Sparring with another blog post about the latest in video games.

Games have somewhat crowded into the week of April 28th, 2019 to May 4th, 2019 to be gawked at. I’ll be covering the game releases, game news, and a slight touch dash of some entertainment news in this blog post and it all depends on what’s propped up during the week and did enough to catch my interest.

Game Releases:


A game of strategic diplomacy set during the cold war. You must choose a side between the Soviet and the U.S. in a game of one-upmanship without falling into all out open war between one another. Help rebels and countries around the world to fight their wars while keeping just out of it and using subterfuge to help win the world over to your ways. Released on PC by developer and published LRDGames, Inc it came out on May 1st, 2019.


A new medieval hack and slash multiplayer game has entered the arena to try and claim the crown! You can use either first or third person camera as you assault the enemy position and try to help your team declare victory over the other team. The game has 64 person servers where people are divided into teams of 32 per side. It was developed by and published by Triternion and released on April 29th, 2019 for PC.

Rise of Industry

You are now an early 20th century industrialist. Strategically build and manage your empire and goods in this tycoon game. Things are constantly changing and evolving as you play so stay on your toes as you try to stay on top of what people are willing to buy. Released on May 2nd, 2019 for PC by developer Dapper Penguin Studios and publisher Kasedo Games.

Game News:

Psyonix has a deal in the works to be bought by Epic Games and likely by the end of May or sometime in early June will conclude the potential deal. The game Rocket League which Psyonix makes will for now remain on Steam and is headed to Epic Game Store at some point once the deal is finalized. The game is also getting review bombed on Steam because of the potential deal and people feeling like Psyonix is not communicating well enough about what’s going on. This news was announced via a blog post on

I guess the money from Rocket League sales and loot boxes will only stretch so far. And its a fair thing to do to try and secure the well being of your company and a comfort to employees as well to know that they’re backed. I understand how people want some clarification about the future of Rocket League and if it will stay on sale on Steam. However, the deal isn’t completed yet and things can change drastically so giving a solid answer now might only piss people off later when they have to come back and say that they have to go back on what they said. It is frustrating but sometimes not answering other then a brief statement is for the best.

Valve have revealed their VR headsets price called Valve Index. In the full kit is the Headset which has the VR unit itself, two controllers, and a base set that figures out where your room is to help the device realize how far you can go with free motion. The full kit retails for 999 USD, but all the pre-order units are already sold out. They also sell each individual part so if you have a headset, or the base already, perhaps you only go for the 279 USD for two controllers. Or if you want the base only it will sell for 149 USD. The actual headset itself sells for 499 USD. And to keep matters confusing there is a bit of a staggered release. On June 28, 2019 the base and controllers will be available. July 31, 2019 you can get the Steam VR Index headset by itself or the deal of the VR headset and controllers for 749 USD. Finally if you need the headset, base, and controllers that’s coming on August 31, 2019. If you head over to the Steam page you can find all about the Index.

Confusing release schedule aside that is a pretty pricey piece of equipment and I hope its quality is good, cause if it has one bad aspect to it… I fear gamers will not give it a pass. That or they will give it a pass because it is Valve and they seem to like Valve for being Valve at least currently. I’m not big on VR and all of this just flies over my head especially with that price point which I feel makes this almost a niche device aimed only at those that can afford it. This to me doesn’t appear to push VR towards the mass market like so many others and with so few big games for virtual reality I can see why.

A new trailer for American Fugitive showing off a bit of game play and mayhem released. It introduces many of the characters of the world who are all unique and seemingly seedy criminals in some respect. The game is coming to PC and PS4 on May 21st, 2019, the Switch version releases on May 23rd, 2019, and finally the Xbox One version hits on May 24th, 2019.

This looks pretty good though a bit janky in path finding from some game play I’ve seen on Youtube. Overall though it does give that old original GTA feel to it, and of course updated graphically to be more in line with today’s standards. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one turns out versus the other old school GTA wannabe Shakedown Hawaii. There is certainly room enough for both games and I’m hoping both turn out to be good, but I have that itch to see which game does what better than the other.

If you’ve ever been interested in crazy off-road driving well Overpass might be the game for you. It brings a varied difficult terrain which you must climb up with crazy vehicles.

This looks pretty neat from the trailer. I do have some fears that the only car that appears in the trailer is a buggy. I would have liked to see a variety of vehicles, but if they’re going only for buggy type vehicles it still would have been nice to see more than just that one.

Entertainment News:

HBO has brought together Danny McBride, John Goodman, and Adam Devine in a TV series about terrible Televangelists who seemed more concerned about money and power then church. The series called The Righteous Gemstones and will premiere on HBO sometime in August.

This show looks like it could be a real treat. Everything about it gets me excited and ready for the potential wackiness that it seems to have in store. I feel like this cast is amazing even just beyond the stars and everything about it seems like it could be one of those great shows. I hope that I’m not over hyping it, but I didn’t even know about the show until the trailer dropped and I’m just over here excited for no good reason other then a pretty spiffy trailer.

Disney who when they bought Fox acquired the Fox Sports brand and agreed to sell said brand to keep them from having a monopoly on sports networks in the U.S. has found a partner. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is said to be buying the Fox Sports brand for around 1 Billion USD. Sinclair comes with a bit of history to them as they require their news channels to air certain content and their news casters to say certain things on air. This news comes via a

I don’t trust Sinclair, they have shown that they’re more interested in pushing a narrative then delivering news. With that bleeding into sports it could get icky as most people already hate the idea of politics pushing into sports. Look no further then the whole NFL versus kneeling issue and well it doesn’t look pretty no matter how one looks at it. Hopefully, there new sports brand doesn’t get political otherwise they’ll probably start to lose the major sports from their channels.

I think that’s all there is for this week. So, thank you for visiting my blog I appreciate it. For anyone who has a questions, comment, and or a suggestion please feel free to email me at or use the comment section below. You can also contact me and talk to me on Twitter where my handle is @Snipehockey. That’s all from me, thank you and goodnight.

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