Marching in with more video game releases, news, and a swab of entertainment news.

It is time to talk about the stuff that has happened this week in video games, entertainment news, and of course the gaming releases. It’s a packed week and I only cover the stuff that caught my interest for January 20 to 26, 2019. Lets get to it.

Game Releases:

Resident Evil 2

Raccoon City has been invaded by zombies after the events of the first game. You play as either Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield who must fight their way out of the city. This is a remaster of the original action adventure 1998 game with upgraded graphics, sounds, and all around experience. The remaster released on January 25, 2019 after being developed by Capcom R&D Division 1 and published by Capcom. It came out on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Kingdom Hearts 3

A much anticipated sequel that returns to the action adventure role playing world of Square Enix and Disney characters in a world in trouble. You must team up with other heroes exploring the world and fixing problems. Developed by Square Enix’s Business Division 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC while being published by Square Enix. It released on January 25, 2019.


A puzzling adventure game where you play as Piku a cave dwelling creature who must save the world from the evil Mr. Sunshine who is plotting to steal all of the worlds resources for their own use and to make them rich. Released on Switch, Linux, PC, and Mac it saw release on January 24, 2019 by developer Sectordub while published by Devolver Digital,

Slay the Spire

A rogue-like adventure that adds in deck card building attacks to help you get through various terrible situations you find yourself in. You must fight your way through the levels of the spire with each level ending in a difficult boss until you reach the end level. Originally the game was an early access title it now reaches full release as of January 23, 2019 on PC, Linux, and Mac with a Switch version planned for later 2019. It was created by MegaCrit, LLC and published by Humble Bundle.

Jon Shafer’s At The Gates

The Roman Empire is no more and you must build your tribe of followers up into an empire to take your rightful place in the world. This is a 4x strategy game where you deal with fellow tribes, weather, and just out right resources as you try to survive. This is a PC game by Jon Shafer and Conifer Games that was Kickstarted and had quite the troubled history after successfully getting funded. It fully released on January 23, 2019. I also kickstarted this game to put that out there and be completely honest with you.

Gaming News:

Publisher Excalibur Games is publishing a new game called Road to Guangdong as a new car traveling experience similar in vein to Jalopy. You’ll play as Sunny a young woman who has just inherited her families restaurant and must travel home with her aunt to run it. The studio behind this game is Just Add Oil Games who don’t have any other titles and I don’t know if they’re connected with the studio that did Jalopy in any way.

I’m curious to see more about this one and get my hands on it. Mostly, I’m curious to see how it differs from Jalopy as it seems to have a more personal exploration experience behind it. Overall it looks a lot like Jalopy but set in Asia and that has me pretty curious about it.

The creative director of Cyberpunk 2077, Sebastian Stępień, has left the development on the game and joined Blizzard Studios. This news comes from a person searching LinkedIn to see the job change.

It is hard to know exactly why someone would leave one company for another and I can only offer guesses as to what led to the choice. That is unless the person themselves comes out and says why, then we get an idea. But in this case, they made a choice that they felt was the best for them and I respect that.

Nintendo held one of its Nintendo direct Nindies videos. The aim was to basically show off the small independent games that will be coming to the console. Many of the games will also arrive on other platforms as well if you don’t have Switch.

There is certainly some interesting looking little games coming to the Switch as well as other devices but the whole point of this is for Nintendo. Lots of good looking stuff, and to mention some that stood out to me: Slay the Spire, Double Kick Heroes, and Unruly Heroes.

Playstation Now which has previously been limited to some countries in Europe is now expanding its service area. It will soon arrive in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, and lovely Sweden. This service gives you access to old Playstation games from PS2, PS3, and PS4 of over 600 titles. This comes from the European Playstation blog, which you might want to check out as they’re talking about a beta for those countries.

It’s good to see more gamers get access to what could be a great service for them, especially if they want to look into games they might not otherwise do so. More games getting to a wider audience means more people can recommend games to friends and the industry can continue to grow especially with smaller indie games.

Farming Simulator is upping its competitive nature. GIANTS Software who are the developers behind the game are getting into eSports with ten tournaments across Europe. The prizes for the first season of proving that you’re the best farmers sits at 100,000 with the second season expected to go to 250,000 in cash prizes. GIANTS Software announced this over on their website.

I have no idea how this will work, but it has my curiosity to see what exactly they’ll be doing to compete and that’s pretty much all they need to get started on a competitive scene. Now, the issue is keeping it interesting enough to keep people hooked to watching people play a virtual farm game.

In frustrating but understandable news Nintendo has delayed Metroid Prime 4 as the game wasn’t meeting their expectations. The game never had an official release date but was expected some time in 2019 to 2020. And instead of just a delay this is a restart on development of the game from the beginning but they now will be working with Retro Studios in a collaboration to get the game started and then finished.

I’m sad, frustrated, but also glad and shocked. Let’s start with the shocked bit as Nintendo is usually never this open about troubled development. It’s nice to see them say something about a game that is so highly anticipated and be willing to risk fans ire though they don’t deserve said ire for this situation. As for the sad and frustrated part, well we don’t get to see Metroid Prime 4 any time soon and I’d rather hoped they would be showing us something since it had been all quiet since they teased it at E3 2017. Now it is back to the waiting and hoping phase.

Entertainment News:

A new teaser for the real Captain Marvel, now called Shazam and yes I shall always make that kind of remark because it is rather fun, was released. It gives the briefest of looks at how Shazam will be interacting with the world and how silly his character will be.

It is a nice little teaser to watch and it does give a bit of a sense of what they’re trying for. I’m still really nervous anytime I see CGI in a superhero movie as it never looks quite right and Shazam does seem to have quite a bit going on CGI wise. I know the director has said that they want to get the CGI right otherwise people will comment on it, so here’s to hoping that, that actually happens and it doesn’t look half finished by the time it hits theaters like some or most of Marvel’s superhero movies look like and DC as well.

Resident Evil/Biohazard is heading to Netflix in the form of a new TV series. It will be staying with the same production team that did the movies Constantine Film. There is no words yet on how and what this new series is going to be. broke this news story and has the full report.

Oh boy, this will either be meh or probably terrible since the movies haven’t had a great reputation since at least the first movie. I don’t have high hopes for this, but I will try to keep an open mind on it and will probably fail to keep aside my biases.

The graphic novel TV adaptation of Umbrella Academy got a trailer and a launch date of February 15, 2019. The trail gave glimpse of the very stylized world that they’re trying to bring to life.

This is a great very slick trailer that left me feeling cold? It looks nice and feels like it should be a good series, but there was something that just didn’t feel exactly right. And I don’t know what it is that is bothering me about it. I guess I’ll wait for reviews to see what people think of it before jumping in.

With all that now written I shall call it a blog post. Muhahaha. Anyway, thank you for visiting for this silly spot I appreciate it. For those that wish to get in touch with me please use the comment section below or emailing me at You can also contact and follow me on Twitter @Snipehockey if that’s more your thing. Now, I shall say goodbye for now.

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