Blasting through the latest gaming week in the form of a blog post.

A rumbling week with lots of gaming news came about thanks to game presentations from Sony and Nintendo, plus The Video Game Awards. And here I am ready to look through all of that and talk about what caught my interest. There is also the game releases and some entertainment news to go along with all of this gaming madness.



Game Releases:

Transport Fever 2 –

If you’ve ever dreamed of running a transportation empire well your chance has come in this strategy management game. You have a variety of transportation forms to keep you busy from trains to buses and trucks, to airplanes, to ships. Manage your supply chain and connect cities so that you can move goods and people from one location to the next creating a thriving business. The game developed for PC by Urban Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment who released it on December 11th, 2019.


MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries –

In 3015 humanity has spread across the stars and colonized many planets but this has caused many factions to pop up and fight for control and power. This is the perfect time for mercenaries to make some money fighting for governments and those willing to pay up. You have inherited a once great mercenary group who have fallen on hard times. Help bring the group back to prominence with giant mechs and many many guns. Released on December 10th, 2019 for PC (Epic Store) by developer and publisher Piranha Games.



Game News:

Baseball fans that have been hungering for a game to play, as Sony’s MLB the Show had been the only real big show in town, well things are a changing thanks to MLB and a Sony agreement. That is in 2021 where The Show will be headed potentially to other consoles and hopefully PC. That’s right, the former exclusive to the Playstation platform is going multi-platform.

I’m quite surprised by this turn of events. It’s great news for gamers as they potentially get a good baseball game which hasn’t happened for quite a while. The big thing I can see problem’s with is how much effort is studio Sony San Diego studio going to put into a port to other consoles or PC?


The rental service Redbox which rents out movies and games from its famous red boxes will soon be dropping game rentals. They have already stopped renting games at some kiosks and will soon have them gone from all their boxes. You can still purchase games from Redbox into the new year but that will also be coming to an end in early 2020. The news comes via

I’m guessing that people were stealing games and putting other games back in the box or something else into the box when they return it. With games being more expensive then Blu-ray or DVD’s it makes for less profit and having to pay out more for stolen products to replenish stock. All in all, people love to ruin things and this appears to be another case of that happening.


In the continued celebration of the 25th anniversary of Sony’s Playstation there was a State of Play video presentation. With the big announcement being the remake of Resident Evil 3 with upgraded graphics engine much like the previous remakes plus a new studio, M-Tw0, created by Tetsuya Minami for the development.

It wasn’t a bad showcase with a few games and interesting stuff coming to the console in the future. But, it also didn’t feel all that inspiring to watch and see what they had coming. It felt kind of dry and by the numbers, sort of hit your spot and queue in acting terms, and that’s all they cared about. There is still a lot of room to improve the State of Play video series, just needs more fine tuning and some excitement.


For those more into Indie games Nintendo had you covered with a presentation on the games coming to switch from small developers. Some of the highlights included: Sports Story the sequel to Golf Story which will have more sports to the RPG world, Streets of Rage 4 bringing more beat’em up action, Sail Forth a game where you set sail to explore and fight with other ships, Liberated a story driven game set in the pages of a graphic novel, The Survivalist a survival game set in the world of The Escapist, and finally Axiom Verge 2 a metroidvania style adventure game.

There was a lot of nice looking games coming next year, but there wasn’t anything that really wowed me from this presentation. The closest I came to that was from Liberated which looks really cool and different from what one expects from a story driven game. It was a solid but uninspiring show, which is unfortunate but not every showcase is going to wow me and that’s okay.


Sony has added former Double Fine vice president of business development Greg Rice to their Indie accounts development team. He will be working to bring those smaller but well loved games to the Playstation platform alongside newly appointed Shuhei Yoshida who recently took on the task of overseeing the indie branch of Sony.

Congrats to Greg Rice and hopefully he has a good career over at Sony. Hopefully that means a lot of great indie games can find their way over to the platform. Hopefully not as exclusives or if they are, hopefully just timed exclusive.


The Game Awards had their usual announcements celebrating the games that came out for 2019. Plus the game reveals, more on that later, but for PC/Steam fans they’ve also created what they’re calling a Game Festival. This festival is demos of games that will be on the Steam digital platform for a short period of time. The big surprises announced, which is why most people tune in, were: the name for Project Scarlett being Xbox Series X, The Wolf Among Us 2, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, New World, and Weird West.

Congrats to the winners of the awards first off. Secondly, the demos are pretty cool though I feel like only having them available for a day or so is a really strange choice. It doesn’t give players much of a chance to get to know the demo or if people didn’t know about the demos to get them to try out. Make them available for a week or two before taking them away. Not a lot of big announcements or many interesting announcements to really get me excited. I’m glad The Wolf Among Us 2 is still alive despite Telltale Games falling apart and being rescued in name only. Hellblade 2 looked creepy as hell from the trailer that went crazy from too much death heavy metal. I liked the look of Weird West as it was so different from all the other stuff shown and I feel like has the most promise to be intriguing. The new name for Xbox, the Xbox Series X, is give or take I don’t much mind it or really care. Finally, New World is the much talked about but rarely seen MMO from Amazon’s game development studio. I’m curious but I’m not going to be jumping all over the place about this one. At least yet. It’s got a long advertising road ahead of it to win me slightly over. Also one of the best parts of the show was probably silly crossover presentation with The Muppets and Untitled Goose Game.


THQ Nordic has devised an interesting way to see if consumers might be interested in a game. They’ve created a demo for a remake of the game Gothic which they’ve opened up to owners of the previous games. They say that they’re trying to gauge interest to see if the public is interested and that any feedback will be used to improve the product should they continue to develop it.

This is an interesting way of doing things. I mean it basically takes the known formula of pitching a game idea plus the demo to publishers to see if they’re interested straight to the public. It is smart to try out and see where it goes but also comes with risks. How long are THQ Nordic going to do this test for? How many people have to show interest and provide feedback for them to take development further? There are a lot of questions, but I like the idea and looking forward to seeing what happens with it.


Entertainment News:

Avenue 5 the new Armando Iannucci TV series for HBO got a full trailer. The show stars Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, and Zach Woods as they try to deal with a disabled cruise spaceship that they’re aboard. The series begins airing on January 19th, 2019.

I find myself frustrated as the trailer is not great in my opinion. I like Innucci’s work on The Thick of It and Death of Stalin but I could not get into Veep at all. He seems very hit or miss for me and with the way the trailer looks it might be a miss for me which is disappointing as I love Hugh Laurie’s work.


Marvel is closing down its TV division and folding it into the overall Marvel Studios brand. This was largely expected as Kevin Feige took over the major role as Creative Director of Marvel and seemed to want some changes. Most of Marvel TV’s live action projects are either winding down or canceled with four animated series on-going on Hulu. Head over to if you want a full run down on what’s going on.

While it is no surprise it is disappointing to hear as people are going to be losing their jobs. It always sucks to hear about that sort of thing where people lose jobs. Hopefully though this improves the overall live action Marvel stuff which has been very hit or miss despite some of the success with Netflix and Agents of Shield.


Daniel Radcliffe fans might be happy to see the return of his weird TV series Miracle Workers which has become an anthology series and now takes place in a completely different time and place. They’ve gone to the Dark Ages and find themselves dealing with how a kingdom runs. TBS released a trailer for the new season plus announcing the release date of January 28th, 2019.

I’m torn on this. The first season was kind of fun to watch but also seemed to be a walking cliché from one episode to the next. This doesn’t look like it is deviating much from that formula which is fine but it makes me a bit reluctant to want to watch. The only thing that’s giving me pause about completely abandoning the show is that Peter Serafinowicz appears to be involved and I like a lot of the stuff he’s done.


The VFX studio Moving Picture Company which has a variety of studios is shutting down its Vancouver office while downsizing its Montreal office. The studio has been noted for its work on Life of Pi as well as the recent revamp of Sonic for his upcoming movie. If you’re looking for more information head over to who have the story.

I hate that this is happening so close to the holidays and it effects so many families. Hollywood treats VFX artist horribly rushing them through their work so that most of the time it doesn’t look quite right. This closure does nothing to help that line of thought and Hollywood’s penny pinching ways is going to probably cause a strike as the VFX industry unionizes to not get taken advantage of.


I think I’ve written enough for this weeks mad blog post. Not entirely sure if I did, but I shall end my post here and now. Thank you for visiting as it is much appreciated by moi. If you have any suggestions, comments, and or questions please feel free to leave them via email:, Twitter: @Snipehockey, or just in the comment section below. With that, good evening or night or day or morning for that matter I’ll see you in the next blog post which might not be until next year.

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