Wrapping up the latest blog post in the world of gaming.

Another week of video game news is here and summed up for your reading pleasure. Things have gotten rather quiet as of late but there is still some stuff coming out news wise and a few releases. Please know that I’m covering the gaming news and releases that caught my attention with no entertainment news this blog post. Oh, and this is for the week of April 5th to the 11th of 2020.

Game Releases:

Final Fantasy VII Remake

A highly upgraded remake and retelling of Final Fantasy VII with a few tweaks story wise. This is also not the full game as it has been broken up into parts. The game has you playing as Cloud Strife who has joined a group of eco-terrorists to take on the Shinra Electric Company who he used to work for. The company has been draining the planets energy causing massive problems. You finding yourself fighting alongside new and old allies as Shinra tries to destroy you. Published and created by Square Enix and Square Enix Business Division 1 it’s out on PS4 as of April 10th, 2020. And it is fully released now in both hard copy and digital as the release has been all over the place.

Radio General

You are a general during World War 2. At your disposal are troops, tanks, planes, supplies, artillery, and a radio. Using your radio and your real voice you must send troops into combat in this real time strategy game. Try to shore up your positions and fight it out versus the swarms of opposing troops trying to break through. Released on PC (Steam) on April 9th, 2020. It was developed and published by Foolish Mortals.

Game News:

For the rest of the year Microsoft is planning to do mostly digital events to show off their upcoming console and games at least until 2021. This is because of COVID-19 and the uncertainty it throws on to so many public events. That said, Microsoft is certainly open to going to events like Gamescom should things look much better in the future. This news came from Eurogamer.net who have the story about what’s going on.

It’s an understandable stance to take as there are so many uncertainties at this time. Better to keep everyone safe and sound then risk another blow up of the virus and be blamed for it. Hopefully, it doesn’t last much longer but there is the possibility of that second wave and public events no matter how small they seem can easily be breeding grounds.

For those that hoped and prayed that the loved RPG Disco Elysium would head to the Switch your prayers have been answered. A port is being worked on by ZA/UM who are hard at work getting things working and hope to have the game ready soon. They’re also working hard on an Xbox One and PS4 port of the game. The news became know because of an interview on BBC’s Game On podcast which was then picked up and reported by Gamesradar.com.

It’s great to hear that this is getting ported over to consoles. It’s a game that won a lot of awards and acclaim and the more people that can play it the better. Now, gamers just have to hope that the ports are good ones and since it is the original developer doing these it should be in good hands.

The controller for the PS5 has been revealed. It’s being called the DualSense and has some changes from the Dualshock 4. The way the controller will be charging will now be through USB-C, will feature a new haptic feedback allowing for more rumble, adaptive triggers for more feedback in the L2 and R2 buttons, and a built in microphone. You can read all about it via the Playstation Blog.

It looks nice and very Playstation-y. I don’t know how else to put it other then it looks like a Sony product with clean lines and easily identifiable buttons. I’m not big on the colors of it and it does look a bit chunky in the pictures but I’m sure that’s just me nitpicking at it. Though an always on microphone also seems like a terrible idea as most people don’t want listen to everything you’re doing while playing a game.

A new game has been announced from publisher 1C Entertainment and is scheduled for a summer 2020 release. It’s called Company of Crime and its being developed by Resistance Games. The game is a tactical strategy game set in London during the 1960’s in which you play as either a crime lord or the police trying to to take down the crime lords.

This looks fun though it only provided a very brief glimpse of game play from the trailer. I certainly am open to trying it out and am interested in a different sort of mob in a different country from the usual stuff that takes place in the United States.

If you’re looking for a game that combines life simulation and peacefulness for PC well publisher Team17 and developer Wonderscope have a game that might interest you. Called Hokko Life it is all about building a small village that will be inhabited by you and animal citizens.

As with everyone who sees the trailer the first thought that comes to mind is Animal Crossing. There is no getting around that aspect as the two look similar. That said there does appear to be a fair bit of more customization going on and there are many visual differences as well. I’m all for this game as long as it comes up with a way to bring some originality into the game then it should manage to catch peoples attention.

That’s all there is to be written about this week. Thanks for checking out my blog and seeing what’s been written. Feel free to comment down below. Or if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me via email: Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com or on Twitter: @Snipehockey. Goodbye for today’s blog post and stay safe.

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