Zipping through the quick week in the world of gaming and entertainment.

A short week of madness in the gaming news, and entertainment news world thanks to the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. Still some stuff did come out, so lets talk about what happened for November 18 to 24,2018.



Game News:

The Steam Link will soon be out of production and forever banished from the Steam store. The device which allowed you to link your PC to your TV set wirelessly allowing you to play games on your TV. Originally released in November of 2015 it never saw updates and came out alongside the also not so greatly received Steam Machines. Head over to Techcrunch if you’re interested in the story.

This is both a bit surprising and not really all that surprising. Valve has killed of the Steam Machines and hadn’t bothered to update the Steam Link in a while, so there are much more powerful similar devices out there.I’m surprised because it seemed to take them so long to end production of it. This leaves the Steam Controller as the remaining piece of hardware that Valve is making.


Civilization VI is going some place that the franchise has never gone before and tackling an interesting issue. The newest expansion pack, titled Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, will introduce natural disasters and climate change.

This is an interesting little deviation from the usual expansion packs that tended to be about specific Era’s, like the rise and fall of an empire. It gives us some new mechanics to play with and to mess with other players. I’m curious to see how much it will effect the game.


Dodge Roll the developer behind the dungeon crawling roguelike Enter the Gungeon has decided to cease further production of the game. They will have one more free DLC coming to the game, but they wish to move onto other projects that don’t have diminishing profit returns. This news comes from a reddit post that the developers made on the game’s subreddit.

It makes sense eventually every developer wants to move onto new projects even though you have poured your heart and soul into this one game.Hopefully this last DLC will really put a nice finishing stamp on it,not that the game feels like it needs it.


A new golf simulation management game is on the horizon! It comes from publisher Excalibur Games and it is all about building up a resort golf course. It is to be called Resort Boss: Golf. Graphically it will be using a voxel style engine to create its graphics. It’s looking to be released to early access on February 7, 2019 for PC.

Please be good,please be good. I have wanted for the longest time a sequel or remake of the game Sim Golf. This looks like it could fill the void, though it also look pretty rough in its current state. I’m tempering my expectations but I do want this to be good.


The Walking Dead’s final game season has been saved following the end of Telltale Games. This is thanks to Skybound Games and with some of the original staff coming in to help complete the game.

If they have got things worked out so that the rights won’t be an issue, then I’m glad that this game will be finalized. Hopefully it lives up to what those that ordered the game wanted and well that it is just good overall.




Entertainment News:

Aquaman got a final trailer before it hits theaters on December 21, 2018. This trailer was more action oriented and a little less jokey then the previous trailers as Warner Brothers pushes to heavily market their big budget movie. The film stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman/Arthur Curry and Amber Heard as Mera.

I kind of like what this trailer was doing, but it didn’t catch my interest the way the last one did. I think that is mostly because of the amazing action shot that they showed. I’m tentatively curious to see how this film turns out since the Dc comic movies haven’t done particularly well.


Everything is not so great in the world of Lego Movie. A new trailer for The Lego Movie 2:The second Part was released showing off the grim world, and the still abominably happy Emmet. But when all the heroes of the world get kidnapped and taken to a far off planet, Emmet once again must save the day. The movie once again stars Chris Pratt as Emmet and Elizabeth Banks as Lucy.

I don’t know how I feel about this trailer, in part because it felt like it showed me pretty much the whole story I felt. It also didn’t win me over as much as the first trailer, so I’m rather wish-washy on it. I guess it is a wait and see how the reviews are for this one.


With Disney already owning ESPN the purchase of FOX is reliant on them selling off the regional Fox sports networks. One rumored potential buyer is Amazon who might put in a bid for the twenty two channels. You can go over to who have the story.

I don’t see this happening one bit. Or well maybe it will, Amazon tends to work in mysterious ways. I never saw there acquisition of Twitch coming, yet it happened. So it could, but it also seems rather unlikely. I don’t think Amazon wants to get tied down in running TV channels maintaining them. Though if they could get the rights to broadcast sports online from their buying of said channels that would certainly attract a lot of potential viewers. That probably won’t happen though.




That is all there is to be written for this week. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. For those wishing to make comments, have any suggestions,or any questions there are a couple of ways you can do so. You can find me and message me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or emailing me at, or just leaving a comment in the comment section below. Either way that you choose it will reach me. Thank you once again and goodnight.

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