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With the popular San Diego Comic Con creating waves for the entertainment side of news, there was still some gaming news and releases to talk about. I’ll be talking about what’s happening this week in gaming for July 14th to the 20th, 2019 of the stuff that caught my interest. Also some of the comic con stuff in the entertainment section of my blog post.

Game Releases:

Night Call –

You are a taxi driver in Paris working the night shift and are able to get people to talk to you. You’ve also recently survived an attack from a serial killer who is stalking the streets. The police suspect you’re the killer and its up to you to prove in seven days that you were a victim. Every taxi job you take provides some clue as to what’s going on. Released on July 17, 2019 by developers Monkey Moon and Black Muffin it was published by Raw Fury. The game came out on PC, Mac, and Xbox One. A PS4 and Switch version are planned to release sometime in 2019.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order –

Thanos is creating havoc and trying to collect the soul stones along with other villains of the Black Order. It’s up to the heroes from Marvel comics to save the day in this action button mashing brawler. The game was developed by Team Ninja and published by Nintendo for the Switch and released on July 19, 2019.

Game News:

A new city building game for PC has been announced. It’s called, Before we Leave and it’s a hexagonal peaceful city builder in a spherical world. For those interested in trying out the game the developers are having a closed alpha build that they’ll let people try. You’ll have to join their discord which you can do so through their website

This looks really cute I guess? It has a very calm feel to it and there was just something really nice about it. All you have to do is build and explore which when done right can make people sink a lot of time into such games. This trailer gives me the feel that this game will eat up a lot of time.

Super Monkey Ball is coming back and in fact happening as SEGA is looking at it as a revival of the franchise. They’re doing a remake of the Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD for Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 with a release for October 29th, 2019. The PC release will happen later in the winter of 2019. If you want to learn more head over to

I’m a little surprised that they chose Banana Blitz and not one of the first two games to create an HD remake. That said, I wonder if they’ll go more in on the puzzle levels and refine the controls to make the game better or if this will be a straight port with visual improvements. I’d need to see more of the game to win me over as I’m so on the fence right now. Also, I should probably admit that I was wrong that this wasn’t coming to the west as I originally thought.

The upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 didn’t have a release date announced at E3 2019 leading to a lot of speculation that it was going to miss this year or be a holiday release. But, no, Nintendo has decided that they have the perfect release date of October 31st, 2019 for the game.

It’s nice to have a release date and it is the perfect date for the next installment of Luigi’s Mansion. Interestingly or not so much so… since Nintendo always seems to launch games on Friday this game won’t have that Friday launch as Halloween lands on a Thursday in 2019.

For those interested in Ubisoft’s upcoming game service Uplay+ they’ve announced the collection of games. This service will be a subscription plan where you pay a monthly fee allowing you to play a collection of games. The games they have announced so far are all Ubisoft’s games with games like: the entire Silent Hunter series, many of the Assassin’s Creed games, the Might and Magic games, and the Far Cry series except for the original one along with many more titles. Ubisoft announced this via a blog post on their website.

I mean, it was expected that Ubisoft would tap into their library of games for their service. That’s all fine and dandy good. I’m more curious to see what kind of games that they can get from other companies cause if this is just going to be Ubi’s games well you’re only going to get die hard fans subscribing. Hopefully there is more to this service that they have yet to announce.

Nintendo has also announced a slight tweak to their Switch console. This new change is aimed at the battery life of the console where it originally would last from 2.5 to 6.5 hours depending on the game. The new battery life is a reported 4.5 to 9 hours again depending on game and how much it demands out of the system. This tweak will roll out and take over for the original switch. This was announced on Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, but translates out to announce the upcoming switch in Switch production.

This is not a surprise, Microsoft and Sony have both tweaked their consoles before to improve them. Nintendo has done this as well though mostly with their handhelds. It’s good to continue to improve the hardware of the console even if it is only a small improvement. It does suck for owners of the original, but it is what it is. Sometimes things happen like this.

For the lovers of zombies and tower defense games EA has announced Plants Vs. Zombies 3. This will once again be a mobile game with puzzle elements and lots of weird wacky zombies and plants. has a blog post talking about the game and the fact that there is a pre-alpha build up on the Google Play Store. You can help shape the game.

Hopefully this is a bit better than the second game. I remember getting to a point in Plants Vs. Zombies 2 and just sort of giving up as it didn’t hold my interest enough. Plus it was pretty heavy on the micro-transactions. I hope that this third game won’t have as much of a problem with those sorts of micro-transaction but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Frank Pearce one of the founders of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. is stepping away from the company. He was more of a behind the scenes pusher who helped to keep things running within the company letting developers make the games that they wanted to. You can read his farewell message released a public blog post on the website.

It’s sad to hear some so involved with a company is going to step away. It’s also a time to celebrate as Mr. Pearce can move onto more challenges and whatever else might lie ahead for him and his family. It’s interesting to see that some of the higher ups at Blizzard aren’t sticking around. Now, this could easily just be a blip, or there could be some frustration with the way the company is going. Last year the CEO Mike Morhaime decided to leave the company. Once again it could be nothing but timing and people deciding that it was time to move on.

Entertainment News:

Warhammer 40K might be coming to a TV screen near you, or it might not. Frank Spotniz, who helped Amazon bring The Man in the High Castle to life, is aiming to create a TV series out of the Eisenhorn series of stories. The series is being worked on by Spotnitz’s Big Light Production company but so far does not have a home from which it will be shown. This story was broken by so head over there for all the little tidbits that you might be interested in.

Until this finds a place to broadcast that show it’s a bit hard to get excited about it. I like the potential of it and I know the Warhammer series has a crazy lore to it that could make for some interesting television. I look forward to seeing what happens but I also won’t be surprised if nothing is ever heard from again about this.

The haunting of Pennywise the Clown isn’t over and he wants revenge for what the losers club did to him. Warner Brothers have released the final trailer for IT Chapter 2 in which the adult version of the losers club return to Derry, Maine to take on Pennywise. It stars Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, and Bill Skarsgard. It creeps and crawls into your nightmare and onto theater screens on September 6, 2019.

This certainly has all the aspects to be a creepy weird sequel. I’m slightly looking forward to it as I’m not great with horror in most cases but well made horror can be good. This looks well made all around. The only concern is that everyone says the section of the novel where they’re adults and the second part of the TV mini-series where they’re adults isn’t as good. Well see if that’s the case but they have quite the stacked cast of actors to try and make something amazing out of this.

With the San Diego Comic Con rolling on and on there was a bunch of TV show stuff to talk about. Firstly: there is the upcoming Netflix series, The Witcher, which is based off of the short stories and novels of the same name. It’s also a popular video game franchise. This adaptation will be starring Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia who is a witcher who hunts monsters for whoever is willing to pay. The show appears to be aiming for a Winter 2019 release date but it is still all up in the air. Up second is: Amazon who brought their upcoming fantasy show Carnival Row. It’s a story of humans and many mythical creatures being forced to live in an industrial town together and not getting along. This series stars Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne as they try to fight to survive in this town as something dark approaches. The show airs August 30th, 2019. And finally: if cartoons are more your thing then Genndy Tartakovsky’s upcoming show Primal airing in the fall of 2019 on Adult Swim might be worth checking out. It’s all about a caveman fighting for survival in an age of dinosaurs. Tartakovsky is famous for his cartoon series Samurai Jack.

I’m on the side of The Witcher not looking like a very good trailer. I have issues with the cast of Henry Cavill as Geralt and I feel he just doesn’t fit what I see as the character. Also the trailer was particularly bland all around, it didn’t catch my imagination and the shots never felt like they were alive with life. On the other hand, Carnival Row did come across as a bit more alive. It felt like a world was being created in the trailer. Now that wasn’t in ever shot but it still managed to bring me into the world. It’s hard to judge both shows as they’re just trailers and they only give sneak peeks and can easily turn out to be the opposite of what I’m feeling now. As for Primal, it’s a trailer that had no words spoken and it was an emotional ride. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this whenever they finally decide to release it.

Sadly, an arsonist in Kyoto, Japan targeted the studio Kyoto Animation who develop and produce anime. The attack happened during the work day and as a result 33 workers died and another 13 were injured. A suspect who was injured during the attack is in police custody. If you wish to learn more The New York Times has the story.

It’s so sad to hear that this happened. There was no need for this event to have occurred and it breaks my heart to see people turn to such violence. I know the rumors that are out there that the suspect was reportedly frustrated that the studio had taken some of their work without permission. Even then don’t do this kind of thing. There are better ways to deal with terrible situations then taking the lives of 33 people who may or may not have had anything to do with your issues with the company.

That will do it for this weeks blog post. Thanks for visiting and if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please feel free to leave them below. You can also contact me via Twitter: @Snipehockey, or email me at Thanks once again and goodbye until the next blog post.

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  1. I’m really excited for the witcher show now. I was sceptical at first, but the more I see, the more I’m hyped for it.

    1. It certainly has a lot of potential. I’m still a little sceptical but I can see why fans are so excited for it.

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