A mumbling bumbling take on the week of gaming.

The latest parade of gaming releases, news, and a slice of entertainment news is here to be dissected. This for the week of February 3rd to the 9th, 2019. Please know that I cover the news that I found interesting and worth sharing in case it managed to slip past someone. That or it was just terribly interesting. Now to stuff you came to read in the first place.

Game Releases:

Apex Legends

A battle royale game that changes to formula a bit. With the ability to not have to speak to teammates by pinging situations, dropping into combat together with teammates, and other things. It is a free to play game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA Games. It released on February 4th, 2019 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. You can visit the company webpage to learn more at Ea.com.

God Eater 3

An action role playing game where you spend your time hacking and slashing your way through enemies. Your main objective is to hunt and kill massive monsters known as the Aragami so that you can absorb their energy. The game came out on February 8th, 2019 for PS4 and PC from developer Marvelous First Studio and then published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. To learn more about the game head over to the Bandai Namco website.


An open world sandbox space exploration game that lets you land on planets to colonize them, mine for ores, or just exploring them. It’s up to you to decide what you want from the game. The game was in early access title since 2016, but now reaches fill release for Xbox One and PC from developer/publisher System Era Software as of February 6th, 2019. The website Astroneer.space has all of the game’s information should be curious.

Infinite Skyline

An open world helicopter/airplane game where you fly around exploring a city. There are dogfights, races, and general exploration to keep you busy in game. It was released on February 7th, 2019 by Alexandre SK acting as both developer and publisher. It is a PC game and the Steam page is where you’ll learn all about it.

Game News:

Respawn Entertainment the studio behind the Titanfall franchise has confirmed they are not working on Titanfall 3. Instead they announced and then released Apex Legends a free to play battle royale style game.

This news will disappoint Titanfall fans who had hoped for a sequel to the much loved cult classic like series. And hopefully some where down the line they will make a sequel. But for now, we must content ourselves with Apex Legends and their Star Wars game coming out later this year.

A new Warhammer game is coming and this time in the form of an action RPG dungeon crawler with an isometric camera called Warhammer: Chaosbane. This game will be coming out in 2019 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It is a story based around the Warhammer lore where the dark gods are unhappy with the losing the last war and now seek to gain back what they’re lost. The game is being developed by Bigben Interactive.

The game looks okay in the trailer in a not great but not terrible either kind of way. The action comes off looking a little slow but that can be satisfying in a game as long as it doesn’t feel unfair to the player leaving them too open to attack before you can pull off your next move. As a result I’m curious to see more from this, but I’m not jumping around excited about it right now.

A new teaser for the upcoming game Resort Boss: Golf came out ahead of its February 14, 2019 launch into early access for PC. It gives a brief look into the building a golf course and running it. The game is being developed by Gus Martin and published by Excalibur Games.

I really want this to be good, and hopefully it lives up to that and passes by SimGolf. The trailer looks decent enough to keep my hope up, but I also feel like the game isn’t quite there but that’s what early access is for.

If you wish to be a train engineer on the Trans-Siberian Railway well you just got your chance, or well upcoming chance as the game has just been announced. It will be called Trans-Siberian Railway Simulator and you’ll be transporting contraband, trying to survive the elements, wolves, and drinking yourself out of boredom. It is coming to PC sometime in 2019 and is developed by Pentacle and published by Playway.

This looks pretty cool, though I want to see more of it because the whole trailer felt pretty much staged. Still a fun silly looking game that managed to get me interested in playing a train simulation game which doesn’t usually happen. Plus it also reminds me a bit of My Summer Car in its wackiness.

If your a fan of Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma and you have been eagerly awaiting any potential news well it could still happen. The thing is, Capcom have said game producer Hideaki Itsuano could make the sequel but instead chose to make Devil May Cry 5 first. This news came from VG247.com so check them out for the full story.

It is a bit sad that Dragon’s Dogma 2 wasn’t chosen, but there is still hope for the game. It’s just a bit longer of a wait then most hoped. And it is all about the interest the producer Hideaki Itsuano had, if he had a great idea for DMC 5 and not Dragon’s Dogma 2, well of course he’s going to go with the game that feels ready to get going.

Microsoft’s game studio, the amusingly titled Microsoft Game Studio will be changing its name. It will now be known as Xbox Game Studio.

I don’t have a lot to say about this, but I thought it interesting as with it just being Microsoft Game Studio it felt like it was a studio working on both PC and Xbox titles. With the name shift it now feels like they’re concentrating Xbox. Now, obviously that is not the case and that feeling may soon pass, but for now it feels like Microsoft cares more about Xbox then PC.

For those disappointed with the way Star Wars has been handled by EA Games, you’ll be further saddened to learn that Disney is happy with the way things are. Disney has said they are not good with developing games and never have been. This comes from Bob Iger CEO of Disney. This comes to us via Variety.com who have Mr. Iger’s full comments and explanations.

This will cause some ire amongst fans who believe they are right and EA will forever be in the wrong. It could be behind the scenes that one of the parties is unhappy, however in accordance with their deal they probably can’t express that publicly. Or maybe Iger just doesn’t care about the video game section of Disney as he said. For now, one must hope that the next few Star Wars games are good, fun, and not bogged down in some controversy, but knowing gamers they will think of some reason to dislike the newest game.

Good news for fans of the upcoming RPG The Outer Worlds in that it will be getting a physical release, for 60 USD on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. This comes from Obsidian Entertainment entering into a publishing partnership with Private Division for the game.

This is just good news for fans that don’t like digital only games, despite the industry trending that way. And it’s great for those game collectors who like having the option to buy physical copies.

Nintendo continues to disappoint with their NES releases for the Switch online service. For the second month in a row, the U.S. releases will consist only of two NES games because the third game from Japan was never brought over to the U.S.

I’m not going to lie, this is annoying and frustrating. Nintendo should know better than to do something like this. It cheapens what people are paying for and will turn off customers. They need to do better. Much better or the will lose people who feel jipped and ripped off. It’s basic customer service and that Nintendo hasn’t figured that out, is disheartening.

The Steam Award winners were finally announced and its mostly a mix bag of what’s the most popular games that won. This should not come as a surprise as it is voted on by consumers. Head over to the Steam page with the announcement to be disappointed with most of the awards.

There isn’t much to say about these awards, which is a shame because they could be so much more. Instead the feel cheap and half thought out. It’s great that gamers get to vote and say what they liked but almost all of these awards feel like they rewarding old games and companies instead of newer stuff. Maybe that’s what Valve wants for these awards, but to me its bleh and another reason to not care a single iota about the next version of the awards.

Entertainment News:

The sequel to the film World War Z is potentially not happening. The David Fincher directed project seems to have run into issues with budgetary concerns. This has led to Paramount pulling the plug on the project. This news comes from Theplaylist.net who of course have the full story of what’s going on.

This has been a long struggling project ever since it was announced after the success of the first movie. It is also the closest they’ve gotten to getting it made. It’s kind of sad, and maybe it comes back if they can get budgetary concerns under control, but who knows at this point.

I think that shall finish off this week. Thank you for visiting my blog. For those that have any comments, questions, and/or suggestions please feel free to leave them below. That or you can email them to me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, or just contact me and follow me on Twitter @Snipehockey. So, once again thank you and bye.

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