Buzzing in with more and more blogging video game news.

Games are being talked about this week and well I shall join in the madness that is discussing them. That along with the game releases this week and some entertainment news. And this is for the week of January 27, 2019 to February 2, 2019.

Game Releases:


A turn based strategy tactics game in which you take control of one of thirteen commanders. You then take that commander through their story battling for supremacy and to rule over the land. The game came out on February 1, 2019 for Xbox One, Switch, and PC. There will be a PS4 version later in 2019. It was developed and published by Chucklefish.

Sunless Skies

Ten years after the events of Sunless Seas while still in a Victorian style era. This time however you are the captain of an interplanetary locomotive which takes you from place to place. The game was Kickstarted and successfully got its funding after which it went to Steam Early Access and now is getting a full release. It was developed by Failbetter Games for PC, Linux, and Mac and came out on January 31, 2019.


A real-time strategy game set in a cyberpunk world where a new cult has been created. You can now be the leader of the cult leading your followers to convert the people by the means that you see fit. This is a PC game that was released on January 31, 2019 after being developed by Ice Code Game and published by 1C Entertainment.

Game News:

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate got updated to version 2.0 and with it came the first DLC character Piranaha Plant. The Piranha plant was a bit of a surprise as everyone expected it to be released later in late February instead of now. And since the free offer for the character is now over it costs 4.99 USD to purchase Piranha Plant. You can checkout the patch notes via

Overall a cool little surprise along with actually patch notes for Smash should make fans happy. The patch notes still need more work to let players know what’s going on, but it is a start. Plus, Piranha seems like a genuinely fun silly character to play as.

Epic’s digital game store is causing frustration for gamers after buying a year of exclusivity of Metro Exodus. This happened after the game had been available for pre-order on other stores. Deep Silver and THQ Nordic have caught a lot of flack for telling everyone so close to the games release date. This news comes from

This is one of those instances where everything should have been handled better but for whatever reason it wasn’t. I think a lot of people would be less upset if the whole deal had been more upfront and not announced as a last second news drop. Granted, I don’t work for either company so I can’t say for sure that this deal wasn’t wrapped up just a few days ago. It’s just that companies would have a bit more of an understanding with their audiences if they’re a little more open about what’s going on. Usually such tactics work unless you’ve already killed your reputation with the gaming community.

FIFA points will no longer be available to users in Belgium for those that play EA’s FIFA soccer game. This comes after ban on loot boxes in the country. And because I don’t read Dutch there is a translation over on to get a gist of what’s happened.

Not a big surprise, but I do wonder if Belgium players now feel like they’re playing a gimped half of a game that they can’t fully access as a result. It’s a double edged sword to keep children from gambling on games as has been ruled by Belgium, but you also have older gamers who now cannot fully play the game that they bought, if they even decided to participate in that part of FIFA.

Nintendo’s mobile games are expanding and some are getting delayed. The Mario Kart mobile racing series will now be launching in the summer of 2019. This is happening to improve the quality of the game. Also a Dr. Mario mobile game will be arriving also in the summer of 2019. The tweet below though in Japanese talks about delay while the other Tweet is the announcement for Dr. Mario World.

I want to like Nintendo’s mobile games but usually they wind up feeling like soulless version of console or handheld games. I look forward to seeing exactly what they’re going to give us, but with quite a bit of trepidation.

Sony is working on and has applied for a patent on a new technology for backwards compatible games. This will allow the Playstation 5 will be able to play almost all previous generation console games. This is done via software that gets the CPU to impersonates the older consoles CPU and tricks it into thinking that things are running normally via that mode. Once again I’m linking the page because of language issues on my part.

This could be cool depending on how this is used by Sony. If they nickle and dime gamers via sales for old games it will soon be relegated to cool tech that couldn’t full be taking advantage of. But, if Sony has a solid plan that offers old games for cheap, or a service that is relatively cheap then this could work out well for them.

Gamestop the store that sold many a game and consoles but has fallen a bit by the wayside thanks to online sales has failed to find a buyer. They’d been searching for a buyer so that losses in sales and overall downcast projections wouldn’t be as bad. However, they failed to find someone that the company found to be good enough to buy them. This story comes directly from themselves.

This is another era ending though perhaps not right away. I see Gamestop probably going on a long slow spiral of a death with stores closing in bunches before they finally end the company. I don’t wish for that to happen as competition is always good plus there are plenty of hard working individuals who don’t deserve to lose their jobs.

Entertainment News:

Birds of Prey got a teaser of a teaser since shooting for the film has just begun. It gave the briefest of snippets to some of the characters look like. These might not even be finalized designs that are seen in the movie, or they might be pretty close. Warner Brothers they wanted to get people excited for the movie.

This teaser gave me a very indie sort of feeling to it. Similar to how The Joker felt, but I’m not as sold on this as I am for Joker. It feels like it should be something I would want to be interested in, but I keep wanting that little bit more. I need something that bit more solid to go off of.

Anyway that will be all for this week in my blogging madness about video games. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around. Comments, questions, and suggestions are appreciated and can be put down below. Or you can contact me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or emailing me at Thanks once again and have a nice day or night.

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