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A blog post has emerged from the murky backlog of a week stuck down in itself or something like that. Anyway, here it is now dashing its way through the final stretches of the week of February 9th to the 15th of 2020. Please take care to know that I’m covering the gaming releases, gaming news, and some entertainment news that caught my interest and I thought was worth re-sharing.

Game Releases:

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Action mayhem and many many spells are at hand in this action RPG with lots of clicking. You are one of three survivors of the slaughter of Castagath and were rescued by Grand Inquisitor Heimlock, Raised to be a perfect soldier to fight the supernatural when an attack on your home base shakes up the government which you’re pledged to protect. Now you must go to war against the Brotherhood that first attacked you. Released on PC on February 13, 2020 after being in Early Access and crowd funded on Kickstarter. It was developed and published by Wolcen Studios. And just to put this out there, I did back the Kickstarter and got the game through that.


It’s a bit difficult to call this a game, but here it is. More of a creation tool similar to that of Little Big Planet and it is from the same developers. It allow you to make whatever you can think up of to try and bring it to life and share it with the world. Developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS4 it was released on February 14th, 2020.

Game News:

For those with the hope that EA and Bioware’s Anthem would get fixed, well it will. However, said fixes are a ways off as the developer continues its overhaul of the entire game play loop to try and improve it. Bioware released a statement on their website for who want to know what’s going on.

I think the only real surprise here is that Bioware has been so radio silent on the work to change the game. Which either means that they were so busy trying to make the changes that coming up to talk about didn’t make sense or they’ve been struggling to figure out how to make the game better. And that might not even have been what was going on at all, since I don’t work at Bioware and will probably never know what’s going on. Either way, hopefully the developer comes up from radio silence more often and begins sharing what’s going on and where they’re going. If they can get the core gamers back on board the game that way, then they won’t have a stiff cliff to climb when the changes come to the game.

The Need for Speed series is moving to a different developer. EA Games has moved the next game from Ghost Games who made the past couple of games over to Criterion Games. Ghost games has handled the last four games in the franchise: NFS: Rivals, Need For Speed, NFS: Payback, and NFS: Heat. Meanwhile Criterion has handled two games in the series: NFS: Hot Pursuit, and NFS: Most Wanted. Ghost Games will also revert back to its original name EA Gothenburg while moving to a more supporting role as an engineering hub for other EA development studios to bring in to help development. If you wish to know more then head over to for the full story.

It’s hard to say that this is a bad thing or a good thing or much of anything. Maybe we get a more Burnout style NFS out of this or something different its hard to divine what’s going to happen. What I do know is that the franchise needs some sort of shake up as it hasn’t really excited fans in a while. It is sad to hear that their will potentially be job losses as you never like to see someone lose their job.

In E3 2020 news – presenter Geoff Keighley will be skipping the show for the first time in 25 years. He will not be hosting E3 Coliseum this year as he looks to support the gaming industry in other ways.

Honestly I’m kind of glad, because I don’t think he is a very good host. His presentation style is very bland and one note that also comes across as fake excitement. For me he’s hard to listen to and one of the worst parts of the Video Game Awards which they’re also trying to turn it into an announcement show? Eh, whatever E3 2020 is better off without him.

Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe was recently asked on Twitter if he was working on any other games set in the same world as Stardew Valley. He confirmed that yes of the two games he’s working on one is set in the same world but won’t have anything to do with farming. His other game he’s not so sure if he wants to connect the game completely to that world.

I thought it was pretty neat news that he’s working on some new stuff regardless of if it is connected to his previous game. He’s shown that he’s willing to continue to work on a game and improve it judging from all the work and improvements he’s done on Stardew so I do feel confident that whatever he comes up with will certainly be interesting and have quite a life beyond the launch.

Entertainment News:

Amazon has renewed their loved noir detective show Bosch for a seventh season. Sadly this will also be the last season of the show. Starring Titus Welliver as detective Bosch it is based around the Michael Connelly series of novels about detective Bosch working Los Angeles Homicide. Originally released under Amazon’s pilot program where audiences decide what shows Amazon should pick up based on the pilot. It’s grown into their longest running TV show. There still is no word on when in 2020 the sixth season will drop. This came from who have a report on the news.

I’m a bit sad but, seven seasons for a show is incredible. Few shows make it that long and not many get to have a finale. That said, Amazon does seem to like to tell some of their shows in advance when they’re getting a final season. I look forward to seeing how this gets wrapped up and hopefully not in a cliche manner.

Actor Rick Moranis who retired from acting to take care of his kids, is making his way back. He’s on board the reboot of Honey I Shrunk the Kid’s for Disney. He will reprise his role as the wacky inventor who created a device that accidentally shrank the kids though it is not known how big of a role he will have. Helming the project will be the director of the original film Joe Johnson and it will star Josh Gad.

I’m glad that Mr. Moranis is now doing live action films again as he’d done a lot of voice over work. He’s a fun actor to watch in the roles he chooses. As for the reboot, I’m kind of ‘eh’ on it. It’s a very Disney move as they lean more and more heavily into nostalgia which has worked out well for them but hasn’t worked for me. Also, I’m not a fan of the Josh Gad casting as I haven’t much liked any of the roles I’ve seen him in. Once more you can head over to for the news.

Director Matt Reeves released the first screen test of Robert Pattinson in a version of the Batsuit for the upcoming 2021 movie which is being called The Batman. It doesn’t show much of the suit concentrating mostly on the chest and the bottom half of the mask Bruce Wayne was wearing.

The suit from what I could see of it in that red light looked pretty cool, almost a bit mechanical at the part where the Bat insignia is found. It gives off a strong impression of a strong Batman but also a lot of mystery. Overall, I liked what I saw and I’m trying to keep my interest in the movie pretty level as there is no reason to really hype things up at least yet. I do love a good Batman film so its hard to keep myself contained. Also the music was awesome and really set the mood.

That will do it for this week’s madhouse blog post. Thanks for stopping by and glancing around before nosing onward to better things. If you have any comments questions, or suggestions those are all appreciated. You can leave them via email:, contact me on Twitter: @Snipehockey, or just drop the comment in the comment section below. And now goodbye until the next week pops up with its blog post.

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