Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Rounded Up Conference

In always interesting and quirky fashion Ubisoft has brought out there E3 conference to parade about their latest games and what new stuff is coming in the coming years.

The show started with a musical interlude that went through all of the Assassin’s Creed games and that they have a symphony that will be doing a world tour starting June 29th 2019. They will be playing the songs from Assassin’s Creed.

London is the location for a new game in the Watch Dogs series. It’s more of a team based game this time around. You have a group of people resisting the government and the gangs that have taken over England. Your job is to build up your group, but if anyone dies during their fights they will be permanently dead. Welcome to Watch Dogs: Legion.

Mythic Quest is not a video game but a TV show for Apple TV. Rob McElhenney is producer and star of the show which has asked Ubisoft for help in making it authentic. Many people will know Rob from the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Now back to the games with new Rainbow Six Siege content with new operators and maps. As well as a rework of old maps to streamline them.

If you’re a fan of the fighter Brawlhalla and the show Adventure Time well the two are joining forces. As characters from Adventure Time will be coming to the game.

A war is starting between the soldiers of new a group of Wolves and the soldiers who are apart of the Ghost team. The new Ghost Recon Breakpoint is all about the war between the old and the new units as they fight to be the future.

Now for a mobile game in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad it takes characters from across the Tom Clancy Ubisoft series and puts them all into the same game. It’s hard to know exactly what this game is from the trailer.

Of course no Ubisoft conference would be complete without dancing. It’s been ten years since Just Dance became a thing. A new game will be arriving in November 2019 to celebrate.

A new game mode is entering the battlefield of For Honor. You’ll be hunting for souls as you fight it out trying to claim the most from soldiers so you can win.

There will be more tactical goodness in the name of Tom Clancy. This is a 3-player co-op game called Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Quarantine. It looks to be dealing with a virus of some sort and weird creatures that the virus has helped morph people into.

If you wanted to know more about where The Division 2 is headed, Ubisoft has you covered. As you head beyond Washington D.C. that expands the story as you are trying to save the country. They also have a movie in the works that will be on Netflix.

Ubisoft is joining the subscription style gaming for PC with Uplay+ for 14.99 a month. It will have a 100+ games and will be coming soon. This will give you access to any game that they put into the library at no additional cost to you. And if you have Google Stadia the two will work together starting in 2020.

A new sport is being created, sort of, by Ubisoft. Roller Champions is a multiplayer game for three versus three players. The sport puts you in a roller arena as you skate around trying to hold onto a ball so that you can throw it into a hoop that hangs above the arena floor. It has a free alpha demo out on PC from June 10th to 14th, 2019.

Lastly the game Gods and Monsters. It is a teaser that shows a fight of gods against monsters and you must help save the Greek Gods from destruction.

That’s all Ubisoft decided to show for this E3 2019 conference. How did you guys like this one? Was it better then previous years? Did it beat out the other conferences of this years E3? What are your thoughts. For me, it was interesting I liked some of the stuff, but again nothing wowed me. It’s the end of a console generation so we are sort of getting that feeling that developers are holding back for that next generation. I have put the entire conference below if you wish to see it.

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