End of the year gaming blog post.

It is time to judge the gaming and entertainment news plus the game releases from December 9 to the 15 of 2018. And as the holiday season is here to take up time the gaming industry winds down its activity for the year. This might be the last blog post for the year depending on how things look news wise.



Game Releases:


A stylistic platforming adventure game where you play a woman who struggles to speak and finds the color drained from her world. She must explore and travel to statues containing a light to help restore the color to her world. It released on December 13, 2018 for Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC by Nomada Studio with publisher Devolver Digital.


Book of Demons

An isometric hack and slash dungeon crawling game that also has you building a card deck to help you fight your way through. This game was an early access title that is now completed. The plot revolves around a new evil that has been brought about in the maze of the dungeon under the town cathedral. It’s up to you to stop it. The game is developed by and published by Thing Trunk for the PC with an Xbox One version planned for a later date. It came to full release on December 13,2018.



Game News:

John Romero has revealed his new game which has to do with going back to the game DOOM. In fact he’s going completely back to the original game with an unofficial spiritual successor to Ultimate DOOM’s 4th episode. It will be a mod called SIGIL.

This is a neat little thing. I know a lot of people don’t exactly trust Romero’s game making ability after so many not so great games. Still once must try and try again at the things they love and hope and pray that things turn out for the better.


Konami is taking one of its gaming series into the free to play realm. Soccer/football fans prepare yourself for PES 2019 Lite which includes offline exhibition matches, skill training, co-op competitions, and 3v3 online co-op timed tournaments. It is available for anyone to download on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you head over to eurogamer.net you’ll get the whole story on what is what.

Nintendo did something similar with a few 3DS downloadable games, but it never seemed to catch on. I wonder if this will catch on or if it will feel so gimped that people won’t bother. Personally I feel like this is more of a glorified demo then a real attempt at free to play.


Epic Games has removed the trilogy game series Infinity Blade from mobile app stores. Citing that they feel they no longer can continue supporting the games to a standard that they felt necessary to have them for sale. For those that already own the games, you can re-download the many time you want as they will be forever yours. This news comes from Epic Games blog.

It feels a bit weird that they’re taking down old games, though I guess spending money on having someone update a game to the latest version of iOS or Android just didn’t seem worth it. Still sad to see good games taken off the store though. Hopefully they come back in remastered form or on some other device.


While there is a lot of excitement for the game The Outer Worlds from Obsidian, there has also been a few people trying to make sure that the hype stays in check. News has come out that players should not expect the game to be the same size as Fallout New Vegas, as The Outer Worlds will be smaller and more concentrated. Kotaku.com reported this story from writer Jason Schreier.

I’m really looking forward to this game. The trailer caught my interest and now I’m trying to modulate my excitement for the game. It’s good to have that reminder/news out there that we need to not get to over the top when it comes to this game. It’s good that Obsidian is getting out there and trying to put the brakes on the hype so that this doesn’t turn into another No Man’s Sky. Still I’m hyped and hoping for not too many bugs when the game does come out.


The competition wars have begun with another company offering a better percentage take for developers from digital store sales. This time it is Discord with its fledgling digital gaming store offering a 90 percent deal to developers with 10 percent going to Discord. This comes after Epic launched its store to an 88 to 12 take, and Valve adjusted their percentage take right before Epic announced theirs.

It’s a good thing to have stores competition with one another to draw developers and small indie developers to get a decent pay from all their hard work. Now it all depends on if you want Discord who is owned by Chinese company Tencent and if you want them owning your data. Interestingly, Epic is also partially owned by Tencent so they now have competing digital stores on the market, which I suppose is one way to grab the market share.


Stardew Valley is going to get more content. The developer, who recently went independent from publisher Chuckle Fish, is putting aside his next game and bringing on a team to help him work on Stardew Valley. It isn’t known yet what that content will be, but that new ideas are constantly coming to him for ways to improve the game. Head over to the Stardew Valley blog for all of the details on what’s coming.

It’s great that despite a bit of frustration and burnout from this game that the developer, Ape, still loves and wants to work on the game. I doubt you’d find anyone who would object to more content to a well loved game. I’m also curious though to see his new game, which he says is linked to Stardew Valley in some way. So, I hope he can work on both now with the help of a team to support him.



Entertainment News:

Panel game shows in the United States have never caught on in the same way that they have in Britain. Yet, there is one well known game panel in the U.S, and it is called Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!. The show which airs weekly on NPR tackles the odd, weird, and down right silly news that happens around the U.S. and the world. Why bring this up? Well, there are reports that it might be turned into the television series. This report came via Deadline.com.

It could get behind this as it such a fun radio show. It will probably have a lot of changes to make it work, but it could be a fun summer show, or anytime show really.


The Grand Tour will be returning to Amazon for two more seasons with major changes coming. The trio have decided to scrap the studio/tent section of the show. Instead they will concentrate on the grand touring traveling sections. The new season will consist of two specials a year where they go on crazy trips.

I’m up for more of the trio, they make a great team and generally make a good fun show. I will miss the studio section as they had some great funny moments when they talk about the news or just generally fool around. It’s probably for the best that they’re doing this since they’re getting older and can’t prat around as much as they used to.




Well that will end this years worth of blog posts. I will be back in January at some point. Or maybe sooner, it all depends on when things pick back up gaming news wise. So, have a nice new year and holidays. If you have any comments, suggestions, and or questions I welcome them via email at Lostvideogamesblog@Gmail.com, via Twitter @Snipehockey, or just left in the comment section below. Thank you and bye for now.

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  1. Lesa says:

    Gris – is a really beautiful game that everyone should play. I don’t think it gets as many accolades as it should the game seems a bit short for me.

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