Cruising in with a round of this weeks gaming news.

The world of video game releases and news, plus maybe a splash dash bit of entertainment news is here to be rounded up for April 14th to the 20th, of 2019. And to note this news is only the stuff that I found interesting for the week and felt worth putting out there in case anyone missed it. That or I just really wanted to talk about it.

Game Releases:

God’s Trigger

A top down hack and slasher where you play as a demon and an angel who have to team up to fight there way into heaven. Why? Because they want to stop the apocalypse from occurring. Released on April 18th, 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC by developer One Level More and published by Techland Publishing.

Heaven’s Vault

Explore the lost world of Nebula where ancient inscriptions will tell you what has happened here in this forgotten place. The game plays out as an adventure game with a sci-fi bent to it. You play as the archaeologist Aliya Elasra where a professor from the University of Lox has gone missing. The game was created and published by inkle Ltd for PS4 and PC. It came out of on April 16th, 2019.

Anno 1800

The industrial revolution is upon us and you must guide and build your city to take advantage of that fact. It’s up to you how you decide to leverage the industrial sector, whether through building factories and housing to keep those factories running to running a city that is made for tourists. It released on PC on April 16th, 2019, but will not be on Steam as Ubisoft is keeping the game to their own digital store Uplay and Epic Game Store. It was developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft.

Katana Zero

A 2D side scrolling pixel hack and slash platforming adventure, where one hit kills and can kill you. The interesting bit is that if you die on a level the game rewinds what you’ve done for that level showing you what you did and then you try again. It was created by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital on April 18th, 2019 for Switch, Mac, and PC’s.

Gaming News:

Capcom teased and then announced that they’re making their own little retro style console of classic games. But the difference will be that these games are all arcade ports. You’ll have the fancy arcade joystick plus the arcade style button layout. It will include 16 games and is a pretty hefty device price and size wise. It will go on sale on October 25, 2019 for 260 USD and it stretches a total of 29 inches long by 8.7 inches wide by 4.3 inches tall. For that you get two joysticks and arcade buttons to use. Some of the games include: Alien vs. Predator, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Final Fight, and more.

Yikes. That’s an expensive piece of hardware. I think more people might be willing to swallow this if you could use the stick on other fighting games. It’s nice that there are arcade ports coming but at this price point you manage to scare away all but the hardcore fans.

There will soon be a new Xbox One S on the streets. This version will not contain an optical drive, aka a DVD drive, and will be an all digital version with just a hard drive for your games. It will retail for the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of 250 USD. It launches on May 7, 2019. Head over to the Xbox blog to get all the details.

I can see this happening with a lot of consoles as even PC’s are starting to lose their optical drives. You can load a hell of a lot of stuff onto a USB stick and deliver it almost as well as a disc can. Now, I’m not sure that this will take off as people are stuck in their ways and want things to stay the same. There is also the problem that internet connections across the United States tend to either be not that great or throttled to hell and back by the internet service providers. Until the internet connections improve this might be a dead but decent idea once out on retail shelves.

The next update for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate has arrived. It contains Joker from Persona 5 as the first DLC pack which you can buy separately or get the season pass which will contain five characters and levels plus music. Nintendo is also introducing paid costume DLC for the game which will cost about 0.75 U.S. cents and is completely optional. Then finally the free stuff: in the form of a video editor which you can use to create short clips of your fights, and the stage creator where you can create and share your stages.

Joker looks like a cool new edition to the game that will come with some challenges as people learn to play him and counter him. The video editor is also pretty cool as you can make a little movie all about fighting and then share it with the world. I look forward to seeing what people do with it or if it becomes one of the nice but never used features. The only thing I’m kind of iffy on is the create a level tool. It just doesn’t look as sharp as I would want it to be, of course I’m thinking of Mario Maker style creation but that would probably be pretty hard to implement in Smash.

Amy Hennig has been arguing that triple A games have gotten far too bloated for their own good. She’s referring to the fact that she feels that the story is getting lost in game development at the sacrifice of keeping players playing. This story comes from who have a report on an interview she did.

I kind of agree with Ms. Hennig is saying here but at the same time it is a blanket statement which is never a good thing to make. Some games are bloated to fill them with content and to keep players playing and others aren’t so much. It all depends on the game and what the end user gets out of it. If you enjoy the chasing down of every little collectible then perhaps said game doesn’t feel bloated to you, but does to another. The thing is that a one size fits all strategy isn’t going to work out well for anyone in the end. Games have to be made to what the creators think works best, which admittedly will be carved into by some publishers to make a game sell more. Sometimes that will work with the audience, sometimes it doesn’t.

For those that have always wanted the European game convention Gamescom to have more announcements, well you’ve got your wish. A live-stream hosted by Geoff Keighley will lead into the show. It will air on Monday August 19, 2019 at 7pm in UK time or if you’re in the U.S. 2pm EST or 11am PST. broke the news on this story.

This is great as it gives people and gamers around the world a reason to care about Gamescom, which is usually on peoples radars but not so much compared to say E3. I look forward to what gets announced although I’ve never been a big fan of Keighley’s style of presentation which usually turns me off of The Games Award show so we will see how it goes.

A new game coming to early access is Mechanic Miner where you play as an inventor who visits and alien planet and explores all that it has to offer with his inventions. You play as the inventor building machines to explore and survive this 2D pixel world.

I saw this and thought it looked pretty cute and fun. I want to see more of the mechanics to building in this game to see if it is as simple as it looks or does it have some depth to it. Either way, sharing it to get it out there so others can potentially see it.

The cell shaded first person shooter that Ubisoft created from the popular french comic books series XIII and came out in 2003 is getting a remaster. It will be coming out on November 13, 2019 on every major platform. The story revolves around an amnesiac who is searching for their memory while being hunted by a contract killer.

I remember when the first game came out it was pretty hyped and then sort of went under the radar. Overall considered a solid if unspectacular game. Hopefully this time around it gets a bit more love and I’m glad that its getting a second chance to live and maybe this time we can get a sequel?

Nintendo is opening its doors to the Chinese market as they team up with Tencent to bring the Switch console to China officially. Before it was being sold but not by Nintendo in any capacity. The Chinese market loves mobile and PC games with the Switch fitting into the middle of that by providing a mobile console. This story comes once again from who go into the stock price rise from the announcement.

China is a very big market for anyone to try to take advantage of. Nintendo has the console to potentially bridge the gap between mobile and PC but only time will tell if China accepts it. The other big problem being how China tends to censor things that they believe their people should not see. Skeletons would have to be removed from games that have them and replaced with something else. There is so much more in terms of censorship of what is and isn’t allowed, for any curious readers just google their censorship of the show Game of Thrones to get a better idea of how far it goes.

A new class of heroes has been revealed for the upcoming action role playing game Torchlight Frontiers. The class is called Railmaster and they build railroads to bring in trains to help them fight their way through the hordes and hordes of enemies.

This is a cool and unique looking class. Action RPG’s tend to keep the same class of characters because its easy and general what people expect from them. It’s always nice to get something that little bit different and hopefully there are more to come.

Entertainment News:

Monkey Punch, aka Kazuhiko Kato, the well known manga artist who created the loved manga series and later anime and movies Lupin the Third passed away at age 81. The Washington Post has a report for those wishing to know more about the famed artist.

I loved Lupin the Third it was such a fun manga, anime, and set of films. The creator Monkey Punch will be greatly missed. His contribution to making anime and manga acceptable is one of those things that should never be forgotten.

The Writers Guild of America is in a fight with the agents that are meant to represent the writers to Hollywood. The problem as the Writer’s guild sees it is that the agents are selling the writers works as a package deal, ala the script plus say the writer is also a producer on a TV series. Instead of being sold as separate skills they’ve been lumped together so that they the agents get a greater cut. This has led to the firing of agents and a lawsuit against the major agencies of which NPR has a report about the events.

I don’t feel like I’m fully qualified to comment as to what’s going on because there is so much that I don’t fully grasp. As a writer it concerns me whenever another writer gets taken advantage of and that the trust between an agent and writer should be sacred. I know on the literary side of things agents that mess about get into deep trouble not only with writers, but other agents, and the publishers. The fact that Hollywood has allowed this to happen I guess shouldn’t be surprising as all they tend to care about is the bottom line. I don’t know how this well turn out for either side, but something needs to be done by the agents to at least acknowledge and realize that writers won’t just be stepped on and over now.

The Halo TV series which has been on and off for a long time has cast the main character Master Chief. He will be played by Pablo Schreiber in the series for the U.S. network Showtime. The series doesn’t have a release date and has not yet begun to shoot. This news came from

It’s great that they finally are moving forward on this series as its been in limbo for so long. I’m not sure that I believe it will happen until I see the trailer and then the official release rolls around. Still, I hope its good and that it reaches fans expectations.

Well now that looks like that is all there is to be written for this weeks gaming blog post with some entertainment news. Thank you for visiting, I appreciate it. For those looking to leaves questions, comments, and lovely suggestions please feel free to either email them to me at or below in the comment section. You can also find me and talk to me on Twitter at @Snipehockey. Thank you once again and goodnight.

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