A middling week in the world of video game news, where plenty happened.

This week in gaming news and releases has rolled around to be discussed and I’m going to just that. This will be for the week of March 10th to the 16th, 2019. I’ll be looking at the stuff that caught my interest for the week, and ignoring anything that didn’t. Well not ignoring but simply putting it aside for someone else to cover.

Game Releases:

Truberbrook: A Nerd Saves the World

A point and click puzzle adventure game set in an alternate history Germany in the 1960’s. You play as a young American physicist named Tannhauser who has just arrived to get a break from his thesis work. It finds a strange town in Turberbrook and decides with some help to find out what’s going on. The game has a claymation art style so it is best to be aware of that going into the game. It released on March 12th, 2019 for PC, Linux, and Mac with a Xbox One, PS4, and Switch version due out on April 17th, 2019. It was created by developer btf with the help of publishers Headup and WhisperGames.

Baba Is You

A puzzle game in which you use words to solve puzzles, literally. In order to solve a puzzle you must move words around the level to match up with solutions. It’s all about changing the rules of the game to win. It has over 200 levels to get through. It was released for Switch, Mac, Linux, and PC by Hempuli Oy who created and published it on March 13th, 2019.

Workers and Resources

A Soviet based city builder that is going into early access. You must build a city that will meet the needs of the people and keeps the government happy. Build up businesses and homes to make a great city, but always be careful as you answer to the people. It was developed by 3Division who also published it onto Steam Early Access with the release date of March 15th, 2019 for PC.

Game News:

Master Chief will soon be arriving on PC and not in the form of a Real Time Strategy game. No, he’ll be arriving to jump into a fight with the first person shooter Halo games. The entire collection will be called the Master Chief Collection and the titles will be coming out one at a time to make sure they’re running correctly. And for fans of the digital distribution platform Steam the games will be put on there as well.

It’s good that such a beloved game series is coming to PC where more people can enjoy it. The surprising thing is that it’s also going to Steam and won’t be exclusive to the Microsoft store. Perhaps Microsoft is opening up a bit to allowing their games on other platforms as there are a lot of Switch rumors. Only time will tell and it will be interesting to watch what they do.

Violence in video games is always a touchy topic as parents, kids, and politicians all seemingly have a differing opinion on the matter. A new study has reached a conclusion that no, video games do not cause kids to be more violent. This was a report from Royal Society Open Science and then was reported on by Research Digest of the British Psychological Society.

I’m sure that this will be ignored mostly by the media and those that harp on the subject of violence looking for something to blame. It is nice that we have some confirmation from scientists or at least a study that says that there is no connection. Now we just need a ton more, but even that might be ignored by some seeing how the whole vaccination fiasco is currently going on.

If you were looking forward to the western release of the game Judgement a spin off of the Yakuza games well its release has been thrown up in the air. A voice actor for the game in Japan was caught with a small amount of cocaine and arrested. Japan takes drug offenses seriously and it is seen as a reflection on whoever they work for that this has happened. SEGA who publishes the game is undecided as to what to do other then pull it from the shelves in Asia so far. If you wish for a full report check out Gematsu.com for all the details.

The difference in cultures is quite the shock as here in the U.S. this would not even cause a blip on the radar. I do hope that the game does get its western release, they don’t have to worry about such things reflecting badly on them in the west for the most part. Though, maybe a western release with that attachment of the voice actor is seen as reflection on them as well. I don’t know to be honest. In Asia I definitely see why they’ve done what they’ve done.

Is Sony going to buy Take-Two Interactive? The rumor started up after Take-two saw its stock prices going up which then sparked rumors of being bought and the stock went even further up. Take-Two are the owners for 2K Games and Rockstar Games. Meaning that there would be a potential exclusive Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, NBA 2K, WWE 2K series to the PlayStation brand. Any rumored bid is believed to be more then 10 billion dollars to get series talks going. The rumor has been debunked by Yuji Nakamura via Twitter who was told by Sony that it wasn’t happening.

I’m not sure I see this happening, though it would be quite an amazing coup for them for the next PlayStation. I don’t see it making a lot of sense for Take-Two as they’ll lose a good portion of sales and I’m not sure being bought would be enough to make up for that loss. This is all just rumors and conjecture at this point and there may be something to it or there may not be. It’s fun to speculate about what will happen, but I do hope that they stay independent as I don’t think publishers being bought is a good thing for the industry as it might set off a buying spree with everyone trying to grab someone else in order to secure their future.

If you followed the game creator Tom Francis you probably already know about Tactical Breach Wizards but for those that don’t… He released a video showing off a very early build of the tactical game. It of course involves wizards but as police officers and is more story driven then most turn based strategy games. Tom Francis is known for creating the games Gunpoint and Heat Signature.

This is a really cool looking game that is reminiscent of Into the Breech and it does seem that Mr. Francis has been inspired by that game. I love that this game is really interested in letting you experiment and rewind your moves before committing to them. I like that the game isn’t penalizing you for trying things, hopefully it doesn’t make the game too easy.

The tactical turn based strategy game Phoenix Point has managed to piss of many of its crowd funding backers. This is because they have recently announced that they are going to be exclusive for a year to the Epic Game Store. One of the backers promises is that they would get a Steam key or a GOG key for the game. Also those seeking a refund appear to be having to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it. If you wish to read up on the situation there is a blog post over on PhoenixPoint.info.

It feels like this is a situation that wasn’t well thought out and we get angry customers as a result. I don’t blame Epic Game Store for trying to attract customers, but at the rate things are going for them, they just wind up looking bad. This is just a situation where you wind up shaking your head and hoping that people realize how to straighten it out.

Islanders is a low poly game where you’re building towns on small islands while trying to maximize the space you’ve been given.

This looks like an interesting take on a city builder with some limitations. It does feel a bit like a mobile game but that isn’t a bad thing. There are some great mobile games out there. Hopefully this one finds its niche and doesn’t wind up feeling too samey through the levels.

In somewhat mixed news, the game Dwarf Fortress will be coming to Steam with a more pleasant visual ascetic. That’s the good news, the sad part about it is that the creator’s family is going through health related issues. Thus to get some revenue to secure their future, they’ll be selling the game on Steam, or you can support the developer via PayPal or Patreon. This news comes from PCGamesN.com so head over there for the story.

I hope the game is a great success on Steam, especially with the easier to digest visuals. It sucks to have health issues and I would not want anyone to have to deal with such things. My only fear is that it is still such a niche game with a hardcore following that perhaps it might not do well. Hopefully the gamers that do play it can help ease in newer players.

Turtle Rock Studios has teamed up with Warner Brothers Interactive to create Left 4 Blood. This will be a zombie co-op survival game and for some of you, you’re thinking Turtle Rock and zombie games sound familiar, even the name sounds close to Left 4 Dead. Well that is because Turtle Rock created the Left 4 Dead series. This new game however has nothing to do with Valve or the previous franchise it is a brand new creation that happens to have zombies and is co-op. This is via a press release on Turtle Rock’s website which you can read in all its glory if you so wish.

Well this seems really round about and some what awkward. I’m all for it and I’m curious to see what comes of it because so far it is just an announcement. I enjoyed the first Left 4 Dead second one was an improvement but for whatever reason never clicked in the same way. I think that was mostly due to how fast it came out after the first game.

Chucklefish has released the first trailer for Robotality’s, Pathway, an exploration game where you’re raiding tombs, crossing the desert, and generally on an adventure. You’ll have to build a team to get where you’re going and to help you fight your way through dangerous situations. The game has some turn based strategy to its fights to keep things entertaining.

This looks like a pretty cool little game. It reminds me a bit of the old classic game Oregon Trail. I don’t know if this can live up to that game, but it certainly has the art style to be a charmer.

Entertainment News:

A trailer for the Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover movie, Batman Vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, was released. It takes place in Gotham where all the classic Batman villains escape to take on Batman and his friends. However, the TMNT also are in Gotham and well when they meet up with the Bat who isn’t friendly at first. The film will be at WonderCon and then fully release on May 14th, 2019 to DVD.

I kind of like the concept but at the same time it is so weird of a thing to have happen. It looks kind of cool, plus the animation for whatever reason makes it feel like a very Adam West style Batman. I’m kind of curious to see the reviews for this and if it is any good.

Right that will be it for this week. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my blog. For those that wish to comment, or have any suggestions or questions please leave those below. Or if you wish to contact me personally there is emailing me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com. I also have a Twitter @Snipehockey where you can find me rambling about my creative writing. Thank you once again for coming by and have a nice week.

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