Rolling in with the latest video game blog post.

Welcome to another quarantined but slightly busy week in video games. In this blog post I’m covering March 22nd to the 28th of 2020 and the video game related madness. This includes the game releases, game news, and a slight touch of sadder and sadder side of entertainment news. Now, on with the writing.

Game Releases:

Good Job!

You’ve been hired to help with odd jobs around an office building. You can either do the jobs in a neat and slower fashion, or just do it as fast as possible and also destroying a few things along the way. It’s a puzzle physics adventure game that came out on Switch on March 26th, 2020 from developer Paladin Studios and published by Nintendo.

Half-Life: Alyx

The story of Half-Life returns in the VR only game. It centers around Alyx Vance just before the events of Half-Life 2 but has you fighting against the Combine in this first person shooter with heavy puzzle elements. Created by and published by Valve the game came out on PC (Steam) on March 23rd, 2020.

Panzer Dragoon Remake

Set on a post apocalyptic world where ever resource is fought over and people vying for whatever power they can get. You play as Keil Fluge who comes across two dragoons fighting with the help of their riders. When one of the dragoons riders; being mortally wounded falls nearby you rush to help but it is too late. You promise to take the blue dragoon and fight to save the world from the black dragoon and its rider can take over the world. This game plays out as an on rails shooter with RPG elements. Originally a SEGA Saturn game released in 1995 the game has upgraded visuals and music for the Switch remake which was released on March 26th, 2020. The port and publishing were both handled by SEGA who will be bringing the game to PC and Stadia at a later date. The sequel is also being remade but has no release date yet.

Paper Beasts

An adventure game set in a world of origami beasts and VR. You’re free to explore the open world or find out how this world was born through out of Big Data. It was released on March 24th, 2020 on PS4 VR after being developed and published by Pixel Reef.

Game News:

The studio behind the Just Cause franchise, Avalanche Studios, is changing its name ever so slightly to Avalanche Studios Group. This so that it recognizes and encompasses the three divisions within the studio, Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction each working on their own projects. With a brand new unannounced project from Systemic Reaction getting teased. This news was announced via

Honestly I didn’t even know that Avalanche studio was three separate teams though I probably should have. It’s good that the teams can now perhaps get a bit more recognition for their work as long as the studio makes sure to push the development studio name out there.

In response to the COVID-19 issues Nintendo is shutting down their North American repair centers to try and help stop the spread of the virus. Nintendo has an announcement over their website for those who want to learn more.

It sucks but it is understandable. People’s safety is of the utmost importance and repair work for a console is important work, it isn’t a vital importance that it be done. Plus some of the gear like face masks that might be used it repairs probably have better use at a hospital right now.

SEGA is now celebrating its 60th anniversary as a company. They have a nice little history graphic up on their website taking you from their founding to the present day. It’s worth checking out to learn more about the company.

It is a tough time for a birthday/anniversary but congrats to SEGA. I hope they stick around for many more years and produce more interesting games for generations to play. Also if someone at SEGA could find the lost master disk of Skies of Arcadia that would be greatly appreciated as that game desperately needs a remaster.

A new class has been introduced for Torchlight III which will be a Sharpshooter. The game is being developed like the original two games as an action RPG dungeon crawler. It’s being developed for PC and has gone through a bunch of development hurdles to get to where it is.

The game looks a little rough in the trailer with the frame drops, but it is still in development. Otherwise the world looked much like I’d expect as it has that Torchlight like feel to it. I’m looking forward to the game, with the hopes that things get smoothed out so it runs nicely.

Nintendo also held a mini-direct event so that they could talk about upcoming games for the Switch. Though, they also warn that things like release dates might change due to COVID-19. Some highlight included the 2K games with all of the Bioshock games, the Borderlands Legendary Collection which does not include the third game, and Xcom 2 with DLC. Other interesting games include a port of Catherine: Full Body, Bravely Default 2 which now has a demo out, and Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. Plus many other games, but this mini direct was meant more to drop some news on upcoming releases and news that might not otherwise make it into a bigger direct.

Overall a decent little showcase of games and stuff coming. It didn’t blow me away with any surprise announcements, but not every direct needs to do that. There isn’t much to say other then more games are coming to the switch even if they’re ports of older games, which should help keep switch owners happy. Though, Nintendo fans are probably also dying to hear about new games coming out later this year.

Three studios are teaming up with Epic Games for a publishing agreement to create games. This means that developer: gen DESIGN (known for The Last Guardian), Playdead (Limbo), and Remedy Entertainment (Control) will be working with Epic. This deal gives them full creative ownership of the IP and how it is made. The profits are split 50/50 plus Epic is covering the development cost. You can check out the announcement on Epic’s website and watch their little video announcing it.

This is great news for the development studios. They get control of their games and they get funding for them as well. It’s a win win all around. Say what you will about Epic Games and their storefront but they’re certainly doing their best to help developers make games with the cash they got from Fortnite.

Gamestop had a fiscal end of the year surprise of a 21 million dollar profit. But, that good news still means that they had a 470 million dollar loss for the whole year. The company will also be shutting down about 300 stores to help cut losses further. The fiscal year financials were announced by Gamestop themselves while the news of the closures came from

It’s been such an up and down year for Gamestop and it probably won’t be any easier as this year goes on. It also sucks that people are going to be losing their jobs and potentially won’t have a job to return to do to poor sales or just too many stores in a similar area.

Entertainment News:

The 2020 Olympics are being pushed to 2021 thanks to the virus that loves to get public events canceled. The olympics will retain the 2020 designation despite being in 2021 hopefully. This was reported by ESPN who have a full story on how it went down.

I think a lot of people saw this coming and there was at least one country who’d decided that they weren’t even going to send their athletes. It’s for the best as public health is a primary concern and this COVID-19 virus seems to love public events no matter how small they are.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at what’s happened. For those looking to comment or talk to me further please feel free to do that. You can contact me through Twitter: @Snipehockey, or email me at, or just drop a comment below. Thank once again and stay safe from the virus.

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