A scythe cuts through this shorter weekly gaming blog post

Well we have a new week and I have a gaming blog that talks about the week that was. In a match made probably in purgatory lets talk about the gaming releases, gaming news, some entertainment news for the week of July 21st to the 27th, 2019. Please note that this is stuff that managed to capture my interest for the week.

Game Releases:


A simulator puzzle game that is all about automating the food making process. The trick is that you have to have the machines to make the food, then have them in the right order to combine said food to make a meal. That meal then has to go to the customer. Created for PC and Switch it was released on July 23rd, 2019. It was created by Hermes Interactive and published by Team17.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The twin daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz have to come to Europe in the search of their father who vanished one day. The Nazi menace still has control of France where his daughters, Sophia and Jessica, head to to see if they can find him only to uncover treachery and plans for a new Reich. This is a first person shooter with the option for co-op if you want to blast through it with a friend playing as the two sisters. Created by developers MachineGames and Arkane Studios it was published by Bethesda Softworks on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch and coming soon to Stadia. It released on July 25th, 2019 for PC and the console version came out on July 26th, 2019. The Stadia version does not currently have a release date.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Tactical turn based role playing returns as three nations in the continent of Fodlan are at peace but are rivals and are never quite as friendly as they might seem. You play as a created character who must choose a nation and house to help guide through the turbulent times that lie ahead. Released on July 26th, 2019 by developers Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo Games it was published by Nintendo for the Switch.

Game News:

Developer, Defiant Development, who made Hand of Fate and its sequel are shutting down development of any further games. They released a short blurb with regards to what their mission was and that the Australian game development scene is now growing from when they started but is not yet where it needs to be.

It’s sad to hear when a studio closes due to not getting support from the governments who really should be pushing the arts. I hope all of the developers can find a new place to work relatively quickly as being out of a job is never fun.

The Joy Con controller drifting joystick issue has been a thorn in Nintendo’s side. This issue was that the joystick would lose its center and drift off to the side which could result in frustrating controls as you tried to play a game. Nintendo offered to repair the joysticks for 40 USD but the problem became much larger and effected quite a few Joy Con’s. A lawsuit has been filled and Nintendo has since directed its customer representatives to say that they’ll fix the issue free of charge. For those that already paid to have it fixed you can seek a refund. This news was reported via Vice.com so head over there to learn more.

Slow Nintendo is as ever, slow. It’s good that this is now getting dealt with, but like many companies they don’t want to see it and or hear about it. I think a lot of this sort of attitude comes down from a lawsuit mindset, where you can never admit you did something wrong because it tends to be used against them in a lawsuit. Companies don’t want to pay out more then they have to so admitting that something is wrong is probably considered a no no. That said the ultimate irony is that these cases like the Red Ring of Death and this Joy Con drift issue lead to lawsuits to get the problem fixed because otherwise people are just sitting around with stuff that’s broken and unusable.

A console port that will cure all that ails you, maybe. SEGA is bringing Two Point Hospital a hospital management simulator to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. It currently does not have a release date but it aiming for a late 2019 release.

This will either be decent or kind of fall flat on its face. It all depends on how well optimized the user interface (UI) will be and how well it can play on a controller. The Xbox One and PS4 both support keyboard and mouse but people might not be aware of this or don’t want to use them for console. There is also the Switch version which I wonder if you’ll be able to use the touch screen or not. It seems like you should be able to but then again touch screens can be finicky to get working right.

For fans of rally racing; the game WRC 8 had a trailer released that shows the career mode of the game that you’ll be throwing your car around in. It isn’t just about the racing as you have a team to help manage what’s going on between races and improvements to your car.

It looks like their trying to add a lot depth that say a Motorsport Manager might have which is a good thing. Racing is only one component of what goes on during the season and giving us more to play with is great. And if you’re not a big fan of all of that you can probably just ignore it or have the computer set all that you need to do so that you can race.

A new redesign will soon be upon the dashboard of the Xbox One. Microsoft announced the upcoming change in a blog post showing off what they’re trying to do. Things like speeding up the response speed and improving the voice commands. Head over to the Microsoft blog to learn all about what they’re trying to do.

It is nice to have quality of life changes still being looked at and potentially implemented as this is still early testing. I say that because we are near the end of the Xbox One’s life span so much of the Xbox division within Microsoft is probably pouring their concentration onto Project Scarlett. It’s good that they still showing the need to continually improve what they have.

Sony released a story trailer for the upcoming PS4 game Concrete Genie. It’s a third person action adventure game where you have no friends but discover a magical paintbrush. Using this brush brings to life the creations you draw and the dreary town you live in.The game will be coming out in the fall of 2019.

This is a neat little trailer. It felt very homely I think, I’m not sure that’s the right word for it but that’s what I’m going with. It did feel a bit typical game play wise and I wonder how much of your drawing winds up as these creatures. Overall though it does show some good promise.

Entertainment News:

The famed and loved radio play and then book and then TV show and then movie, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is getting a remake for Hulu. This new adaptation is being handled by Carlton Cuse and Jason Fuchs. For this short slightly surprising announcement head over to Deadline.com for more info.

I think the only surprising thing about this news is that it took so long to happen. With everyone seemingly snatching up any Intellectual Property of value this one seems to have slipped by until now. I’m curious about this though not sold on the creative team behind it and I say that as one of the people who actually like the movie for what it was and despite its changes.

I guess that about wraps up a weird and wonky week in gaming and that touch of entertainment news. Thank you for visiting. If you have any suggestions, questions, and or comments please feel free to: email them, Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, contact me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or just leave a comment in the comment section below. With that hasta la vista until the next silly blog.

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