The charge of the light video game blog post.

A new week has emerged and glared down its nose looking for all the attention in the world. So, I shall give it a bit of that to talk about the gaming releases and news that caught my attention. This by the way is for the week of January 19th to the 25th of 2020. Now to the parts that you probably already skipped to.

Game Releases:

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners –

A Virtual Reality first person game set in the world of The Walking Dead you have choice to make and how you survive is up to you in the zombie infested city of New Orleans. And of course there is always the other humans to deal with who can be even more deadly then a zombie. Released on PC for major VR headsets on Steam with the Oculus Quest version coming in the spring along with the PSVR PS4 version. The game was created by Skydance Interactive who also published the game which came out on January 23rd, 2020.

Mosaic –

A surrealist adventure game that puts you as a character stuck in a monotonous world. You go to work and things happen around you, the world keeps spinning round and round. That is until one day on your commute weird things keep happening around you. The more things happen the further from monotony you seem to get as the world opens up. Created by developer Krillbite Studio and published by Raw Fury the game is now out on Xbox One, Switch, PS4 as of January 23rd, 2020. It previously released on PC and iOS Apple Arcade on December 5th, 2019.

Game News:

Rumors are abound that Funcom is being bought by Tencent for 148 million dollars. Tencent already owns about 29% of the publicly traded company. The studio is mostly known for their Conan games though they’re also known for The Longest Journey and its sequel Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. If you wish to learn some more you can head over to the announcement on Funcom’s website.

Tencent really is buying its way to becoming one of the most powerful gaming companies in the world. It is a scary thought with how much money they throw around at everything from studios to Nintendo officially allowing the Switch to be sold in China. It’s pretty shocking how quickly it happened from hearing just a few snippets about them to suddenly they’re everywhere.

A new city building game called New Cities was announced and is crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It looks to create a massive city building experience where your city actually feels and looks huge. The crowd funding is aimed at improving the already finished core game play. Checkout the crowdfunding campaign if the game looks interesting to you.

This looks cool though I do worry that once a city gets massive that you’ll easily get lost in trying to find an area that has a problem. The art style while nice will probably play havoc on the eyes if there is an area that needs attention. But, those are just quibbles and I’m sure they’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t if the game gets its funding and gets out to the public.

If you’re a user of either Apple’s MacOS or a Linux user who plays Rocket League there is some sad news as Psyonix is ending support for further development of the game in March 2020. The reason given is that new technology is making it difficult to continue supporting both products. When the March patch arrives the online portion of the game will no longer function though you can still play the game and its offline content. Psyonix has since clarified the situation on a Reddit post, stating that part of the situation is that they’ll soon be switch to DirectX 11 which isn’t compatible with the base clients of Linux and MacOS. Both of those OS’s use DirectX 9 to operate OpenGl allowing the game to run. You can read the original announcement on the Steam Rocket League page and the announcement/clarification on Reddit’s Rocket League Page.

It’s sad to see a game decide to end support for a product especially one that seems to be going strong. It often comes down to resources needed elsewhere in development or that the products might not have had enough users to justify the continued expense. Psyonix is kindly offering refunds to those on Mac and Linus who want them but you’ll have to follow their instructions in the reddit post. Overall it could have been handled better but it is what it is and now things can move forward and hopefully maybe somewhere down the road the game can return to those Operating Systems.

If you happen to own the EA Tetris app on either iOS or Android you will soon be losing access to it. EA is pulling the app because on April 21, 2020 the license that they have to make the game from The Tetris company passes from EA to N3TWORK who are making a battle royale style game probably similar to Tetris 99. Head over to for the full story.

It is without a doubt very weird that they are completely pulling the game and shutting down all access to the app. If it was a free app I could understand but people did pay money for the game and now they can’t even play it? It’s just weird.

Mobile game developer FoxNext Game has been sold by Disney to Scopley. FoxNext was acquired by Disney when they bought 20th Century Fox and is now being offloaded because Disney does not want to own game studios. FoxNext is known for the hit Marvel Strike Force and they will continue to work on that game. has the story about the sale.

I can’t say I’m surprised by this. Disney really doesn’t want anything to do with games other then licensing out work to studios so they don’t have to think much about video games. At least that’s the way their CEO seems to come across when it comes to games.

In an odd case Nintendo has won a lawsuit about digital preorders in Germany and Norway. The German court ruled that Nintendo did not have to refund or allow users to cancel their digital preorders of games via the Eshop. This is only if you’ve preloaded the game onto your system that the preorder cannot be canceled. This story popped up on who have a small breakdown on what’s what.

While odd and this probably gets overturned to some extent, if the game is already downloaded and is just waiting on the hard drive of the system for launch day of the game I can see some scenarios where Nintendo might complain. My main thought being that Nintendo might not have a way to check for a preloaded game preorder being canceled once a game is downloaded and when the game goes live free game. The other thing that popped into my mind is that those who pirate video games could potentially use this system to get the game data and then set to work cracking the game to make it playable. It’s all wild conjecture on my part though if the first theory I threw out there is anywhere close to true, Nintendo needs to update their system otherwise they’re losing a few game sales.

With that I shall sign off on this chaotic mayhem of a blog post that’s related to gaming. Thank you for stopping by and any suggestions, questions, and or comments are appreciated. You can feel free to leave those in the comment section below, or contact me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or email me at Goodbye until the next blog post wanders up and then moseys about poking things for some attention to be paid to it.

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