Working through another weekly video game blog post.

Welcome to another blog post about what’s happened in the world of video games. This time it is the week of April 12th to the 18th of 2020 covering some game releases, game news, and some entertainment news. This post is all about the stuff that managed to catch my interest and that I thought worth sharing. Now onto the writing.

Game Releases:


A puzzle game where you you manage train stations and the traffic flow of humans travel through said station. Released on PC by developer and publisher DMM Games, it released on April 15th, 2020.

Merchant of the Skies

Fly an airship around the world trading goods and building an empire of business up in the clouds. Each stop brings needed goods to a building sky city that allows it to grow and in return trade you new goods. Released on April 17th, 2020 on PC. It was developed by and published by Coldwild Games.

Game News:

A new 4X strategy game has been announced. It tasks you with building a civilization but your leader will die and pass on to your child and so on through the generations. Called Old World its developed and will be published by Mohawk Games first on Epic Game Store.

This looks really nice and very far along in development. I’m glad that we’re getting this game because Epic willing stepped in to help fund the development even if it means it is exclusive for a little while. I’m curious to see if you can lose control of your civilization because of family issues or whatever. That would certainly throw an interesting twist into the 4x genre.

A new space game is coming for PC called Rift Frigate. It’s a shooter set in space in which you play as a space ship on the run. Your a robotic creation that is being hunted by your creators and you’re fighting back while trying your best to survive. It’s aiming for a 2020 release date on Steam from developer Action Block SRL and ArtLiminal.

This looks interesting though something about it also feels a bit off. I think it is that the combat doesn’t look satisfying or that the guns don’t feel like they have any weight to their firing. Of course in space there is no weight but still it does have to at least have that feeling. That said, the developers might be working hard on that to get it satisfying and I’m just nitpicking.

In sad news two people close to video game world have passed away due to COVID-19. John H. Conway a mathematician who created one of the first video games passed away on April 14, 2020. Voice actor Rick May known for voicing the Soldier in Team Fortress 2 and Peppy in Star Fox 64 passed away on April 13th, 2020. You can read Conway’s obituary on the New York Times website and you can check out Rick May’s obituary on

It’s so sad to hear that both of these people have passed away. My condolences to their families in this trying time. They’ve left a great mark on the world of video games and the community has lost two great people who have touched the industry in very different ways.

The next Terraria update is right around the corner and titled Journey’s End one can guess that this is the last update the game will get. It is a fully pack free DLC that adds more items to play with and use, game play tweaks, and harder difficulties. The content will be arriving on May 16th, 2020 on PC which is also the anniversary of the original release.

I’m trying to go into this update as blind as possible to what it is going to offer. Hopefully, lots of neat new things and this time I can manage to deal with the bosses which always seem to be my down fall. I don’t have great hopes for that as the Wall of Flesh was very mean every time I tried to fight it.

A new puzzle adventure game has appeared in which you play a young woman who can control time. Timelie is a strategy puzzle game where you watch events unfold and then rewind time to get the young woman across the difficult levels. It is being developed for PC by Urnique Studio but doesn’t have a release date.

This looks pretty interesting though not entirely original in concept. But that’s okay, as long the execution of the game gets pulled off. Plus the trailer has a very calm feel to it that just pulls you in to watch it. Hopefully, it gets some more attention as it looks like it deserves it.

The Minecraft server group Hypixel which had formed into its own game studio and was working on their own game has been acquired by Riot Games. They are working on a game called Hytale a voxel adventure game. This was announced via a press release on Riot’s website.

Riot seems to really trust the Hypixel since the studio hasn’t finished their first game yet. It’s also good for the studio since they have less to worry about financially and concentrate on the game. Now we have to wait and see what comes of this overall.

Gamescom has officially been canceled as a live event due to the current pandemic. They are however planning for a digital event to replace it, but haven’t announced what that will entail yet.

No surprise here, people need to be safe and public environments are not a safe place to be right now. I’ll be curious to see the digital event and what it is going to be. Gamescom is known for being a public event at least sections of it are so are we going to see public demos or just trailers? I’m willing to bet it will just be videos but that’s okay.

Japanese voice actor Keiji Fujiwara has passed away from cancer. Well know for his work as Reno in Final Fantasy VII and the Kingdom Hearts series. He was also well known for his voice work in anime. You can check out the news via which goes over many of his famous Japanese roles.

It is sad to hear the news as he’s had a great impact on Japanese anime and games. My condolences to his family his work will not be forgotten by either those in gaming or anime.

Entertainment News:

Loved actor Brian Dennehy known for his work in Hollywood and on stage has passed away at age 81 of natural causes. He is perhaps best known for his roles in the original Rambo First Blood, to Cocoon, and to Tommy Boy. He was well known on stage playing various roles in several Eugene O’Neill stage plays. You can read his obituary from The Guardian.

This has been a dark week in terms of people dying both from illness and naturally. So many great people who have had a profound impact on the world. He will be greatly missed and my thoughts go to his family.

Warner Brothers is bringing DC Comics Justice League Dark side to HBO Max courtesy of J.J. Abrams Bad Robot Productions. The series will explore the magical and mystical side of DC Comics. Bad Robot is also working on two other series for HBO Max one being Overlook a series inspired by Stephen King, and an original drama written by LaToya Morgan. This news came out of who have the full story.

Well this is certainly interesting news. I’m curious to see what kind of hour long drama we’re going to get from a Justice League Dark series. Hopefully it isn’t campy in the same way that the CW network shows are for DC Comics. Perhaps the show will be more along the lines of DC Universe shows with darker drama? As for the other two shows, they sound interesting but with so little known about them it is hard to come to a judgement.

The San Diego Comic Con has also announced that due to COVID-19 that for the first time the show has been canceled. This is the first time in its fifty year history that the show has been canceled. The comic con has becoming internationally known as a place where both film, TV, and occasionally comic books get announced or shown off. Head over to for the story.

I think everyone who was anyone could see that the show wasn’t going to happen in this climate. It’s sad but it is for the best as public events won’t be happening for a while. They probably won’t even be happening in a major way until a vaccine can be created to combat the virus.

Thanks for coming by my blog. If you have any question, comments, or suggestions please feel free to leave them below. Or you can contact me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or drop them in my email box at Thanks again, and please stay safe out there by staying home.

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