A long and winding road of a video game blog post.

A week heavy in Sony and Nintendo news will be covered in this weeks blog post for September 29 to October 5, 2019. I’ll be covering the game releases, game news, and entertainment news that caught my interest. Now on with the show…

Game Releases:

What the Golf?

A weird and wonderful physics based game that plays with the concept of golf. In this game you don’t actually play golf but a version of it where you’re using weird objects to get to the end goal. The game is out now on PC (Epic Game Store) and on the Apple Arcade, with a version coming soon to Switch. It released on October 1st, 2019 by developer Triband who also published it with the help of Fig.

Tom Clany’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

This is a multiplayer tactical squad shooter. You are hunting down a rogue soldier on the island of Auroa, who has helped a private military contractor company called Sentinel take over the island. It’s a bit of a loot shooter that offers and open world to explore. It was created by developer Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft and released on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and is coming soon to Google Stadia. The game released on October 4th, 2019.


You have discovered a lost planet and well the creatures and aliens are all trying to stop you from discovering its secrets so that they can be the first to do so. This plays out as an old school tactical turn based strategy game with an isometric view and four square movement. Released on September 30th, 2019 it came out from developer and publisher Tortuga Team. It came out on PC.


Set during World war 2 in 1944, this tactical turn based RPG which you are the resistance against the Nazi occupiers in Warsaw Poland. You must recruit from all over the city gathering a group that fights well together and has a variety of skills. The game released on PC with a Switch and a PS4 version planned for release. The game was developed by Pixelated Milk and published by gaming company who released it on October 2nd, 2019.

Game News:

Brain training is back in fashion. At least it is with the Switch as a new Brain Age game has been announced, though currently only for Japan. This was announced by Nintendo on their Japanese YouTube account.

It’s sort of weird that this game is making a comeback because the science behind it isn’t exactly well proven. It does help ones mind to stay active and thinking, but it is questionable how much it helps and probably depends on how often it is used. That said they were originally a very popular game and bringing it back makes sense on some level for a popular console.

A new game by the name of Yes, Your Grace has been announced. It is a medieval management RPG that puts you in charge of a struggling kingdom. You must decide how to run the kingdom and how to defend it from outside groups who want to take over. The game is aiming for a 2020 release on PC.

This game looks pretty neat and that it looks like a combination of the game Reigns and the game Kingdom. A nice mesh of games to have to play with as both bring different things and potentially make a more complete game. Whether or not it gets pulled off is another story. But, it is a game worth keeping an eye on to see if it succeeds in doing that.

In Sony news Shawn Layden who worked as the worldwide chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment is leaving the company. In the Japan Asia section of the company president Atsushi Morita has retired. You can read more about Mr. Morita over on Gematsu.com.

This is both sad and happy news. A well earned retirement of Mr. Morita and sad that they’re both leaving the company. I wish them the best on their next journey in life wherever that may take them.

A new survival game has been announced and it is called Broken Roads. Set in Australia you traverse what’s left of society discovering people and using your own morality to decide what happens. It’s an isometric perspective RPG that’s using dialogue choice to help you decide what to do.

It has a very old school Fallout feel to it from the trailer, and an interesting visual look that makes the characters pop off the screen. I like the looks of it so far, and want to see more of it before I jump into hyping it up. It is certainly worth checking out the trailer to see if it itches that original Fallout feeling that I personally felt was missing from Wasteland 2.

The issues with the Nintendo Joy Con controllers isn’t going away as joy con thumb stick drift is facing a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit has added the newly released Switch lite as also suffering from the same issue. Ign.com has the article talking about the issue and what’s happened so far.

While I don’t see Nintendo going to court over this, I somehow doubt were going to see much more of a fix without a complete redesign of the thumb sticks and how they move within the controller. It becomes a question of how much Nintendo wants to deal with this. They should probably get on top of this fast, but with Nintendo you never know how they’ll react.

The Playstation Now Subscription service is being changed the Playstation blog revealed. It will have four marquee PS4 game free for you to play for three months, each month new titles will be added for a three month period and then removed. The pay plan has also changed as they try to make it more competitive going with a 9.99 USD a month, 24.99 USD for three months, and 99.99 USD for a year. Head over to the Playstation Blog to learn more.

This is nice, I guess. It’s a bit interesting that they’ve announced that the games will only be on for three months at a time. Most of the similar services don’t bother to tell you how long games will be up on their service they just announce when something leaves. It will remain to be seen if this service seems worth it on current games. It does seems worth it for the classic playstation older games.

The development studio, AlphaDream, behind the loved and frustrating RPG series Mario and Luigi has declared bankruptcy. Sales for the series were reportedly on the decline and the last release/remake Bowser’s Inside Stories was the worst release the game series had. If you wish to learn more about the situation head over to Complex.com.

It’s sad to hear that the company is going into bankruptcy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will close, bankruptcy is meant to protect a company and keep them running. But, that doesn’t mean that they will stay open either. There is also the question of what’s going to happen to the series, does Nintendo care enough to keep it around? Fans don’t seem to have cared about the franchise and if it isn’t selling, I can’t see Nintendo caring too much about keeping it going.

Sony has also finally opened the doors to all developers that want to make their games cross-playable with other consoles and PC. This comes after Sony felt that it was of no benefit to them to do so, only to slowly open open it up to certain game and now here we are. Wired.com has the story about the very quiet announcement that the feature was out of beta.

Great, awesome, finally. It is kind of weird that Sony had a beta period to test out cross-play between platforms, but whatever it is here now. The only question that remains is if it will stick around for the next generation Playstation 5 or will Sony conveniently forget about it.

In sad news John Kirby has passed away at age 69 from complications due to cancer known as Myelodysplastic Syndrome. He was famous in the video game world for defending Nintendo from a Universal Studios led lawsuit over Donkey Kong similarity to King Kong. In that lawsuit he successfully pointed out that Universal themselves had sued RKO pictures and proved that King Kong was actually in the public domain as well as the difference between the two characters. There are also the story that Nintendo named the character Kirby after him as a way to say thank you. If you wish you can check out his obituary from the New York Times.

I’m saddened to hear of his passing. He helped shape video game history and before that helped shaped the civil rights movement with his important work with the justice department. His place in history will forever be remembered by fans of Nintendo.

Slightly surprising everyone Rockstar has announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be heading to PC on November 5th. It will be heading to all the major digital stores, but you get two free games Rockstar games if you order from their own newly launched store. It is worth noting that the game will also be coming to Stadia and that the game will not be on Steam until December. Check out the Rockstar Blog for more information.

I think most people figured that this was going to happen at some point. Or at the very least they hoped and prayed that it would come. And now it will, though it is sad that we will probably never see the original Red Dead Redemption on PC as it was such an amazing game.

Entertainment News:

A trailer released for the new King’s Man prequel was released by Fox. Called The King’s Man it takes place around the time of WW1 where a group of madman have gathered to plot and create a war to destroy millions of people. It will be stopped by one man and his protege. The film stars Ralph Fiennes along with a large cast of other amazing actors. The movie is coming to theaters on February 14, 2020.

Over the top and just silly were what I kept seeing when it came to the trailer. I thought the first film was okay but it seems to really have gone off the rails with all the subsequent film. It might be great for fans of the series or someone just looking for mindless silly action film. For me though, it just looked like a CGI-fest that felt jarring because you could clearly notice when it was off.

Lupin the Third: The First released a new Japanese trailer for the upcoming December release of the movie. This is the first time Lupin will be a 3D animated film and it brings the zaniness plus the cast of lovable characters together once again as they seek out the Bresson diary which has some ties to Lupin’s grandfather. The movie is set to release in Japan on December 3, 2019, with no word on if there are plans to dub or subtitle the film and release it elsewhere. The trailer is in Japanese just to warn you ahead of time.

I love the look of this movie, it feels so cartoony while still feeling somewhat real. I do hope this movie gets a western release in some form. It would be great to see it with either subtitles or dubbed over.

Guy Ritchie appears to be returning to his film roots with a movie about British gangsters and the whole thing going terribly wrong. The first trailer for The Gentlemen was released and showed off an action pack drug thriller. The movie stars Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, and Henry Golding.It will be arriving in theaters on January 24th, 2019.

This trailer definitely feels like a movie that Ritchie used to make but hasn’t made for a long time. I’m not sure if it will be as good as those early films, but it should at the very least be interesting to see how it turns out. The characters of course are going to go through a bunch of crap and will come out much worse for wear.

That’s all for this blog post folks. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. For those with comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to leave them below. Or if you want you can email them to me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com or talk to me on Twitter @Snipehockey. Thanks again and bye.

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