The busy week of gaming and entertainment news blogged about.

It has been a busy week with everyone seemingly trying to pack in all that they can gaming news wise before the month of June rolls around. Just so they can get information in before E3 hits and all is lost to the news tornadoes that wipe out all the small news. That’s said welcome to my blog. I’m covering the video game news that I found interesting for May 19th to the 25th, 2019. I also cover some gaming releases and entertainment news that caught my interest. Now onto the mad mad blog.

Game Releases:

Observation –

An adventure game that takes place in 2026 aboard an international space station. When a mysterious power outage occurs and much of crew missing it is up to Dr. Emma Fischer the sole person aboard to restore power to the station. But doing so she soon finds something else is at play as the station moves from Earth’s orbit. Developed by No Code and published Devolver Digital it released on May 21, 2019 on PS4 and PC.

American Fugitive –

You’re an outlaw in and open world game that was arrested for your father’s murder and send to prison. At the start of the game you must escape from prison to try and track down the real murderer. You’ll have to get your hands very dirty and become part of the criminal underground to clear your name. Released on Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Switch from developer Fallen Tree Games Ltd with publisher Curve Digital. The game hit digital stores on May 21st, 2019.

Team Sonic Racing –

Sonic and friends have returned to the world of kart racing. This time with just Sonic characters as you race as a team instead of just being the first to cross the finish line. Co-op is a big deal in this game so work with your team to take the win. Released on May 21st, 2019 by developer Sumo Digital and published by SEGA. It released on Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Total War: Three Kingdoms –

The clans of China are fighting and vying for power and to be the one ruler to rule the ancient land. This marks the return of the turn based strategy/real time strategy series Total War to historical times. You must choose a clan to help rise from fledgling state to a kingdom. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA the game released on PC on May 23rd, 2019. This period in history is often remembered in the west as the Romance of the Three Kingdom’s which was a novel that became the basis for the Dynasty Warriors series.

Gaming News:

Good Old Games (GOG) is changing their digital store platform in an effort to revamp it and attract more consumers with version 2.0. The idea is to have a platform that showcases all of your games across all platforms in one simple space, along with all your achievements, and so on. For your PC games this new launcher will allow you to install any game across any of the digital storefront from GOG Galaxy 2.0. They will also bring over friends lists so that you have everything in one nice neat place. If you want more information or to sign up for the closed beta head over to

Well it is a nice thought to have everything in one place, your probably still going to need all of the launchers to play said games. I guess we will see how this plays out but I feel like this isn’t really going to do much for GOG Galaxy launcher. It’s a good store, but it sadly never has caught on with people who don’t understand DRM (Digital Rights Management) free stuff.

The OUYA console which was once a big huge deal on Kickstarter will be shutting down the game store and effectively ending the life of the product. Razer’s Forge TV console will also be shutting down June 25, 2019.

I’m surprised that the OUYA was still going as I figured it pretty much died a year or so after it launched. I’d never even heard of Razer’s Forge TV game console thing so no surprise that its closing down. That’s the life of these devices you either live to make an impact and gain fans, or you putter out into obscurity.

THQ Nordic is back acquiring new companies this time snatching up Piranha Bytes a studio which is known for the Gothic franchise and Risen franchise. This news comes from

I can’t say I’m surprised that THQ Nordic is once again gathering and hoarding companies to make games for them. I’ve only tried a bit of a demo from one of the Risen games so I don’t know how well to judge the quality of Piranha Bytes games. Hopefully it works out for both sides and THQ Nordic gets some successful games out there so that they don’t go the way of old THQ.

Nintendo is looking into ending or suspending certain games in Belgium thanks to fears over how loot boxes are being handled. The games in question are the mobile versions of Animal Crossing which means Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem’s mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. Head on over to to catch up on the story.

Nintendo had two options: remove loot boxes or pull the games since they felt unsure of how things were going to work in Belgium. Either option was viable. Nintendo probably chose the easier way since it didn’t involve rewriting a game to take out loot boxes and putting in an equivalent system for keeping players playing for a single country. It sucks, but it is sometimes best to wait and see how things settle before committing resources to rebuild games.

George R. R. Martin is working with a Japanese company to bring to life the world of Game of Thrones in a new video game maybe. The rumors are that he’s working with FromSoftware but nothing has been confirmed. The author’s blog hints about his working with a Japanese company. If you’re curious about the FromSoftware rumors hit up

I’m curious to see what comes of this as I’m not a fan of the Souls games that FromSoftware makes. I think they’re good, but just not for me. I think the lore of Game of Thrones is cool, and I’d love to see a game based around it, but I’m not sure what type of game.

In a move that will make fans of the GRID series happy, Codemasters have announced that they’re rebooting GRID and that it will arrive on September 13, 2019. It is being made for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

A slick trailer that reminds me a lot of the first trailer for DiRT 2.0. I hope its good. The trailer sort of turned me off in that it felt like a bunch of nice visuals meant to represent racing but never really shows how the racing is. The only thing I ever really want to see from racing game trailers, is racing. That’s all I care about and I didn’t get much of that from this reveal.

A new handheld console is coming. It is called Playdate and it will have a black and white screen, features a d-pad with two buttons and a crank on its side. This is being made by Panic who have published the game Firewatch and the upcoming Untitled Goose Game. It will cost 150 USD and comes with a game a week for twelve weeks and these will be a variety of small indie games ranging from experiments to fuller projects. For those that need to know more, check out the website for all that’s been revealed so far.

Okay? Yeah, I’m not sure how well this will work out but it might. The crank is especially interesting since this has to fit in your pocket. The whole thing is unusual and weird and in a way wonderful but not so much? It’s crazy pretty much and well let’s just see what happens if anything at all happens.

If you’re a fan of rally racing games a new game has been announced by Funselektor Labs. The studio is making an isometric style low poly rally game called Art of Rally. It has a Steam page up for those interested in a little more information. Funselektor previously made the game Absolute Drift which this new game seems to share some bits.

This to me looks pretty neat and fun. One of the rally maps look a bit empty of things, and there is a lot of terrain to run around and drift through which is fine, but I’m more looking forward to the snow and tight and twisty levels. Also the night level looked fantastic. I wonder if there will be car damage? It would be cool, but I don’t expect for it to happen.

Entertainment News:

A trailer for the Downton Abbey movie was released. The majority of the cast from the TV series is returning. This time the family and servants face the tough changes as a royal visit from the royal family causes a strain on all the occupants of Downton. The story is written by Julian Fellowes who created the series and will release on September 20th, 2019 in theaters.

If you’re not a fan of the TV series I’m not sure that this will be for you as it is more of the same. The trailer looks good. However, I stopped watching the show because it started to feel a bit too melodramatic for its own good. I hope that it reels in that element to just have a tight interesting movie, not sure that it will but I have hope.

The official trailer for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood released. The films stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, and Margot Robbie. The film occurs around the time of the Manson murders and follows a once great actor who is now struggling and his stunt double as they live next to Manson murder victim Sharon Tate. It will arrive in theaters on July 26th, 2019.

I was not won over by this trailer. It looks nice and its a Quentin Tarantino film so it should be good. But, it just didn’t do anything interesting to sell me more on the film. I was disappointed that it didn’t hook me as much as I wanted it to.

The Muppets are returning, however they will likely be in done in short bite sized snippets instead of a full length show that so many are used to. The shorts or vignettes will be headed to Disney+. This news is from

This could be cool use of the Muppets. I feel like shorts should be the way to go as they can easily go viral and are quicker to put together on a whole. Sadly the era of these lovely characters on TV appears to be at an end as it was a product of its time. People don’t seem as interested in them anymore, but they do still have a following and they could use the internet to tap into that.

Similarly, Aardman Animations of Chicken Run, Shaun the Sheep, and Wallace and Gromit fame might be looking to do short animations. It appears that they will be doing this with the loved Wallace and Gromit as another show or full length feature film might be unlikely at this point in time. Rush over to for the full scoop.

Again this might be a great outlet for the show to live on. I love Aardman’s work and hope it lives on in the imagination of many people both young and old and in between. Short animations might be the best way to go with the characters. It gives fans a fun little story to watch and to be able to support the studio. Hell, if they started selling the shorts via their website I’m sure a lot of fans would jump at that. I hope that they do wind up doing shorts for the internet as it is a fun way to help spread the characters to audiences.

Video games are being combined with television and films once again. This time Sony is opening a studio dedicated solely to turning their own properties – think of stuff like Twisted Metal, God of War, Uncharted – into shows and films. Sony will be working with its Film and Television branches to bring this idea to life. There is already talks of a Twisted Metal TV show in the works. This story also comes via TheHollywoodReporter so head over there if you’re curious about what’s what.

This I’m not so sure about. Video game adaptations never work out for whatever reason. Perhaps Sony can crack the code and deliver something good to great. But, I’m not holding my breath for this. Good luck to them though.

Okay, I’m tapped out for this week. Lots has happened and been rounded up in a terrible mess. So, thank you for visiting my blog. Comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome below. Or if you prefer you can find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or email any comments to me at With that, thank you and goodnight.

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