And things get just a bit complicated in this week of gaming.

Conquering a week of gaming news, releases, and some entertainmentnews for the week of November eleventh to the seventeenth of 2018.Lots has happened, but please note I do not cover all that has goneon just the stuff that caught my interest. Right, with that said offwith his head… wait no on with the show?



Game Releases –

Battlefield V:

The Battlefield franchise returns to the grit and grim of World War 2. With both a single player and a multiplayer aspect to the game, you fight in the explosive environments where chaos rules the field. Developed by EA DICE plus Criterion Software and published by EA Games. It came out for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It has an initial release date on November 15, 2018 while getting a full release on November 20, 2018..


Pokemon Let’s GoEevee or Pikaachu:

The first major entry in the Pokemon franchise to a Nintendo home console. It takes the series back to the Kanto region and is a remake of Pokemon Yellow. The game takes elements of Pokemon Go and adds improvements and simple controls for beginners. It features the original 151 Pokemon for you to capture. The game released on the Switch on November 16, 2018 after being developed by Game Freak and published by both The Pokemon Company and Nintendo.


Fallout 76:

The wastelands of West Virginia are now open for multiplayer exploration. For the first time Fallout enters the realm of multiplayer game where you and your friends must try to survive other players and a few AI. Released on November 14, 2018 and developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It’s out on the PS4, PC and XboxOne.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy:

A collection of remasters of the first three games of the Spyro franchise. It stars the dragon Spyro who is out to save the day. The games have received a graphical up date and sound improvements while trying to remain the same. It was released on November 13, 2018 for Xbox One and PS4 after being developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision.



Gaming News –

Nintendo has worked out a deal with the websites and for 12 million to avoid getting smacked harshly with lawsuits. Nintendo has gone after the distributors of ROM’s in order to protect their trademarks and property. The websites must also shut down permanently. Head over to for the full story.

It sucks because now matter how you look at it you want these games to live on in some form so that they don’t get lost to time. But, if Nintendo doesn’t act then the set precedent and things get ugly legal wise when they do have to defend their property.


Word had leaked that Microsoft was going to buy Obsidian Entertainment and now that deal has been completed. Microsoft also have purchased InXile who became known Kickstarter games Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera.

I knew that the acquisition of Obsidian was likely but I am surprised that Inxile will also be bought. The two companies will make some good potential games for PC and Xbox One or whatever comes after the One. Hopefully, it gives both companies solid ground to work from and a little less money worries. Though, game development seems to always wander into money worries regardless.


Speaking of game companies being bought, Wreckfest developer BugBear Entertainment has had the majority of shares bought by THQ Nordic with an option to buy the remainder at a later date. THQ has also acquired developed Coffee Stain who made the game Goat Simulator. With those companies THQ Nordic have a reported 55 games being worked on with 35 of those being unannounced projects. With a healthy outlook in sales much of this is thanks to the acquisition of Deep Silver and Koch Media. For more on this news check out the report from for the news of the companies purchased. Or for the news on THQ Nordic’s financial well being.

Every time I turnaround it seems that THQ has bought someone else. It makes for aninteresting strategy having small to mid-tier games being publishedby them. There is certainly a market for such games and hopefullythey can continue to develop new games in that sector as not allgames need to be indie or triple AAA titles.


Telltale Games is finalizing its end as a game company and as a result its games are now leaving many digital game stores. Steam has delisted several older titles with many more to probably follow suit. It is unknown exactly why, but many are guessing it is due to rights issues because Telltale rarely outright owned the rights to the games they were making. If you head over to you’ll get the full story.

It was only a matter of time before this happened and now it has hit some of their games.It’s sad to see, but I don’t think many of these games were making money for Telltale to begin with. That and rights issues will doom most of the games unless deals came be worked out with parent companies.


The first Ray-tracing capable game is now available in Battlefield V. This technology allows graphics to be drawn differently by tracing the path of light and drawing those as pixels when it hits an object.This produces a highly realistic visual image. However the cost usually comes in performance which is not what you want in a multiplayer first person shooter. This story is courtesy of

And so far as pretty as it looks, it is mostly useless for the players as the performance hit is too much to swallow. It’s nice to have options graphically,but at the price point that Nvidia is charging for this GPU. Yeah,I’m guessing that most people will just avoid it until graphics cards and games can really use it.


Sony have decided in a rather bold move that E3 2019 does not factor into their plans.They will not be there or hold a private event around that time period. This comes after their rather awkward 2018 event, at least for those watching online, and the cancellation of their Playstation Experience event for 2018. was the first to break the news, which was confirmed by Sony.

I’m not sure what to make of this news. It is the end of an era so to speak if Sony decides that they no longer need to be a part of E3. With all frankness E3 has been dying a slow death with no one really able to make heads or tails of what it wants to be. Plus Nintendo has proven the direct video events are sometimes easier and better for consumers.



Entertainment News:

The first trailer for the film adaptation of Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu was released. The film is a mix of animation and live action actors. It is due to hit theaters on May 10, 2019.

The terrible no good trailer of doom.

I may be the only person who thinks this but I feel it need to be said. Please, please,someone take this movie out back and destroy it before it reaches theaters. It looks horrifying. And no I don’t like Ryan Reynolds for this role at all because he just sounds like Deadpool, which will be far to distracting from the movie. I mean seriously he couldn’t try to sound slightly different? It comes across as lazy acting and I don’t want Deadpool as Pikachu and as this movie currently looks I don’t want anything to do with it.


The third film in the Bad Boys franchise has gotten a title as the much maligned project has finally started to move forward. It will be called Bad Boys for Lif3 and will begin shooting in January. If you’re remotely curious about the details check out

I don’t think a worse name could have possibly been chosen for this movie. It literally makes no sense why they decided to name it the way they did. Unless they were trying to be edgy and cool, but even then the fad of using numbers as letters hasn’t been popular in a while.It’s a weird choice and it makes me worry that the film will suffer from try hard syndrome.


The Adi Shankar Netflix TV series that had been rumored to be a Legend of Zelda series is not. It will be a Devil May Cry series that he teased last month to get fans hyped for the project. The series does not have a release date yet.

I’m not terribly hopeful for this series. The Devil May Cry series has a different tone then the edgy one that Mr. Shankar likes to go for. Hopefully it works out, but it isn’t something I’m going to pay close attention to unless the trailer wows me.


Last week Amazon released a new season of their dark comedy spy show Patriot. The story follows spy John Tavner as he tries to arrange for money to get to the right person with hopes of influencing an election. However, things go sour and now John needs to get the money back and that requires him going through an awful lot just to get near the money.

I low key love this series. When the pilot first came out I wasn’t a fan but I watched the first season and now the second and it is just insane. If you haven’t watched it, please give it a try. I fear it will be canceled before the story can be finished. It is one of those shows that needs all the help it can get.


Famed comic creator Stan Lee passed away at age 95. He was well known for his influence on American comic culture and his creations for Marvel which included Spiderman, Iron Man, and many others. Many other creators helped to create those classic characters with Stan Lee.

A sad day for comics. He was a visionary who helped propel comics to a new level and got them to a bigger audiences.





Well, I think that is all do it for this week in blogging about stuff. So, thank you for those that stopped by and read my insipid ramblings. For those with any comments, suggestions and questions I most certainly welcome them. You can leave those via email at,or find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or just leave a comment below. Thank you once again and goodbye for now.

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