And now for a slightly distracting video game blog post in these weird times…

Hello and welcome to my blog post about the week in gaming. I hope everyone is doing well in these tough times. This is the March 15th to the 21st, 2020 blog post about the game releases, game news, and some entertainment news that happened. Please take note that this is the news that caught my interest and that I felt worth talking about.

Game Releases:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The calm comforting series all about paying off loans to Tom Nook and living life in an idyllic little village comes back for another adventure. This time though the game takes place on an uninhabited island which you and two other villagers have come to. Also new is a crafting system and collecting items to craft with so you’re always aiming for something. Fear not though, as you’ll soon be building up a town if you so wish. Released on the Switch on March 20th, 2020 from Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning and Development division and published by Nintendo.

DOOM Eternal

The horror and fast gun play of Doom returns in this first person shooter. You are the Doom slayer who has been sent to take on the demons from hell. The demons were on Mars but have come to earth destroying much of humanity. It’s up to you to stop them and you’re back with new weapons and a whole lot of shooting to do to clean up the mess. Created by developer ID Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks it came out on March 20th, 2020 on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. A Switch version is being worked on by porting team Panic Button but with no solid release date.

Exit the Gungeon

You have fought your way down to the deepest deadliest section of the Gungeon and defeated all that lies in your path. The only thing to do now is go back up, but that won’t be easy as the creatures you defeated now stand in your way to stop your escape. This is the sequel to Enter the Gungeon and plays out more like a vertical scrolling bullet hell with the action happening in a horizontally. Originally released on Apple Arcade the game now makes its way to PC and Switch as of March 17th, 2020. It was developed by Dodge Roll and Singlecore while publishing was handled by Devolver Digital.

MLB The Show 20

The baseball season was supposed to now back in action, but a certain virus has shut down much of society. Still, you can digitally play out your dreams of being a baseball star in the major leagues or take over a team and lead them to the world series. It’s out now on the PS4 from developer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) San Diego Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment on March 17th, 2020.

Game News –

Microsoft have now revealed all of the their new Xbox’s specs. A powerful machine powered by a custom AMD Zen 2 clocked at 3.8GHz, a GPU capable of 12.16 TFLOPs that’s custom built on AMD’s RDNA platform. Memory wise it is dealing with 16GB of RAM memory to make things go while storage has a 1TB solid state drive with support for external drives. It will have an Ultra High Definition Blu-ray player for its optical drive and it all runs through an HDMI port. So far it is announced to be backward compatible with all previous generations of Xbox. No price point or launch date was revealed. If you wish to know more about the new console then head over to for a full report.

Like the previous numbers that Microsoft revealed they all look nice but shouldn’t mean much to anyone. That is aside from the die hard fans who will spend countless hours arguing about the minor details because they can. It’s nice to know that the console will be powerful, but I wonder how much of an evolution we’re going to see in graphics. Things will be crisper and brighter no doubt but it won’t have that leap in graphics. I should point out that’s fine that we don’t have that major leap but I also don’t want to be charged a lot of money for the console that only has a small bump up visually. It all comes down to the games though as they will be the real selling point of the console.

In the world of indie games, Nintendo held a short video showing off the games coming to the Switch. Many of those being shown off are to be released first console wise onto the Switch. There were a lot of interesting games like the Last Campfire, Blue Fire, Baldo, I Am Dead, and Quantum Leap all looking like interesting games. Plus the others that show promise of being interesting titles.

The games looked really nice and it is good that they got into the spotlight as so many small indie games pass through stores without the smallest of peeps. Granted some of these indies seem like fairly big games, but that’s okay as well. Anyway it is worth the watch to see if any of the games catch your interest.

In other next generation console news on the Sony side of things they too revealed more about the PS5. Also being built on an AMD Zen 2 with a variable frequency and clocked at 3.5GHz. The GPU is being handled by AMD with a custom built RDNA unit that puts out 10.28 TFLOPs. On the memory front it too will have 16GB of RAM but it will have an 825 solid state drive to go with it. There is also room for expanded storage via USB and a NVMe slot. It will also run through an HDMI port plus the UHD Blu-ray optical drive. On the backward compatible front it will work with PS4 but no word on anything beyond that. There was no price reveal or date reveal.

Once again the numbers look good, though slightly down on the next Xbox. I doubt anyone will really be able to notice any difference between the two graphical and it shouldn’t make too much difference until the end of that consoles life cycle. And all and all it comes down to the games because that’s all that matters once a console comes out at least hopefully that’s the only thing. The only other concerns are price point as you really don’t want this to be too expensive and that the launch is delayed thanks to production issues from Asia being heavily impacted by the coronavirus.

From developer Sabotage Studio comes a new Kickstarter game Sea of Stars a turn based RPG done in pixel 2D graphics. The story revolves around the two children of the solstice who with the power of the moon and sun can conjure magic. It is that magic that will allow them to take on the alchemist known as Fleshmancer who has evil plans. This game is also set in the world of The Messenger Sabotage’s previous game. Check out their Kickstarter for more information.

This looks pretty sweet and fun. It has that throwback feeling to it with its sprite graphics but not so much so that it is the only thing that draws you in. The studio also delivered a solid old school side scrolling adventure game with their first game. Hopefully they can keep it up with this new game.

In a bit of shocking news Gamestop’s corporate is telling employees to keep the doors of their stores open. Corporate is saying that they’re a vital business and shouldn’t be closed during the pandemic as they help people work from home by providing entertainment. Also that employee’s should resist police efforts to close the stores. They revised their plans however, and have closed all stores in California. The news comes from a leaked Gamestop memo that got a hold of. Gamestop has since closed all stores during the pandemic.

This is not a great look for Gamestop as it just marks them out in a crowd when many are angry and frustrated. I get the sense that they’re doing this partially out of fear that this will completely sink the brand if the stores close. But, still at a time like this, it should at least be framed in a much smarter way.

Entertainment News:

The famed Cannes film festival is being canceled or as the festival hopes only delayed until late June 2020. The mostly indie film festival where many international films go to be sold is a yearly event with a few big pictures and lots of glitz and glamour for celebrities to show off. This was reported by

It’s good that at the very least this has been postponed. With Italy pretty much on fire with the virus and much of the world following suit, it just isn’t the time to have this event. I hope these small films can find a home soon on some sort of streaming service where they can get the attention they deserve.

Amazon finally released a trailer and a release date for the next season of Bosch. The show will arrive on their streaming platform on April 17, 2020. This time the Harry Bosch driven detective story involves stolen nuclear waste and murder? Starring Titus Welliver as Bosch along side Jamie Hector as his partner J. Edgar the show revolves around their characters in Hollywood homicide in L.A as they solve a crime. The show was also been renewed last month for a seventh and final season.

The trailer looks nice and it is great to have that release date nailed down. My only issue is that it kind of feels like a soapy 90’s action film from the trailer. I’m not saying that’s what it will become just that it feels a bit off from the usual Bosch. Though last season did have that feeling of a bit of action hero as well, just hopefully it doesn’t go off the deep end with it.

A not busy week but an interesting one that sees a lot of people confined to their homes and playing more and more games. So, thanks for stopping by and looking about my blog. For those with questions, comments, and suggestions I welcome them in the comment section below. Or if you prefer you can contact either via email: or on Twitter: @Snipehockey. Thanks and stay safe.

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