Tossing in another blog post about the world of video games.

Welcome to the blog about video games. In this post I’m covering the week of March 1 to the 7, 2020 where I see what’s happened in video games via releases and news, plus some entertainment news. Please enjoy my ramblings.

Game Releases:

Curse of the Dead Gods –

A rogue-like action RPG in which you’re trying to make your way through an old temple to explore and find what has laid hidden for many years. Creatures and traps will stand in your way doing whatever they can to stop you. This game released to Steam Early Access on March 3rd, 2020 on PC. It was developed by Passtech Games and will be published by Focus Home Entertainment.

Puddle Knights –

A puzzling adventure of a game where you must help royalty to cross the dirty ground. Using a knights cape to lie over dirty mud to let the royalty through guiding them to the exit point. Created and published by Lockpickle for PC and Mac. It released on March 3rd, 2020.

Murder By Numbers –

Two genres mixed into one for a fun adventure game. The game combines a visual novel and a number puzzle game. Your boss has been murdered shortly after firing you from a hit TV show and the only person that can clear your name is you and a trusty robot. Released on Switch and PC on March 6th, 2020 it was developed by Mediatonic and then published by The Irregular Corporation.

Smart City Plan –

A city building game where you’re put in charge of a city and must build it up from nothing. Plan out your entire city and enforce whatever measures you decide from green living to just whatever. But, it must keep the citizens happy otherwise you’ll soon have a ghost town. Released on PC on March 6th, 2020 from developer/publisher Ambiera.

Game News:

The Entertainment Software Association is currently planning to go ahead with E3 2020 despite concerns about the virus epidemic. Though the situation is likely under a very tight watch by all participants and journalists. There is the belief that the outbreak may struggle to stick around in summer months due to its similarity to the flu which comes around during the fall and winter. E3 2020 lands a few days before summer. This news comes from who have the scoop.

I don’t know if this will stay the course or not. I suspect that some developers will probably drop out the closer we get to E3 and if the virus doesn’t seem to be dying down. People need to be safe especially during an epidemic but I also understand not wanting to cancel as a lot of business is generated from the show.

There was a shakeup at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio as the head of the studio, Shannon Studstill, has left to create a new studio Playa Vista. Replacing Studstill will be 19 year Sony veteran Yumi Yang. Also worth noting is that Playa Vista will be working exclusively on Stadia games as it will be a Google subsidiary. If you wish to learn more about the new head of the Santa Monica studio head over to or if you want to know about Playa Vista you can check out the Google blog post announcing the studio.

I mean its good that Google seems to be contributing towards keeping the Stadia going though it does seem like they should have been doing this much sooner. I think that they probably choose well in Studstill as the Santa Monica studio was known for great games, and some of that must be attributed to her.

Sony has announced the release date for Ghost of Tsushima with a story trailer. The action adventure game will be coming to the PS4 on June 26th, 2020. You are fighting against an invader who has come to take over Japan. You must fight to save yourself and your country from this menace.

It looks good, but the trailer also felt very melodramatic and not in a good way. Like they were trying for moving drama but to me it didn’t land that way and came off more like a soap opera drama then dramatic. That could just be my impression though and this has every chance of being an excellent game.

If you’re in the mood for a grand strategy game involving politics then Jujubee S.A. and 1C Entertainment may have you covered with Realpolitiks II. In this game you’re the head of a government with control over your armies, spies, and development. Put them to good use in your effort to obtain world dominance sometime in the fall season of 2020.

Like many grand strategy games there is a lot going on and it is hard to figure it all out just from the trailer. Hopefully there are some more in depth videos before the game launches otherwise it will be a lot of clicking and hoping that the player is doing the right thing. Which leads to the other problem with grand strategy game in that they often don’t have good tutorials that results in a lot of lost players clicking around until someone posts a YouTube video explaining what’s what. Hopefully this game can avoid that failure.

Entertainment News:

The adult website Pornhub has released its first non-XXX style film on its platform though it is still very adult in nature. The film is titled Shakedown which is a documentary around a lesbian strip club and the people who are drawn to the Los Angeles scene who visit. The film will be free for all of March on their website and then move on to Criterion channel. For those looking for a bit more information check out who have more of the story.

I’m not surprised that this has happened as Pornhub has billions of visitors a day to their website. It is only a matter of interest that they stretch themselves further into the entertainment industry. That will only come if people tell the website that but even then they might not decide to do it.

The latest Bond movie is moving its release date due to fears about the corona virus affecting the box office. The film is moving from April 10th, 2020 to a November 25th, 2020 release date. This news came from

I think the fear is pretty justified as a lot of companies are now forecasting to lose a lot of money this year because of the epidemic. I don’t think they needed to push it back that far to November but maybe that’s when they could get the next good date for the film. Either way Mr. Bond will have to wait for his next adventure.

For fans of The Last of Us and its upcoming sequel the game is being made into a TV series with HBO. The series is being handled by Neil Druckmann writer and creative director of the series and Craig Mazin who created HBO’s Chernobyl series. For more information head on down to for all of the story.

It seems like a pretty good fit all around. They’ll probably create a dark atmospheric series that brings you into the world. The only thing I don’t want from the show is for it to be a rehash of what’s happened in the first game and the upcoming sequel. Explore the world and the characters more but don’t just tell the same stale story.

Amazon is bringing sketch comedy to their collection of shows. The Canadian classic The Kids in the Hall is getting rebooted with all of the original cast returning. It has an order for an 8 episode single season. The original show launched in 1988 and lasted for five seasons plus the film Brain Candy and a variety of tours. The show was also briefly revived as a mini-series with Death Comes to Town in 2010. reported on the news which you can of course check out if you’re curious.

I more then welcome the manic madness of Canadian sketch comedy. I loved the original show whenever I caught episodes I just hope the humor is still there and is as oddball as I remember it. My hope is though that we get a mix of old returning characters and some new ones so that the show doesn’t just feel like a retread of their once great glorious cult classic status.

An odd week wrapped up in a not so neat bow. Thanks you for visiting and looking around. For those with comments, questions, and or suggestions please feel free to leave them either via: Email – – the comment section below – or come talk to me on Twitter – @Snipehockey. With that I shall sign off until next week.

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