Return of the gaming blog!

And of course I’m back to write more and more about video games and entertainment news for the year of 2019. Now it is early in the year so not much has happened, but still some stuff has gone on. So, I’m covering the interesting stuff that happened from from January 1 to 5, 2019. This is all stuff that managed to capture my interest news wise.


Game Releases:

Medieval Kingdom Wars

A strategic game that offers to let you change history. It plays out through a grand strategic level and then brings the battle to you in a real time battle section. Published on January 3, 2019 by Reverie World Studios and it was released on PC.


Game News:

Game developer BlankMediaGames is not doing so hot. Recently they have been hacked, which released I.P addresses, usernames, purchase histories, and so on. The hack occurred on December 28, 2018. If you have a Town of Salem account now would be the time to change your password. This comes after the developer tried dealing with bots flooding the game, those measures implemented however failed, and the game player base suffered as a result. Head over to the Town of Salem subreddit to get the full story.

This is terrible for customers. I’m not sure why any gamer would stick around and continue to support the developer, but that’s my take on it. Hopefully everything gets sorted and the developer can turn things around but it is such an ugly look.


Project Cars 3 will be happening, but that is not the only thing occurring over at the headquarters of British developer Slightly Mad Studios. They are also working on a console that is said to be capable of 4K resolution and will be able to handle Virtual Reality headsets at 60 frames per second. Project Cars 3 will also be more in line with their Need for Speed Shift games. This report comes via

Um, I’m not sure about how well a console would do, or if it will even make a dent in the market. I’m curious to see more about it so I can properly get an idea of what this thing will do. As for the new Project Cars, well I’ll wait and see, but it doesn’t sound like it will be a simulation racer when you make it like and arcade racing game series.


In more developer news, the creators of The Last Night, Odd Tales, has run into funding issues after doubling the development size of the team and moving the studio. They are currently seeking new ways to fund the game.

Doubling the size of ones development team as well as moving to London can certainly put a strain on financial resources. Of course there are other matters at play here that they can’t talk about. I also feel it should be noted that many games go through financial ups and downs especially independent studios where money tends to be tight. This is nothing new, but when you broadcast that fact on Twitter you tend to get noticed a bit more thus it gets reported.


Many rumors are abound that EA Games has gotten its Frost Byte engine up and running on the Nintendo Switch hardware. If this is true, then it would allow for many games to come to the console that otherwise might not. That’s said it is a rumor and it would all depend on how much work developers would be willing to put in to make their games work on the console. This rumor comes at us from

If this is true, I see this more as a way for EA game to potentially but new games on the console. Older games they probably don’t care enough about. Also, we will likely see the comment that this is merely a test to see if gamers will support EA’s effort. And to be honest it is a perfectly reasonable stance to take, yet a frustrating one to hear because you want all consoles to be well supported and have good sales.


Ben Brode who was the lead designer on Hearthstone and left Blizzard has secured funding for his new company, Second Dinner, via Chinese company NetEase. They have also announced that they’re teaming up with Marvel for their first game.

While a Marvel game is a big deal, there is some concern when it comes to NetEase who have a love of micro-transactions. NetEase also is linked to Diablo Immortal and have worked heavily to bring Blizzard games to China. I’ll wait to see more about this game, but the whole thing has the feeling that it might come across as micro-transaction heavy. I just have a leery feeling about this one, but hopefully it turns out well.



Entertainment News:

Aquaman has conquered the box office since its release in December. This comes as a bit of a surprise as everyone expected a three way fight for supremacy between it, Bumblebee, and Mary Poppins Returns. The underwater superhero however has claimed itself champion and now approaches a worldwide box office that could go as high a billion dollars in total. If you take a peek over at you’ll see the crazy numbers speak for them self when it comes to the half human half Atlantis superhero.

I’m pretty sure Aquaman surprised everyone with how well it did after reviewers trounced it. Everyone probably expected a modest holiday for it or that it would top out at say the 600 million mark and do decently but faced stiff competition. Well, yeah about that, it seems that Bumblebee didn’t catch on with viewers maybe because of the past franchise movies, and Poppins while doing well just didn’t stack up well to the silly action adventure that people seemed to want. It will be interesting to see if Aquaman can continue this pace, or if it will fall short of the billion mark.


Star Wars doesn’t just want to dominate film theaters, they want T.V. domination as well. A prequel series based around the events prior to Star Wars Rogue One is being planned and developed. It will be a limited series for Disney+ that will follow captain Cassian Andor. The likely release date will be late in 2020. For those curious you can check out the news from

I’m not sure I want more Star Wars on TV or film. It feels like the series needs a break and to have attention taken off of it for a while. Of course Disney wants to make money and with Star Wars being a tent pole for their streaming service they’re going to create lots and lots of content out of it. It is what it is and I’m more curious to see what brand new IP content Disney+ comes up with then this show.



That is all I wish to write about for this weeks blog post. Thank you for stopping by and returning to blog post. I appreciate the views and comments. Speaking of comments if you have any there are three ways you can leave them: first is the comment sections below, secondly you can contact me on Twitter @Snipehockey, or lastly email me at And before I go I would be remiss and silly to not mention that I self published a novel on kindle called Project Rabble you can find it via my Twitter. Thank you and have a good week until next time.

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