The latest in gaming news in the week that was.

Just in time for another week to go by I am once again covering the gaming news, entertainment news, and gaming releases of February 17th to the 23rd of 2019. As a note I do not cover all that has happened during the week it is just the stuff that caught my interest.

Game News:

Unfortunately for those looking forward to the Untitled Goose Game it will not be arriving early in 2019. The developer, House House, has decided to delay the game into later 2019 to improve the game and make it the best it could be. It will be released on PC, Mac, and Switch.

No, this is terrible news as the game looked so good when it was first revealed. I’m more then willing to wait though as long as the game turns out to be good. Otherwise, I’ll have waited for nothing! I’m kidding, mostly. This is one of those things that often happens in the gaming industry and hopefully its for the better.

Dungeons will once more be explored as a sequel to Darkest Dungeon, Darkest Dungeon 2 has been announced. The game will be heading first to early access with improved combat from the original and new locations with the teaser showing off a snowy mountain.

I wish we could see more of the game but it appears to be early in development or just not in a ready enough state to be shown. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing what changes they make. I also hope that it comes to many platforms like the original.

Valve is officially ending its support for streaming movies on Steam and has decided to concentrate solely on the games aspect of the platform. This news comes from a Steam announcement.

A great idea that seemed to get lost amongst the other ideas that Valve has had for Steam. It’s a shame that it never caught on, but then again Valve never really put any marketing behind it so it is pretty natural that this feature would die a quiet death.

The U.S. Government might soon find itself sued by Nintendo. The government created a small flash game about recycling and took music from the video game Yoshi’s Island DS and then used it in the game. It is unknown if the U.S. asked for permission to do so, or if Nintendo knows about the matter. Head over to Ars Technica for a better understanding of what’s going on.

This is such a little weird news story. I don’t understand how the U.S. government would think that using a song from a Nintendo game would slip past anyone. I’m also left wondering if the projects budget was so small that they couldn’t even think to dip into the creative commons looking for a song. Instead of taking a Nintendo a song, if they did just take it without Nintendo’s permission.

The Sims 4 is getting a new expansion pack called StrangerVille, this will feature aliens, soldiers, secrets, and lots of the usual weirdness. The expansion will be releasing on February 26th, 2019 for computers.

I don’t usually talk about The Sims as as much as I love the game I rarely ever get around to playing it. The reason I’m talking about now is that I’m just discovering that the game has an actual story to it, though it’s through the Sim’s that live in town and not your created character. I just thought that EA’s The Sims Studio has put in a lot of effort and that’s really cool.

A new update has hit Rocket League and it is a fairly simple but nice one. Called, the Friends Update, it allows you to team up with your friends on different devices and play together. This came in latest patch for the game and you can find the patch notes on the Rocket League website.

This is great and its what crossplay is all about. Regardless of console or PC friends can play a game together. That’s all gamers want to be able to do. A lesson that Sony seems to not understand in the slightest as they think cutting gamers off from one another will make people buy Sony products, which is unlikely.

Paradox and Microsoft will soon be allowing mods to Paradox games published on the Xbox One. This will allow mod makers on PC to get their mods onto Xbox One. So far there Surviving Mars is the only game to support this. Hopefully if successful, other Paradox games like City Skylines will follow suit. Announced on Microsoft’s Xbox website you can also find the mods via the Paradox website.

This is much like Bethesda’s Mod program thing only it doesn’t seem to require special coins or anything of that nature to use. It’s great that Paradox is allowing mod support for Xbox and hopefully they can also bring this to PS4.

President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime is stepping down as of April 2019. He joined Nintendo in 2003 as a Sales and Marketing executive and eventually became the chief operating officer. In 2016 it was announced that he would become the executive officer of the branch for a year which could be extended each year with approval from Nintendo’s board of directors. Previously he worked for Proctor and Gamble, Pizza Hut, and VH1. The position is being taken over by Bowser, no not the character but by Doug Bowser who was Nintendo of America’s marketing executive. Doug does appear to embrace the mighty Bowser and his connection to the name.

It is sad to see such a prominent name leave Nintendo. He is offer to better things and a well deserved retirement. It seems that Nintendo will be in capable hands with Bowser who has taken well to using his name for jokes. It is a sign of the passing of time and the guard, very few things ever stay the same in this world, still it was nice to have such an outgoing Nintendo of America president who willingly put himself out there in good and bad times.

A new game called Airborne Kingdom was announced with a small teaser. It is all about building a kingdom on a floating platform. You are in charge of building your city, but you only have so much room to take advantage of before things start needing new ways to keep them floating in the air. Plus the ever growing worry about resources. There is no known release date yet, but it will be a PC game.

This looks like a fun unique twist on the city builder. I hope it turns out well and that we get to see more of it before the game comes out as 49 seconds is really not much to go on. Seriously, I get why small teams keep trailers short as it takes time and money to make them, but I want to get a full feel of the game from the developer on what they’re trying to do. I’d much rather here that from the developer then some random YouTuber after the game hits early access or release.

Entertainment News:

Ubisoft’s upcoming multiplayer pirate game Skull and Bones is getting a TV treatment and is planned to be released before the game. The show is set to take place in the Indian ocean and will be a female led/driven drama. This report comes from

This could be interesting or maybe not. It’s weird that they seem so sure that this will come out before the game as this is the first we’ve heard of it and it can take a while to get a show up and running if it doesn’t have scripts. I guess we shall see what comes of this? It would be cool if it is based around and or shows off the famed Chinese pirate queen Ching Shih operating in and around the Indian Ocean.

In expected news Netflix has axed the final of their Marvel TV shows, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. The final season of Jessica Jones has yet to air and Netflix has said that they will air the show. This news was broken by who also have a statement from Marvel about the end of the partnership.

This was pretty much expected as the relationship between Marvel and Netflix official came to an end with Disney creation its streaming service Disney+. I feel like people don’t understand how much money Netflix was having to pay to Disney to keep these shows going and that it is much cheaper to have your own content that you control IP wise.

Amazon has an upcoming cartoon kids show based on the video game series Costume Quest. They released a trailer for the show and announced it would arrive on March 8, 2019. Unlike the video games however, the show will not feature Halloween as a major aspect.

I don’t want to say that this looks off because it doesn’t but, I’m kind of eh on it. I like the games but the trailer seems to be missing the charm of the games. I think the animation style reminds me too much of Steven’s Universe without the originality feeling to it. But that might just be me.

Game Releases:


An open world action RPG where you and your friends must blast and fight your way through merciless creatures that want to end humanity. Fly, swim, and run across a variety of terrains and you discover the world and what’s happened to cause all of his. The game was developed by Bioware and published by EA Games for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It came out on February 22nd, 2019.

And I think I shall end this blog post here. Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’ve written and of course looking through the gaming news. For those that wish to get a hold of me, you can do so through emailing me at, or just use the comment section below. You can find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, where I’m mostly blabbing about how poorly I’m doing writing wise. Anyway, thanks and have a good week.

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