And now for the weekly blog post on gaming/entertainment news plus the gaming releases.

Rambling and rumbling with the latest news in gaming, entertainment, and gaming releases for the January 13 to 19, 2019. It is that time to go over what has happened that caught my interest for the week. However, I do not cover all that has happened in part because I may be slightly lazy, another part stuff wasn’t interesting, and lastly it would take forever to track it all down and then write about it. So, on with the madness we go.

Game Releases:

Smoke and Sacrifice

You play as a mother who is forced to give up her son as a sacrifice. She finds herself finding out the dark secrets as to why the sacrifice happened and traveling to a deeply troubled underworld to fully understand what’s happening. Original published on PC and Switch in 2018, it now comes to the Xbox One, and PS4 on January 15, 2019. It was developed by Solar Sail Games while being published by Curve Digital.

Onimusha: Warlords

This is a remaster of the 2001 game with redone high definition visuals, music and voice acting. The controls have also been tightened up to provide greater game play. The game was created and published by Capcom and came out on January 15, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Travis Touchdown returns to fight another day, except he and an opponent have been sucked into a game console. You must fight/ hack n’slash your way through six levels to get out.
Released on January 18, 2019 for Switch it was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture who also publish it digitally with Nintendo handling the retail publishing duties.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

The arcade air combat series returns with plenty of planes, missiles, and missions to destroy drone in. Set in 2019 where Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea have gone to war to fight the second Usean Continental War. You play as the character under the call sign Trigger. Released on January 18, 2019 for Xbox One and PS4, with a PC release planned for February 1, 2019. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and created by the Bandai Namco Studios.

Feudal Alloy

You play as Attu a simple farm robot living a peaceful life when one day your farm is attacked by outlaws who steal anything of value and burn the place down. They also destroyed the nearby town leaving him with just a trusty sword and the ability to fight back. Attu decides to do just that taking on the feudal fish bowl controlled robot outlaws. It plays out in a metroidvania style of exploration. The game was created and published by Attu Games for PC and Switch with a PS4 and Xbox One version planned for a later date. It was released on January 17, 2019.

Game News:

The planned open world Star Wars game that had started out at Visceral Games and then moved EA’s Vancouver studio has been canceled. While EA originally liked what they saw from Visceral Games version it wasn’t what EA saw gamers as wanting, thus it was moved to a new development team. At Vancouver the game took on the open world and changed much from the original concept only bringing in some of the art from the original project. It appears that EA was not happy with where the game was going and EA Vancouver having another big project that they’re working on that development stalled and ultimately fell off so that EA called it quits on it. This report comes via’s Jason Schreier.

It’s sad to hear that a game being worked on is canceled. But that is the life of anything creative sometimes it leads to a dead end. People are going to grouse about how this proves that EA is terrible with the Star Wars franchise and that they should be stripped of it because they haven’t made good games. The problem is that Disney has shown little interest in getting into game development, Activision has been struggling lately, and that leaves either Ubisoft or someone like Sony or Microsoft. I don’t see any real choices that would keep people on some level happy.

After a lawsuit The mobile base building game, Westworld Mobile, that had ripped off Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter will be shutting down. It was found via the lawsuit that much of the code from Fallout Shelter had been ripped and put directly into the new game with no changes.

To quote an NHL referee who once announced a penalty call by saying, “You can’t do that.” It fits with this situation and really I don’t know why the developers remotely thought it a good idea to rip off code. Well at least the matter is hopefully settled and dead for good.

Dragon Ball Z and fighting games are the usual names that go together. But, there is news that a role playing game is in works. The game will be unveiled during the Fighter Z World Tour Finals on January 26-27, 2019.

It would be interesting to see something so different from Dragon Ball Z franchise. It could breathe new life into the games that always seem so centered on fighting. Of course, there would still need to be some big fights in the game, but they could easily play out in a more traditional turn based strategy role playing style instead of fight button mashing. This game could be a lot of things but it will have to wait for the official announcement.

Valve’s latest game Artifact has continued to lose its player base since its launch. It is typical of games to not retain a huge player count unless they’re a multiplayer game. Even then, some games don’t click and the game never takes off. This seems to be the case with Artifact where an estimated 97% of the users who bought the game no longer play it. This news comes to us from

Oh dear, I don’t think many people truly anticipated how badly this game has gone down in interested players. I don’t know what Valve plans to do to get players back, or if it will become one of those things were they just leave it there for a while and quietly kill it off. It will be a curious case to see how Valve intends to respond, if they do which they should because they’ve asked people to pay good money for their game.

Nintendo of Europe continues to have issues on the public relations front. Late last year Nintendo of Russia’s president, Yasha Haddaji, was accused of corruption, mismanagement, and sexual harassment. The investigation by Nintendo’s European branch has reportedly completed with just a formal warning given to Yasha. Head over to to get the full story.

This has irked fans who feel that the company is failing to take responsibility for an employee’s bad behavior. All in all in reflects badly on Nintendo that such an event occurred in the first place. I won’t call for Yasha’s job, but it is clear that Nintendo of Japan needs to step in and reorganize the Russian branch as well as European branch so that things run much smoother.

Entertainment News:

Netflix is teaming up with some of the team who created the U.S. version of The Office for a show about The Space Force. It will be star, produced, created by Steve Carrel along with being created by Greg Daniels.

This could certainly be an interesting show and I look forward to hearing and seeing more about it. However, I also don’t want this to be too much like the U.S. version of The Office because then it will only feel like a pale weird version where Michael Scott now works for the government. I’m not saying that can’t work, it most definitely can, but my interest will not be as great if it is like that. What I want is for this to feel fresh and different.

Ghostbusters is back again? A planned sequel to Ghostbusters 2, that will have nothing to do with the 2016 movie, is planned for a summer 2020 release. The movie will not star the original cast instead going for a young teenage cast taking on the role of ghost hunters/busters.

I didn’t see the 2016 version and to be honest I don’t care much about a new Ghostbusters movie even if it is a sequel. It might be great way to get some new fans and blood into the franchise that hasn’t had the happiest of times recently. I’ll just shrug and hold out hope that it is good for the sake of the fans that have been begging for a film to follow in the footsteps of the original.

Well it isn’t much, but that is what there is to be said about this weeks gaming/entertainment and gaming releases. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you wish to talk to me about questions, suggestions, or general comments I welcome them in the comment section below. Or you can contact me via Twitter @Snipehockey, or just plain old email at Okay, with that I will jet off to do more creative writing.


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