A mixed up week to blog about in this weeks gaming blog post.

The week of September 22nd, to the 28th, of 2019 has done its rounds in the round about. That leaves me blogging about the week in video game releases, video game news, and some entertainment news that caught my interest.

Game Releases:

Heist –

A stealth action game where you are a lone cat burgler. You’ll have to use your smarts to stealthy move about and around guards as you get to the goods that you want to steal. This game released on PC on September 27, 2019 from developer/publisher Atomize Games.

The Surge 2 –

An action RPG where you fight creatures in order to survive in the wasteland of Jericho City. Your plane crashed on the outskirts of town and when you awaken from the crash you find the city under marital law and you’ll have to fight your way out. Combat is the key to surviving as you’ll have to target the limbs of creatures to disable them from taking you out. Released on September 23rd, 2019. It was released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC by developer Deck13 and publisher Focus Home Interactive.

FIFA 20 –

With the soccer season in Europe kicking off another installment of the annual FIFA series is kicking into action. Choose to create a player or take command of a team in the league that is in the game and rise them up to become champions. Developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania the game was published by EA Sports on September 27th, 2019. It came out on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch.

Game News:

A new Batman game is potentially being teased and it may be based around the graphic novel story Court of Owls. This came from a tweet out of WB Montreal on Batman day aka September 23rd, 2019. The Court of Owls is a group of villains who have kept an eye on the city working in secret ever since their founding in colonial times.

This could be interesting. I read the first volume of graphic novel series and it certainly seemed like Batman would have a harsh fight to win. Now this is only a teaser of something to potentially come and it is from the studio that did Batman: Arkham Origins which wasn’t the most well received game. So, don’t hold your breath about any of this and don’t get too hyped up.

Sony released another State of Play video series detailing their upcoming games for the Playstation 4. The big things were the Civilization VI and its expansion packs are heading for the console. The Last of Us 2 now has a release date and a new game from the creator of Katamari Damacy called Wattam.

For some strange reason this video felt really short to me and worse none of it really stuck with me. There are no great standout aside from The Last of Us 2. I guess one could argue that’s to be expected with the end of the console cycle looming nearer and nearer. But still, I just wanted more from this video as it didn’t wow me away.

Xbox also held a video event in their Inside Xbox series. This was a video showing upcoming games and services that Microsoft will be offering. Stuff like xCloud and turning the Xbox One into a broader console. Some games shown off include Atlas, a pirate adventure multiplayer game,The Outer Worlds, and many others.

I love seeing game and seeing them played so that we can get at least a visual feel for how they might play. On that end this conference was pretty decent, except for the hosts and format. The format kind of came off as like it was a post E3 conference video. Not a bad thing but it does feel like they’re throwing things at you and the dipping out to the next thing.

Nintendo is celebrating its birthday as of September 23. This year the company is now one hundred and thirty years old. The company started in 1889 as a card manufacturer in Kyoto, Japan and has grown ever since. In 1974 they began to develop electronics that could play video games and then by 1979 had entered the handheld video game market. It wouldn’t be until 1983 when the Famicom/NES would enter the console market and would help set them on the road to becoming a video game giant.

Happy Birthday to Nintendo, I’m glad you’ve managed to stick around for so long.

Activision has potentially pissed off fans of the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare. There is a story that new guns will be looked up in supply drop boxes that you have to pay for. The other news is that a game mode is locked exclusively to the PS4 for a year. The Spec Ops Survival Mode will not be released on PC or Xbox One until October 2020. The developer claims that this mode will only equal up to 1% of the game content. The gun drop report of being tied to supply boxes is from dexerto.com. If you want to read about the one year exclusive Survival Mode head over to Charlieintel.com.

There is a reason I don’t bother with any of the Call of Duty games anymore and this just gave me a couple of reasons more to never look at the games. All the publishers have gone and done is fracture the game’s player base because Sony paid a bit of money.

Focus Home Interactive has ended their publishing agreement with Frogwares Game Development Studio. This has led to the odd situation where Focus Home has removed Frogwares games from digital stores and not just transferring them over to Frogwares. As such the game will be removed from stores and have to be put back up by the developer. This news comes from a blog post on Frogwares.com website.

Well, Focus Home Interactive certainly doesn’t look good in all of this and rather petty. Since the contract is over between the two they don’t have help each other anymore. Still, it is all very weird the way Focus Home is acting and one would think it would make other independent developers nervous to work with them as a result.

Respawn Entertainment released a character trailer for Cal the main character in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It showed a bit of what’s going on around the character as you take on the Empire with help of some rebels.

I hate to say that this trailer does nothing for me, but really it does nothing. I’ve been left with a bad taste in my mouth ever since the trailer from E3 2019. It all looks distinctly average with the only thing setting it apart is the name Star Wars. That’s probably enough for a few people to jump aboard, but not for me.

Entertainment News:

Marvel and Sony are working together after all on the next Spiderman movie. They struck a deal that will see Marvel/Disney helping to produce the film and getting a 25% cut of the profits while retaining merchandising rights and profits. This also means that Spiderman will appear in the MCU for at least one more movie. This news comes from Variety.com who of course have the full story.

So, a big fluffy story that came out over the summer amounted to nothing. Both sides were posturing and negotiating through the public eye, which was picked up by the media outlets and ran with into the ground. Then the public cries foul because of reasons, and well it is all just rather a silly game of cat and mouse.

I think I can wrap up this blog post here and now. Thank you for reading and checking it out. If you wish to leave a suggestion, comment, or a questions please feel free to do so below. If you wish to get a hold of me another way, my email is Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, or you can find me on Twitter @Snipehockey. Thank you once again for checking out my blog and goodbye for now.

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