Express ride through this week’s gaming blog post.

A week has gone by so it is time for the weekly blog post for the gaming releases, gaming news, and some entertainment news. I’ll be covering the news that caught my interest for the week of August 11th to the 17th, 2019. Please read on to see what’s happened this week.

Game Releases:

Ion Fury

In this first person shooter you play as Shelly Harrison a bomb disposal expert who is a part of the Global Defense Force. You’re asked to go to Neo D.C. to fight as the cult leader Dr. Jadus Heskel has unleashed cybernetic soldiers in an effort to take over. You must fight your way through them to put a stop to this mad plan. The game is first in a long time to use a version of the Build Engine which helped revolutionize games with Duke Nukem 3D. It was released on August 15, 2019 by developer Voidpoint and published by 3D Realms. The game is out on PC, Mac, and Linux with a Switch, PS4, and Xbox One version planned for later 2019.

Here be Dragons

A turn based strategy game in which you must lead the way to safety for Christopher Columbus as he tries to cross the ocean blue. There are many monsters that stand in your way protecting the ocean which you’ll have to fight your way through if you want Columbus to find the new world. The game was created for PC and entered Early Access on August 16th, 2019. It was created and published by Red Zero Games.

Game News:

A small indie survival game has been announced and teased with a trailer. Called Atrio: The Wild Dark it is aiming for a February 2020 release. In this game you’ll need to use light to survive but even the light can play tricks on you.

While the trailer doesn’t show much, it is intriguing to see. It’s also a lot different from the usual survival horror style games using what appears to be an isometric style perspective. It looks unique and worth keeping an eye out for it to see if it is something that might be of interest to you.

The Saints Row franchise is not yet dead. It is being developed by the original creator Volition is working hard on a new game in the franchise and it is reportedly deep in development. It will be published by THQ Nordic. This news came via a financial press release where THQ Nordic talks about the year went and some upcoming stuff they have planned.

I’m up for some more Saints Row as it has been a while since the last game. I would prefer to be more like the second and third game as those felt the best to me then what came after them. The series kind of lost its way when it went completely mad trying to separate itself from Grand Theft Auto. To me they need to recognize that while the silliness is fun it only can carry a game for so far. You only have to look at the Just Cause series to see this. That series is fun, but its missing something to bring it together.

Speaking of THQ Nordic AB has bought up another company. This time it is developer Gunfire Games who work on the Darksiders franchise and Milestone S.r.l maker of a lot of racing games. There is also news regarding a name change regarding THQ Nordic AB as it is causing a bit of confusion as they own a studio called THQ Nordic. The new name is potentially Embracer Group AB. Check out the acquisition news via and the name change news via

I’m not sure that they need a name change for the parent company, but that might just be me. I don’t think enough people really pay attention to the owner of the company and who is developing and publishing for it to matter. As for the studios they have bought up, well it just feels like another THQ Nordic move in buying and developing games and increasing the amount of games that have come under their roof lately.

The fight between game developers/publishers and G2A is heating up. The developer Unknown Worlds who created Subnautica asked that G2A pay 300,000 USD over chargebacks that cost the developer money. G2A has responded that their website wasn’t around since 2013 so they can’t be held responsible. However, G2A has been around in some form or another since at least 2010. The tweet below is from Unknown Worlds Founder talking about what’s owed. If you the full story you might want to check out’s report on the story.

I feel like G2A will never payout any amount of money to developers who have been harmed by their practices. It sucks all around that this is happening and that Unknown Worlds has to go through this process publicly to even get money back. I’m wondering what G2A is even hoping to accomplish other then getting more publicity for their website?

Nintendo has reportedly gone after YouTube channels and videos that contain music from their games. They apparently do not want it people listening to their music through means that might not be official. This news comes from

As always it appears to be one step forward and then an all out retreat when it comes to Nintendo. They make some great games but they don’t want anything to do corporate wise with the modern world at least that’s how it often appears.

Entertainment News:

The Invader Zim TV movie is not dead, in fact it is now out on Netflix and they released a small teaser trailer to prove it. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus brings back the well loved characters from the cartoon TV series. This time however, Zim has figured out that the Tall Ones have no intention of invading Earth and sets about proving that the should. Meanwhile Dib is going to prove once and for all that Zim is an alien. The TV movie released on Netflix on August 16th, 2019.

It’s a fun silly movie worth checking out if you’re a fan of the original show. And even if you aren’t and your willing to put up with zany madness and turn off your mind it should be fun. It isn’t a perfect as the story feels a little all over the place at the beginning until it gets going. I can forgive it that as overall it was what I wanted from this movie a fun slightly bonkers movie that added some depth to the characters.

Alright, I think that about wraps up what needed to be said for this week. Thank you for visiting this silly blog. Questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome below. Or if you prefer you can email them to me at Or if you want to talk via Twitter you’ll find my handle is @Snipehockey.

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