This week in the world of gaming…

Another week has rumbled up and is sitting patiently about for a bit of attention before it disappears with the rest of time. So, welcome to my video game blog where I talk about some game releases, gaming news, and a bit of entertainment news. This is all stuff that caught my interest and I thought worth sharing for the week of March 8th to the 14th of 2020. Welcome and enjoy…

Game Releases:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

The colorful adventure platformer returns for another epic adventure. You once again play as Ori and are on a quest to discover his destiny by meeting new friends and many new foes. Created by developer Moon Studios GmbH and published by Xbox Game Studios the game arrived on Xbox One and PC on March 11th, 2020.

Nioh 2

Set during 1555 your created character is part human part yokai which grants your special abilities. You’ve been a mercenary fighting full blooded yokai when your powers surge out of control and it was only with the help of a passing stranger that you’re able to collect yourself. With your new found associate you decide to take on the fractured country of Japan and the hidden yokai. This game is the prequel to Nioh as will continue to play out as the first game did as an action RPG. It was released on March 13th, 2020 on PS4 from developer Team Ninja with publishing handled by Koei Temco in Japan and Sony Entertainment everywhere else in the world.

Game News:

Nintendo teased a team up with LEGO which they then revealed to be a kids play set inspired by a Mario level. You build the set, the characters, and everything needed then you get to race Mario down the level against the clock. The Mario figure has a computer put into it to keep track of time, coins, damage, and traps it might fall into.

While not what a lot of people were expecting it is still a nice little thing for young children to play with. I’m sure some adults will probably also get into it as well. It’s a very curious thing and hopefully isn’t priced extremely expensive as may Lego kits seem to be.

In surprise news 2K Sports and the NFL have reached an agreement to make new games. This however does not include simulation like experiences. This likely rules out NFL 2K21 from being made but with EA’s license expiring in 2021 there is a chance for it to come about in the future. This was reported by who have the full story, but details remain scant on what’s going to happen.

I’m curious as to what they’ll be making as it sounds like it would be more on the management side but perhaps it is more of an arcade over the top game? It’s a wait and see kind of thing as it won’t be until later this year or even into next year that we’ll get some solid information on what they’re doing. That is unless 2K makes an announcement sooner.

For racing fans who like management games and have wanted something more than Motorsport Manager there is good news. Frontier Games and Formula 1 have come to an agreement to make four racing manager games starting next year on multiple platforms. This news became public via a press release from Frontier which you can read here.

While this is cool news, Frontier Games hasn’t really been known for heavy in depth management aspects of their games. Looking at Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster, and Jurassic World Evolution you get to build beautiful parks but the actual management side of things isn’t always there. Hopefully that changes otherwise a lot of fans will be disappointed with the end product.

The former head of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime has been hired by Gamestop to be on their board of directors. This comes as the company is struggling to stay afloat among the downturn in sales. If you want to learn all about the board shakeup and hirings by Gamestop head over to for the the full scoop.

I don’t know how much affect Mr. Fils-Aime will have on the sinking Gamestop but one hopes for the best. It will be a difficult situation though it might be lightened at least a little bit with the launch of the next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Gamestop does seem to live and die by the console generations and they need something to drive people to their stores. It would probably help if the stores were a little more consumer friendly and didn’t try to drive pre-orders so hard.

E3 2020 is kaput. It is no more thanks to a certain virus which by this point shouldn’t need to be named. But, Coronavirus or CONVID-19 as it is also known will be shamed for being a virus that gets things canceled. This news came from

No surprise just a bit of sadness really. E3 has had its struggles lately with what it wants to be and developers and companies deciding it isn’t worth the time to show up. Hopefully get some video events from the ashes of this cancellation. That is if the virus dies down a bit and it’s felt like the developers and companies should present something.

For baseball fans not so into the simulation part of The Show well the baseball game Super Mega Baseball is back for a third go around. This is still the same arcadey silly game of the previous versions but don’t let appearances deceive as there is a good simulation behind all of it. There is no MLB license however so it is up to you to recreate teams and players. The game will be dropping onto all consoles and PC in April of 2020. They’re promising improved graphics, better user interface, newer audio, improved base running, and stadiums with variable lighting. All this for 45 dollars, although there is a free demo version that allows unlimited access to the online pennant mode.

It looks like they’re making improvements over the previous games while keeping the heart and soul alive on this game. It also just fun to watch the silly animations that are going on when things happen. Overall, it looks good, but the trailer doesn’t show off too much so it is a little hard to judge.

Entertainment News:

Things have not been smooth sailing for Disney+ as they announced that they’re scrapping another show for the service. This time the planned but never official announced Tron TV show is not being made for the service anymore. This comes after the Lizzie McGuire reboot ran into production issues and was then deemed too adult for the platform. The Obi-Wan series was put on production hold and the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier faced production delays due to Coronavirus concerns. Head over to for more information on the headache of sorting out Disney+ shows.

While this certainly isn’t the worse news in the world of Disney+ it also doesn’t look great. The new content that they have seems very thin and won’t be coming out for a while. They do have lots of older content, but I’m not sure that will keep people subscribed especially when other services have shows coming out fairly regularly. It seems like Disney figured that they could sell the service on its name only and not have to provide much beyond the occasional show every few months. I guess that means they’re really only going to be attached to families with kids and those desperate for nostalgia. The rest will probably fall into subscribe once a season has fully dropped or a month or two of service to get the shows.

And that’s it for this rocky week. Stay safe. For those who might want to get in contact with me you can do so through Twitter where you’ll find me @Snipehockey, or emailing me at That or you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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