Building up and dealing with another week in gaming.

The week of October 13th to the 19th, 2019 came, saw, and perhaps didn’t conquer anything but some gaming related stuff happened so I shall talk about that. Welcome to my weekly blog post about the week that was in gaming releases, gaming news, and a touch of entertainment news. This blog covers the news that caught my attention and that I felt worth sharing. Now to the actual blog part…

Game Releases:

Postal 4: No Regerts

The satirical first person shooter has returned and they don’t recognized the events that happened in the third game. It’s been several years since the events of the second game that left the town of Paradise scarred and with only to survivors in Postal dude and his champion Champ. You’re left wandering the scorching lands of Arizona looking for a new home. The game released into steam early access on October 14th, 2019 for PC. It was developed and published by Running With Scissors.

Little Town Hero

A quiet town is suddenly beset upon by monsters, it is up to you to fight and use your talents as well as the people around the village’s talents to beat the monsters. This plays out as a sort of rock, paper, scissors style RPG battle where you’re choosing one of the three options as is the monster in your fight. The game was developed and published by Game Freak for the Switch. It released on October 16th, 2019.

Disco Elysium

You are a detective in this open world RPG in this game where you have the choice and power to become good or bad or something of an in between. Take bribes or go after the criminals that hunt and do misdeeds on your city block. Released on PC on October 15th, 2019 by developer and publisher ZA/UM.

Felix the Reaper

This a puzzle game that features dancing, death and love. You manipulate shadows as you move and dance about the stage to figure out the puzzles. You play as Felix who works for the Ministry of Death and he’s in love with Betty who works in the Ministry of Life. In order to try and meet Betty Felix has taken on the job of reaper to come to the real world to take lives and to try and impress her with his dancing. The game came out on October 17th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Switch, and PC after being developed by Kong Orange and published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

The zombies and plants are fighting each other once again in all out third person shooter of an event. You have a variety of characters to choose and play as in this world. The fight plays out as either a Cooperative player vs. everything experience or a player vs. player multiplayer battle. Developed by PopCap Games and published by EA Games it came out on October 18th, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Game News:

Riot Games has announced a flurry of games to celebrate their tenth anniversary. They announced a card game Runeterra, the first person shooter currently going by the codenamed Project A which will be a competitive shooter, a League of Legends fighting game, a management sim, and a mobile/console port of League and a mobile version of Teamfight Tactics.

It’s good to know that they’re working on more then just League which has been their identity for so long. Now they still have to get past the issue of work relations and the sexism lawsuit. They need to rebuild and make their company better and perhaps this is there way of doing it.

Blizzard canceled a planned launch event in New York City for the switch version of Overwatch. This likely stemmed from the recent issues over people boycotting them because of Hong Kong and China.

Yeah, this is probably the least surprising news in a while. Blizzard needs much time away from the public but that might not happen with the upcoming Blizzard Convention where many people will probably be protesting.

Fornite the popular battle royale game shut down its original map and then launched version 2.0 with new map and plenty of cosmetics to make things look shiny new.

It had to happen at some point. Fortnite could only go on for so long on one map before things became a bit stale. And now they can do a whole throwback map in the future to keep things different. It appears to be much needed though there are still issues that are popping up mostly due to the experience grind for the battle pass for this season. I’m sure it will probably be worked out eventually and hopefully sooner than later.

The developers of Saints Row 2, Volition, have found the source code to the game which was apparently lost for PC. This is going to allow them to fix it so that it runs correctly, it will now get formerly exclusive DLC, and switches the back-end stuff from gamespy to steamworks. This news came from a post though Volition announced it via their Twitch stream.

It’s cool that this is happening to what is now an eleven year old game. Perhaps we can get new modded support for the game, or something to provide some life for it. I loved the second game and would love to see it get a second life for those that missed out on it.

Humble Bundle is changing their monthly game subscription plan. They’ll be launching Humble Choice where you choose the monthly games you want but you cannot choose all of them. If you already have the old plan nothing will change for you. The price of the plan is expected to stay the same as the original monthly cost.

It sounds like Humble is cheapening out on the whole monthly subscription plan by not giving you all of the games. And I can kind of see that argument it does feel like if you’re going to subscribe once this new plan comes in that you aren’t going to get the most out of the deal. I also feel like this is happening because of consumer feedback that sometimes people already have a game that is put up or just don’t want said game. It’s a balancing act for Humble Bundle and currently gamers aren’t happy about about it according to the YouTube comments.

Paradox Interactive have announced a third game in one of their franchises, and no it isn’t Victoria 3 but rather Crusader Kings 3. The medieval political game and king making game will be getting its third go around for a 2020 release.

I realize that this third game isn’t going to have the features of the second one with its mountains of DLC, or what feels like mountains. That’s fine and all, my major issue is being getting onboard with this game and seeing that it is in some way better than the base game in Crusader Kings 2. I need to feel that this sequel is pushing the boundaries and provides a better experience right out of the gate. That and I don’t want to feel like I’m swamped by all the paid DLC that it turns me off of playing.

Entertainment News:

Netflix has acquired the rights to create a cartoon show based around the graphic novel series Bone. The series of graphic novels starts with the Bone cousins being run out of Boneville after a failed mayoral bid and find themselves in a valley that’s being threatened by Lord of the Locusts who is trying to take over. They soon find themselves fighting to free the valley and its inhabitants of this evil. The TV series will be aimed at kids but no word on who is doing the animation or what kind of talent might be attached to the project. Head to for the full story or if you just want to know that little bit more about the upcoming show.

I’ve never read any of the series but from what I’ve heard this is one of the more beloved graphic novel series. I hope it turns out well and this will probably drive me to at least check out the first few books.

And if you’re looking for a graphic novel to read, one of my followers on Twitter asked me to share their crowdfunding novel, The Plague and Doctor Caim. It’s a story about a doctor who is hired to work in town dealing with all sorts of ailments and doing his best to try and cure them through experimentation. All the while the doctor is also keeping his eyes on the stars to look for the good and bad omens. Check out the project on Unbound.

This looks like a fun little graphic novel. I hope people check it out to see if they want to support the crowdfunding effort.

That shall be it for this week blog post however. Thank you for visiting and poking around I appreciate it. If you wish to get in touch with me, you can do so via: Email –, or – the comment section below, or on Twitter – @Snipehockey. Thank you once again and goodbye until the next post.

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