E3 2019 PC Gamer Show Rundown and Up

E3 2019 has resumed where it left off yesterday with a bit of madness and plenty of announcements. This time we get the PC Gamer Showcase showing off those lovely PC games.

Starting things off is the sequel that has long been wanted. A strategy management simulator about being evil. Or rather about building an awesome evil lair to manage your evilness from. It’s Evil Genius 2.

If Vampires are more interesting to you, there is the teaser of Vampires Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. You get turned into a Vampire and must learn to survive in your secretive new world.

Space base building is next up in StarMancer. You must create people from bio-tanks to build your population and your base. But, these people have feelings, wants, and needs. Be careful to not upset them or they might try and take over.

If beating things up in a medieval setting is your jam then Chivalry 2 is bringing back more crazy multiplayer fights. This will be interesting now with Mordau also out in the arena of multiplayer medieval fights.

Mosaic is a dark adventure game with a trippy little trailer showing off a weird world that seems to not pay attention to much as you try and navigate it.

Prop hunting madness occurs in Midnight: Ghost Hunt in which a group of friends try to hunt ghosts who are hiding within objects. If the ghosts can survive until midnight then the tables turn and they begun to hunt the ghost hunters.

If exploring worlds in a rogue-like experience is what you’re looking for, Unexplored 2 might be what you want to take a look at. It’s a tough and colorful world that will relentlessly try to kill you as you explore.

Funcom have come to the PC Gamer show for the first time and have brought a montage of their upcoming games that they’ll be publishing. They also brought a rogue-like Conan Chop Chop. It’s a 2D dungeon running co-op game almost Legend of Zelda like as well.

Last Oasis is an open world survival exploration game coming to Steam Early Access. You are on these wooden machines traveling across swaths of desert just moving to survive in this environment.

Strategy game Age of Wonder: Planetfall where you’re trying to re-establish society on the planet. It plays out as a 4x with real time strategy fights and building as you try to survive.

The next shooter from Rebellion Studios has you fighting in 1946 europe against the undead zombies. It’s a co-op game where the zombies never seem to go away and always want to kill you. It’s part of the Zombie Army games and is titled Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Another shooter, this time the third person adventure co-op called Remnant: From the Ashes. It almost looks Dark Souls-esque in its fights against creatures.

A new card game that twists the genre by involving fighting and negotiating is coming soon. It’s called Griftelands and it has a 2D hand drawn aesthetic going for it.

Zoo’s might be the next hot thing, or maybe it’s just more park building that people really want to play. Either way Planet Zoo is the next game in the show. And of course it’s all about building a Zoo to bring in guests and keeping your animals happy in their environments.

The loved franchise Shenmue is up next with a look at the game Shenmue 3. The long awaited sequel to complete the trilogy is coming out on November 19th, 2019.

Pixelated 3D worlds are popular and Song of Conquests is the latest in on the trend. It is a turn based strategy game where you’ll have armies fighting against various creatures.

Vermintide 2 has another update coming to the game. Now you’ll get to fight against other players in this player versus player mode. You’ll test your skills to see who knows how to use their character the best.

Per Aspera is a game where you play as AMI a machine with a human brain. Your job it colonize Mars by building it to be sustainable for humanity.

Evolution is an interesting concept to tackle in a game, but that’s what Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey wants to do. In it you’ll take the journey from ape to mankind.

For those that love Auto Chess from the mod makers the game it will be on the Epic Game Store. There is of course the version being made by Valve and the Riot version that are also coming.

The beautiful game Cris Tales is a classic RPG that presents the past, present, and the future at the same time. You’ll have to live the three lives simultaneously to know how to win at this.

A pixel loving side scrolling shooter set to heavy metal music and bullets is coming to PC. It’s called Valfaris and it’s about as over the top as one would expect.

Borderlands 3 takes to the stage for an interview with the creative director of the game. He answered a bunch of old questions as well as a few new ones for the game.

Sharks will dominate the world of Maneater the game which was revealed at E3 last year is back for more munching goodness. Now the game has a villain in Pete who is hurting sharks and sharks can’t have that happening.

Terraria the game that RE-Logic can never seem to leave is getting more content. An always welcome edition as the game is well loved.

If you’re into adventure games that explore lies. In Telling Lies you’re watching videos and explore what they show you. It’s from the developer of Her Story so expect a similar experience to that.

More updates are coming to the well loved Warframe as the MMO shooter continues to evolve. It is getting ship to ship combat, but you’ll have to wait for more information that’s coming at the live stream on July 6th, 2019.

A new weird and odd game is up next in Genesis Noir a stylized game that the trailer makes you scratch your head was shown. It’s worth it to check out even if it leaves you puzzled.

El Hijo is a new stealth game inspired by spaghetti westerns. You must escape a monastery to find your mother

And for the final game is Baldur’s Gate 3 which is an interview of the director of the game and what’s going to happen going forward.

That’s the show for PC Gamer. Did you like what you saw? Or were you one of the many upset that Epic Game Store is getting many games? My impressions of the show was that it was alright. Nothing stood out once again, but there was plenty that looked nice. There were no surprises which while that’s nice to know what is going to go in a show. It’s also nice to be caught off guard. I’ve put the entire conference down below if you’re interested in seeing the whole thing.

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