Marshalling through another tough week in video games.

Hello and welcome to the latest blog post about video games this week. This post covers the news that caught my interest for April 26th, 2020 to May 2nd, 2020 from video game releases, to news, to some entertainment news.

Game Releases:

Moving Out

Chaos shall ensue in this co-op physics based puzzle game. You’re job is simple get objects out to the moving truck through any means that you see fit. You’re not worried about scores or trying to be perfect as the developers just want you to have fun trying to move stuff. The game released on April 28th, 2020 from developer DEVM Games and SMG Studio with publishing handled by Team17. It was released on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Gears Tactics

A spin-off from the popular Gears of War franchise. Instead of the third person shooter, you have a tactical turn based strategy game. Guide a team led by Gabe Diaz as they fight through the hordes of locust to try and take out a scientist working for the locust. The story is a prequel to the first Gears of War. Released on PC on April 28th, 2020 it is also coming to Xbox One but does not have a release date yet. It was developed by developers Splash Damage and The Coalition and was published by Xbox Game Studios.


Get your chunky tires ready for mud, snow, and other nasty terrain as the sequel to Spintires drives up. Once again you’ll be driving off road vehicles through tough roads as you try to accomplish objectives in an open world map. Released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC it came out on April 28th, 2020. Development of the game was handled by Saber Interactive while publishing was done Focus Home Interactive. The PC version of the game can be found on the Epic Game Store and Microsoft Game Store.

Game News:

The Last of Us 2 has had an up and down week all in the matter of a few hours. The story plot points were leaked out there and then Sony announced that the game’s new release date of June 19th 20202. Sony also announced a new release date for Ghost of Tsushima which will arrive on July 17th 2020. If you wish to check out the spoilers then you can head over to the Reddit R/Games to find out more. However, if you just care about the release dates… that was announced by Sony via their website.

Unfortunate situation for The Last of Us 2, but its a wait and see if the leaks are real or not. Though the developer Naughty Dog has done a pretty decent job of getting the leaks scrubbed from the major search engines other then the news that the leaks are out there. On a side note poor Ghosts of Tsushima as it’s sort of being treated as a side note being tagged along with The Last of Us 2 lately instead of getting front and center attention.

DICE and EA have now announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will no longer be getting new content once that last major DLC drops in Battle for Scarif. After that the will continue to have small community updates. The developers of both Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II will now switch their full attention to the new Battlefield game which is due to be released in 2021. EA has a post up on their website detailing how far they’ve come since the game launched.

It had to happen at some point and the game certainly has had a good run, though judging by some fans it is hard to tell if it was a good one or not. It certainly wasn’t great at the start but it is a much fuller game now.

In 28 Latin America and Caribbean countries Nintendo will be shutting down the Wii U and 3DS eshop. The version of the eshop that operated in those countries merely accepted codes from stores for those consoles and didn’t operate in the same manner as other countries. The stores will be shut down on July 31st, 2020 so you’ll need to redownload any game before then. Head over to to learn more and to see if you’re Latin American country is part of the shut down.

It sucks but the Wii U is truly a dead thing and I doubt it sold much in Latin America but maybe I’m wrong on that. As for the 3DS it’s been dying a slow quiet death off in the corner where few people are paying attention to it anymore. A sad state, but Nintendo has moved on to concentrate on what’s working and getting them sales in the Switch.

Ubisoft has begun teasing their new Assassin’s Creed game, Valhalla. They released a video of the artist BossLogic creating a piece of concept art and then released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming game. It takes place mostly in England during the viking raids when Alfred the Great was the reining English king.

The art teaser trailer thing was nice but also kind of boring. It just wasn’t for me really, the teaser trailer however did catch my interest. It looks cool, but sort of cliché at the same time as the adviser to the king seems to be the real baddie in all of this. At least that’s what I got from it.

Nintendo may not have an E3 direct this year. This is due to COVID-19 and the struggles of Japanese workplaces to switch over to a work from home type of work style. They were working towards creating a direct but with the epidemic and the workers all over the place it’s up in the air. It should also be noted that Nintendo has yet to actually comment and things might still change. This was reported by and should still be considered a rumor since there is no comment from Nintendo.

This is not good news for Nintendo fans who have been ravenous for any little bit of news that they can get. I’ve got no qualms with any of this as workers health and making sure that they’re alright is more important in this moment of dire need then anything else. It might take Nintendo a while longer and they’ll probably have some sort of video to talk about games. They will have to answer to stock holders and there will probably be some news leaks from that, but who knows what will happen.

Entertainment News:

Gearbox Software is teaming up television showrunner Scott Rosenbaum to bring the video games series Brother’s in Arms to television. The series will revolve around previously classified mission from WW2 and bring them to life. This was first reported by with who both Scott Rosenbaum and Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford talked about some of the stuff they wish to cover.

This sounds interesting though I don’t know of many missions that are still classified, it would be cool to hear about them. I’m left wondering if this will be an anthology series where a season concentrates on these missions or is it going to be one episode per mission. It’s all very curious and I would say it would have been perfect for the History Channel had they not got lost in the whole “ALIENS” and reality TV spectrum. Might be good pick up for Netflix or some other streaming service.

And with that I shall wrap up this blog post. Thank you for visiting. If you have any suggestions, questions, and or comments I freely welcome them. You can contact me to leave said comments and such via Twitter: @Snipehockey, use the comment section below, or email me at

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