and allows for some interesting builds to get things where they need to go. The game was developed by Dry Cactus who also published it on PC for both Steam and Epic Games. The game released on May 28th 2020.

Game News:

For military simulation fans who have a VR headset there is a new interesting game flying across the skies. That’s because the brought back to life publisher Microprose is helping to develop a game set in a B-17 heavy bomber. It is called The Mighty Eighth. You must fly the plane with either friends or the help of AI as you go on a bombing mission then try to fly back home. Of course you’ll have to deal with a damaged aircraft and other problems which someone on the crew will need to attend to if you want to make it back to base. Head over to Micropose’s website for all the information on the game.

This is pretty cool little announcement though since I don’t play VR games it is disappointing. I’d love to play the game if it wasn’t in VR, but as it is this is the way the developer decided to take it and that’s the game. Best of luck to the developer making an interesting and full game.

Indie games are getting into video presentations in the style of Nintendo Direct video. They’re calling it Wholesome Direct and it’s intended to bring attention to indie games that might not otherwise get it. Of course these games are coming from a variety of developers and this is just bringing them together into a nice showcase.

This is nice for indie games that might not get much attention and to have fifty or so odd titles to show off in some form is great. Though the feel of the video does come across very much like a Nintendo Direct so they might want to tweak that a bit just so there isn’t confusion. Otherwise this is great and hopefully it gets a lot of attention to games that need it.

The Sims 4 continues to chug along with DLC and updates. The base game is getting a pretty big update to improve player experience and add things that probably should have been in the game for a while. You can check out the news on the Sims 4 website or watch the full replay of all the goodies below.

While somethings should have been in the base game it is better late then never. Also it is hard to know what issues prevented implementation of things like a ladder. Coding is an art of getting something to work but not knowing how or why for the most part and then leaving it alone for fear of breaking everything.

Blizzard have officially canceled Blizzcon 2020 due to COVID-19 but are also quickly moving to make plans for an online video event for 2021. Announced via their website where they provide an update on how things have turned out this way.

No surprise here that this happened. It is sad but an online event can certainly be interesting if they have something cool or at the least entertaining to keep people happy.

Team 17 has teamed up with developer Infinigon Games to publish their upcoming game Epic Chef. This is a third person action adventure game where you travel to a new land and there among the citizens you must establish yourself. You will grow vegetables and build cooking equipment to become that ultimate epic chef. Team 17 released a teaser trailer for the weird and wacky game that will be on PC via Steam but doesn’t have a release date.

This is such an odd little looking game. It’s interesting with a bit of a crazy art style that gives it a bit of personality. I’m not sure if I’m totally sold on the art but it will at very least be interesting to see more of it.

Well that will do for this week. Thank you for coming by and checking out my silly blog. For those wishing to get in touch you can do so via three ways. You can email me: Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, Twitter: @Snipehockey, or just the usual comment section below.

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