A jumbled mess of a week in gaming blogged about.

The latest ramblings of video game releases, gaming news, and that touch of entertainment news is here for its latest blog installment. This time it is for the week of August 4th to the 10th, 2019. Please know that I don’t cover all that has happened but the stuff that has managed to capture my interest.

Game Releases:

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

A 4x turn based strategy game set in a world where the Star Union – an intergalactic human government – that has collapsed. Now everyone is vying to fill that void as every faction wants to now rule the galaxy. Published by Paradox Interactive and developed by Triumph Studios for PS4, PC, and Xbox One it released on August 6th, 2019.

Game News:

Psyonix the developer of the much loved Rocket League has decided to get rid of loot boxes in their game. Instead you’ll get to buy the item you want with no hazarding a guess as to whether or not you’ll get lucky. The developers have not yet reveal a date for this planned change but it will be announced within the coming months. There is a blog post over on RocketLeague.com explaining what they’re doing for those that want to know more.

I think this is a pretty good move. Just let people buy the items they want and you don’t have to worry as much about regulations from various countries as an end result. It’s good for consumers and the company can continue to make money from small micro-transactions allowing the game to continue to thrive. Now, the only problem will be setting a price for the more elusive items and how this will effect the trade market.


Nintendo has showed off a bit more of the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield. In it we get to see the all new evolutions that are region specific. So, all of these evolutions have a United Kingdom like feel to them as that’s the region the game is basing itself on.

I half expected the internet to be tearing this apart because they’re upset with the Pokemon Company over their handling of Pokemon for this game. I didn’t look to deeply into if people were riping into the game as sometimes it is best to just let people have their opinions. That said, I think it is pretty cool and interesting to see Pokemon getting these region specific looks to them. It gives them a cool new way to bring old Pokemon back to the forefront and tweak them to improve them potentially.


With Mixer now in the spotlight thanks to bringing over big time streamer Ninja, there dress code policy has come more into light. People are unhappy that Family Friendly, Teen Stream, and 18+ stream all specify what can be show-able. Nudity of course is banned outright. Strapless tops are wearable in 18+ streams but only if at least part of the top can be seen on camera. If you want to read all of the rules for what is and isn’t allowed on Mixer when you stream with a camera head over to their blog.

Oh dear, I get the anger and frustration that people have but, I also understand where Mixer is coming from. They don’t want to hear about how certain streamers are being handled differently and breaking the rules while minor infractions get people banned and suspended. That’s the problem that Twitch is dealing with currently and handling rather poorly overall. It’s Mixer’s platform and they get to set the rules about what is and isn’t allowed on there. And it isn’t like you have to stream via Mixer in the first place if you don’t like their rules.


Investors in the games Psychonauts 2 and Wasteland 3 who did so through the Fig investment platform have gotten their shares bought out. Microsoft who has bought both Double Fine and inExile who are developing said respective games has paid out the investors so that they now have sole control over the games. You can check out the news via Gamasutra.com.

This is all about getting everything in order so that when these games do come out Microsoft isn’t tripping over themselves to figure out who gets what money. It’s easier to buy out the investment shares and have control of the game even if they have to pay over the expected price to get what they want.


The Entertainment Software Association is working with both developers, publishers, the console makers to clarify and create an easy way for people to see the odds at which loot boxes items drop. The big three, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all working to make this happen by 2020. This comes courtesy of a news bulletin posted to the ESA.com’s website.

This probably should have been happening a while ago. The big three really need to step up and help to curb misinformation about what’s in a loot box. It doesn’t matter what the cost of the box is, they need to keep consumers informed of what they’re purchasing and what chances they have of getting what they’re after. Otherwise it is only matter of time before someone decides to sue them for allowing their son or daughter or well anyone for that matter for misinformation about purchases. Such transactions would not sit well in the U.S. with the Federal Trade Commission.


For those looking forward to the cel shaded remake of XIII you’re going to have to wait until 2020 to get your hands on the game. It’s been delayed from its announced November 13th, 2019 release date. Head over to Gematsu.com for the full report.

An unfortunate situation, but hopefully the extra time gives them a chance to polish the game up. Though, I have to wonder how much change is needed as cel shaded visuals tend to stand the test of time fairly well. I’m curious to see what exactly they’re doing to improve the game whether that’s just visually or improving it all around.


Multiplayer co-operative or just plain playing against one another is up next with Unrailed coming soon to Steam Early Access on September 9th, 2019. In this game you and your friends must gather resources to build a train track to get a train from point a to b. You can work with your friends or against them as you race against a train that wants to head down the track with plenty of obstacles in the way.

I love these types of games even though I never get to play them with friends. They can be tons of fun and create a lot crazy situations for you to try and get through. These types of games are great for streaming or YouTube videos but otherwise fall flat if you don’t have the friends to play with usually.


Walmart in an effort to show people that they aren’t sitting around and doing nothing have decided to take down violent video game posters and signage. This comes in the wake of the shooting in the Walmart in El Paso Texas. For those that wish to anger themselves that little bit further you can read the story over on gamesindustry.biz.

When gun sales are a major part of your inventory, it makes them rather hard to target I guess. Walmart also decided that they need to appear to at least be doing something without actually doing much. And well the President gave them the perfect out by saying video games were to blame. And why not? Since no one on either side bothers to listen to what gamers have to say or listen to any of the research that scientist have done that doesn’t link violence in video games to violence in real life. The whole thing is just sad.


In the latest installment of what is Australia going to do about video games they have decided to ban DayZ. Why you ask? Well that would be because of a feature that isn’t in the game yet. And that is a joint which you smoke to regain a bit of health. This is all according to reports from Kotaku Australia that the game was refused classification and the country is looking to pull the game from digital stores as well. For those interested you can check out Australian classification website to see their reasonings.

When it comes to video games, when it rains it always seems to pour in bad news. This is stupid and the government of Australia is stupid for doing this. They’ve shown themselves to be dumb, ignorant, and reactionary to what amounts to a minor thing. And I say that as a person who doesn’t even like weed.

Entertainment News:

MoviePass the service that was once touted as being the reason many people have gotten back into seeing movies at movie theaters has changed some users passwords locking them out of their accounts. The story is that users who used the app too much would have their passwords changed so they could no longer use it. Slashfilm.com has the report about this weird news on the ever changing MoviePass.

If a lawsuit wasn’t coming over this situation I’d be terribly surprised. This is just a terrible business practice by MoviePass and undoubtedly one of the last few cries it manages to make before disappearing into obscurity. There’s no reason left to be subscribed to them if they’re willing to take your money and run away with it.


A trailer dropped for the unusual movie Honey Boy starring Shia Labeouf. The movie is a fictionalized take on his life that heavily focuses on him and his father’s relationship. Labeouf wrote the movie and stars as James the fictionalized version of his father, along with Lucas Hedges who plays a younger version of Shia. The movie hits theaters on November 8th, 2019.

This is a confusing trailer with the way it opens and if you aren’t expecting it to open with a bang of literal explosions. It looks good, but also like it will be a hard movie to watch without getting emotional on some level. I’m looking forward to but with a bit of trepidation because I’m not sure I want to be emotionally drained by it.

Alright, I guess that shall wrap this weeks blog up in a nice bundle of stuff. Thank you for visiting my blog. All comments, questions, and lovely suggestions are most certainly welcome. You can contact me with any of those via Twitter @Snipehockey, or leaving them in the comment section below, or emailing them to me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com. Thanks once again and goodbye for now.

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