Trucking in with the latest in gaming news.

The news is here… well the gaming releases, gaming news, and entertainment news is here. It is time for me to go through what’s happening the world of gaming from December 2 to December 8, 2018. And to make sure I throw this out there I don’t cover all that has happened during the week as I concentrate on what caught my interest.


Gaming Releases:

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

The ultimate button mashing or fighting game with a crazy variety of fighters returns. Nintendo characters and characters from other franchises return to brawl it out in small and large arenas to see who is the best. The chaos is usually part of the fun even when it seems to go against you. Released on the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018 it was created by Sora LTD along with Bandai Namco Studios and is published by Nintendo.


War of Rights

Releasing onto early access after a successful Kickstarter several years ago this is a multiplayer shooter that requires a bit of teamwork. In part because it is set during the U.S. Civil War and it isn’t run and gun style of game. It is methodical and requires you to work with other players to fend off attacks from the opposing side. Developed by Campfire Games and published by them for PC it was released on December 3, 2018. Also to note I did back this game on Kickstarter when it was crowd funding.



Originally a Steam Greenlight project that went on to early access it now comes out for full release. It is about a wandering person, you decide who they are as it is an open world RPG, where you explore the world and find yourself. Released on December 6, 2018 for PC by Lo-Fi Games who also published the game.


Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

A tactical adventure game where you play as animals who can speak and fight with weapons. It is set in a world where cities are no more and mother nature has taken over where societies once stood. The game plays out through exploration and then turn based strategic combat to get you through the harsh world. Developed by The Bearded Ladies Consulting and published by Funcom on December 4, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


Just Cause 4

Chaos mostly returns in the form of a new Just Cause, where that’s all anyone seems to play these games for. You once again take the mantle of Rico fighting some bad guy and taking them down, while flying about and causing said mayhem. It’s an action adventure game released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC after being created by developer Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix. It came out on December 4, 2018.



Gaming News:

Bethesda continues to struggle with Fallout 76 and trying to get the game right for players. They have made matters worse when a bug in their website accidentally revealed players personal information. You can find all about the horrible mistake over on Kotaku.

Ouchie. Things are certainly not looking very happy over at Bethesda Games. I do hope that they can manage to turn around their losing streak and fix the issues of Fallout 76. It may take some time to do so, but it is for the best if they don’t rush in patch fixes as those only slightly cover up issues without usually fully getting to the root of the issue.


Mike Laidlaw the former Bioware employee who worked on the Dragon Age series and then left the developer is now with Ubisoft. He’d left AAA development of games but now returns to work on some game but it isn’t known exactly what that title will be yet.

It’s always nice to have a developer with a proven track record working on and with a big studio. Now the only question is, will this game be something that Ubi already has as a franchise, or do we get something totally new? Ubisoft isn’t afraid to create new games, but I will say a lot of their current games Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed do have very similar feels. It would be nice if this is a new project.


There is plenty of Epic game news. Firstly, they are creating their own gaming digital store so that they can compete with Steam and doing so in a developer friendly way. The cut from the profits is 88 to 12 in favor of the developers. If you have the Epic Game Launcher then you already have what will be there store. The new season of Fortnite will have a creative mode allowing you to play around on created islands. This mode will roll out for those that have paid for the game then come to the free to play players. Finally, Epic is being sued by rapper 2 Milly because of a dance move in the game Fortnite. Game Informer has the story on the Epic Game Store, you can find out about the lawsuit from who had a lawyer breakdown what’s going on.

Competition is always good as long as it is consumer friendly. If Epic can nail that part along with attracting gamers who want more profits to go to the developer, then they might have a hit. As for Fortnite, I don’t see the lawsuit going very far, but I’m not a lawyer so to me this just seems like a chance to grab at some money. The creative mode to help expand the battle royale is a cool idea, which hopefully won’t become to juvenile in that everything turns into penises. There are a lot of good creators out there and this could be there chance to make something for a game they enjoy or perhaps they just want to create something game wise.


Developer/Publisher Starbreeze Entertainment had a tough rough week. They declared they were going through a restructuring so that they can try and avoid bankruptcy. They also fired their CEO because of this. Then they were raided by the Swedish police in connection with insider trading. One person was arrested during the raid. Starbreeze announced the restructuring on their website. As for the police raid, there is a website in Swedish with the full story that google can do a google translate on if you trust that.

This is not great news for them. They’re expected to publish the upcoming Pyschonauts 2 and haven’t had much success with their own games lately. You always hope that things can get turned around for a studio/publisher but this has that feeling where it is just all going wrong. I could be wrong and I hope I am, just that lingering doubt that this will work out for the better is now planted in my mind.


In news of the weird rapper Soulja Boy has launched a game console and a game handheld? He’s teaming up with distributor Anbernic to create them. The console and handheld have pre-loaded hundreds of emulated games on them with room to put more on there should you choose to do so. There is some question of the legality of these devices that are cheaper over on the Chinese web store Aliexpress. Head over to Gamesradar+ if you want to think about the headache that this is.

As I said I’m not a lawyer, but I’m not entirely sure that these are completely legal at least in the U.S. This seems like a massive lawsuit waiting to happen from the game companies that have gotten ripped off. Now, if all of these games are abandon ware it might be a different story. But, yeah this isn’t going to go well.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive got a new update with a new game mode, battle royale style, and major news. The game as of now is free to play but certain modes will remain locked behind a paywall. There is a blog post on the CS:GO website for the full news.

This is a touch surprising but at the same time not so much. I half expected CS:GO to go free to play at some point because Valve did it with Team Fortress 2. I expect they feel they can make more money this way.


The Video Game Awards are a big event not necessarily for the awards part, but because there are so many game announcements that are made. This year is no different though the hype hasn’t lived up to what a lot of people wanted. Some of the interesting announcements include: Crash Team Racing, Hades, The Outer Worlds, and The Last Campfire.

I always find it a bit weird that a game awards show has so many new announcements attached to it. I mean I get it because it is a way to  get people to tune in, but it also feels like it makes the awards themselves not the center stage when they should be. That said, The Outer Worlds looks like a fantastic space Fallout style game from Obsidian. I’m curious about Hades, which is being developed by Supergiant Games, and it being exclusive to Epic’s store. The Last Campfire looks like an adorable little game from Hello Games. I’ve heard people rave about Crash Team Racing and how much better it is then Mario Kart, so I am wondering if this will hold up to be true considering how much the latter series has changed.


THQ Nordic has acquired an old IP Carmageddon adding to their collection of games that they now own. Check out the boring but great press release over on THQ Nordic.

This is pretty interesting news in part because THQ Nordic bought the developer of Wreckfest, Bugbear, who would seem to be a perfect fit for such a game. I don’t know if THQ is going to give the them that game or if the developer wants to work on it, but it makes for an interesting possibility.



Entertainment News:

It may be time to fight/duke it out/brawl once again in the clay-mation arena. MTV is working with Ice Cube to bring back the classic show Celebrity Death Match. This hopeful story comes via

This potential remake/reboot/re-whatever has me curious. The original series was gruesome, over the top, crazy, and at times way to violent for its own good. I wonder if the series can replicate that in such a differing time period where people love to get offended? I’m sure they can certainly try, but will they wind up apologizing for what they do or will they just go and go paying no mind to what people have to say. I kind of hope that this does happen, even if it doesn’t have the original announcers just to see what they come up with.




Plenty has happened this week, but that is it for what I found worth chatting about. Thank you to those that have stopped by to take a look around at my ramblings. If you have questions, suggestions, or just comments please feel free to leave them below. Or if you prefer you can email them to me at,or contact me on Twitter at @Snipehockey. With that, goodbye and goodnight.

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