Plenty of gaming news to go around for this week…

It’s the week of fools for a day, but only for one day and not every game company seemed to be in that particular mood this year. For good reason. But there is still a lot of gaming related news out there so lets get over what happened for March 29th to April 4th 2020. Please be aware I’m only talking about the gaming releases, gaming news, and some entertainment news that caught my interest. Now to the blog post…

Game Releases:

Resident Evil 3

A remake of the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in which you play as either Jill Valentine or Carlos Olivira as they try to survive a zombie outbreak unleashed by the Umbrella Corporation. You must fight to survive against the Nemesis creature and zombies which are trying to wipe out Raccoon City. Released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on April 3rd, 2020 after being developed and published by Capcom. Originally the game came out on Playstation in 1999, a version followed on the Dreamcast in 2000, a PC version released between 2000 and 2001 in certain markets, and finally on the Gamecube in 2003.

Persona 5 Royal

Once again you’re returning to the character Joker as you live out your life in Tokyo and attend high school after expulsion from his old school. Once in Tokyo however, he finds himself drawn to the Velvet Room where he is warned he must change his ways or face ruin. He must help people by traveling through a metaverse and stealing their treasure that’s causing them to be wicked. With Royal two new characters are added to the original game adding hours of content to play through. Originally released on the PS4 and PS3 in 2016 this updated version was released on March 31, 2020 for PS4. It was developed by P-Studio and published by Atlus in certain regions and SEGA in others.

Gaming News:

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 will not have a full worldwide launch as planned thanks to COVID-19. Square Enix is doing its best to get the game out there across all markets but some places may get it sooner.

It’s nice that Square is working hard to get their game out there and for fans to enjoy even in this difficult times. I know releasing a game right now isn’t the easiest thing to do with many places shut down as they are non-essential. Hopefully the digital release can go smoothly so that people won’t have to leave their homes. I’m figuring though that all of the pre-production and disk printing was all pretty much done, they just needed to ship it out and get to shelves which is how they could get the game out for release.

Thirty million copies of a game is an impressive stat for any game. That this feat was accomplished by indie game Terraria is pretty amazing. Originally the game was released on PC in 2011 and has since come to pretty much every device that will run it. Re-Logic made the announcement on their forums where they’re talking about more changes coming to the game.

Congrats for the team at Re-Logic for all their hard work in getting this game into so many peoples hands. It’s a game well worth trying out and it is easy to get into especially with a bunch of friends. Plus the bosses can be fun to fight as long as you know what’s up with them.

Quakecon 2020 has been canceled. You can probably guess the reason why, but yeah the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is once again canceling events. Even though the event was planned for August 2020 Bethesda decided it wasn’t worth taking any chances.

No surprise and it should be canceled as we deal with this virus which for some reason some people can’t take seriously. Hopefully the cancellation wasn’t necessary but it is better to be proactive then reactive and become known as a place where the virus spread from.

There are plenty of rumors about the 35th anniversary celebration of Super Mario. Plenty of talk of the Wii games getting remastered and ported to Switch plus a new Paper Mario? These rumors started from so head over there if you think there’s any truth to said rumors.

I never fully trust rumors when it comes to Nintendo as they always seem to build hype and then everyone gets disappointed when the rumors aren’t true. Nintendo probably has something planned and I wouldn’t doubt that a re-release of the Wii games is in store but somehow I don’t see a Paper Mario game coming as much as I’d like one. Who knows though as Nintendo is playing everything close to their chest and we won’t know anything until the next Nintendo Direct.

In sad news The Official Xbox Magazine is ending its run. The owner of the magazine, Future, let the remaining staff go last week as they shut it down. This was reported by

It’s such sad news to hear when people lose their job. Video game magazines had a great run but they’re hay day has long since passed. It is surprising that the magazine was still running in any form since most have closed down or just become websites. I wish the workers well in their search for a new job in these difficult times.

Crabs are going to be fighting one another in the odd battle game Crab Champions. And yes, this game is all about the cretaceous crabs that live in the ocean and occasionally come to land. The game is set to have three game modes, a competitive death match, a duel, and a speed racing runner style mode.

This caught my attention for the silliness of it all. Plus the trailer for it was released on April fools day so it made it fun seeing if it was real or not. And it is real, though it looks like rough it seems like it will be silly and fun.

For those that have been excited about the Minecraft spin-off action rpg Minecraft Dungeons your wait for the game is almost done. It now has an official release date of May 26th, 2020 for all consoles, PC, and will be a part of the Xbox Game Pass.

This just looks fun if a bit simple for an action RPG. And since I love a good action RPG this one has my curiosity to see how it might turn out.

Sony has indefinite put a hold on the release of The Last of Us 2 and Marvel Iron Man VR. They cite the uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 virus situation and that they cannot guarantee the product gets to everyone.

Well this one hurts. I’m sure a lot of fans were excited that the release of The Last of Us 2 was so close yet its been snatched away thanks to things out of peoples control. Props to both Sony and Naughty Dog for looking at the game and deciding that trying to get a game out and having people risk their lives in non-essential jobs just didn’t sit right with them.

Publisher Deep Silver has released a trailer for the upcoming game Windbound from developer 5 Lives Studios. This game is an exploration adventure survival game in which you become shipwrecked. The game is coming to all consoles and PC on August 28th, 2020.

The first thought that springs to mind when watching the trailer is of course The Legend of Zelda both Windwaker and Breath of the Wild. Now that isn’t a bad thing its just that’s what it reminds me of. Overall it looks interesting and fun based on what I saw, with the only downside being the characters looking a bit shiny at times in the trailer.

The indie game Signalis which was announced several years ago has gotten a new trailer. Developed by Rose Engine this old school horror game with pixel graphics looks to challenge you to survive in a dystopian world. It is being developed for PC.

This just looked really neat and different from the usual horror game. Visually it feels a bit reminiscent of the original Playstation and Saturn games with gritty pixel graphics. It has me curious to see how it turns out.

For those looking forward to developer/publisher ChuckleFish’s new game Witchbrook gaming website and magazine Game Informer revealed that the game has an entirely new visual look. Gone is the pixelated feel for a more smooth less heavy on the pixel look that’s also a bit brighter.

It’s an interesting change one that I’m not completely sure of as I liked the original look. I do understand that some of the reason might be because everyone was saying the game was a Witch school version of Stardew Valley when the games have nothing to do with one another. Other then Chucklefish originally helped publish Stardew. The game still looks good though, just different and it will take me a little while to adjust but it should be fine and it probably won’t effect the game one iota.

Microsoft had a little showcase of indie games coming soon to the Xbox One console and PC. This is part of their ID@Xbox YouTube showcase. Most of these games have been previously announced but they also announced that some of these games would be coming to the Xbox Game Pass.

It’s nice to see indie games get some love and that people will get a chance to try out many of these games through the game pass. It’s a bit weird and odd that Microsoft felt the need to break up this video event into six small ones. It could easily be one video and publicized much more, but this is the way they decided to do it.

Entertainment News:

Amazon has teams up with SXSW to bring part of the film festival to Amazon for a short period at the end of April. This will feature moves that were supposed to be shown during the SXSW festival but could not thanks to the viral outbreak of COVID-19. All of the creators of films have a choice if they want screen their movies during this little streaming festival or not. This is only for the United States that this is being offered by Amazon for free to people with an Amazon account. The announcement was made on the website which has all the details.

This is a really nice thing. Movies get to be seen by audiences that might not otherwise check them out and the films creators and artist get to show their work. It sucks that this is only for the U.S. but I expect it would probably be a nightmare to negotiate the rights if those rights have already been sold in other markets.

That’s all that there is to be written for this blog post. Thanks for coming by to take a look at my rambling of writing. For those that wish to get in touch with me you can do so via the comment section below. Or you can also email me at:, or come talk to me on Twitter and maybe follow me at: @Snipehockey. That’s it for now, thanks and stay safe out there.

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