The wicked wrister of gaming news.

And now for something completely expected. The gaming news, releases, and entertainment news for the week of November 4 to 10, 2018. Also, just a quick note I cover the news that I found interesting and don’t try to cover all that’s gone on.



Gaming Releases:

Hitman 2

Agent 47 is back at work silently killing people as silently and as creatively as possible. This game takes place after the events of the 2016 version of Hitman and continues the story from that game. The gold edition was released on November 9, 2018 with the other editions releasing on November 13, 2018. It was developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


GRIP: Combat Racing

A racing game that combines combat and racing on the roof and the bottom of the vehicle at high speeds. It challenges you to wrap your head around how things are in order to win. Originally any early access game it is now out on Xbox One, Switch, PS4, and PC. It came out on November 6, 2018 after being developed by Caged Element Inc. and published by Wired Productions.



Gaming News:

Mario is returning to the big screen with the help of Illumination Studios and will be animated. The movie is moving slowly forward with production eyeing a 2020 start date. We may not see this movie until 2021 or 2022. Check out the story over on

I’m okay with them making this movie, it was going to happen eventually. My only curiosity is who is going to get cast. Do you go to Charles Martinet who has voiced Mario for the games since the character was given a voice? Or do you cast some Hollywood star? Personally I would stay away from Hollywood casting as it will just be weird.


The mega hit Crusader Kings 2 will be getting one last grand DLC before Paradox officially ends production on the game. What staff remain are being shifted over to other projects. You can head over to to read all about the DLC or watch the Paradox video on what’s coming.

It’s shocking to hear that Crusader Kings 2 will soon end development. It has so many DLC’s that it almost felt like that they would continue on until forever. Granted that was never a possibility, but it always sort of came across that way the way Paradox does DLC. It makes you wonder what they’re working on now and hopefully its as good as Crusader Kings.


Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV DLC has been canceled as the director of the game, Hajime Tabata has left the company. Work on the DLC Episode Ardyn is still going forward and planned for a March 2019 release. Alas all other content has been canned. This news comes from a YouTube video posted to the Final Fantasy XV page.

Ouch that comes as a shock. I’m not sure how much this will effect Square Enix and its future games only time will tell on that front. I hope this doesn’t effect future Final Fantasy games in a negative way and it becomes a learning lesson for the whole studio.


If you have an objection, now is the time to put it in. The Phoenix Wright trilogy series has a release date for Japan. It will be coming to consoles on February 21, 2019 with the PC version coming in the spring of 2019. A western release is planned but currently no known release date. Sneak over to Gematsu for the news story and the game prices in Yen.

I do love this franchise as silly and weird as it is and I’m happy its getting out their to newer audiences and to those that love that franchise. I hope that the port or remaster is well done, as there is nothing worse than a lazy game port.


The DLC characters for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate are already locked down, unlike with the previous game where fans voted and suggested characters. This time series creator Sakurai has a list of characters that he will decide on who and how they will fight in the game. This news came from Sakurai’s Twitter account.

It makes sense that they have already narrowed down the list of characters to create for the game. The last game with its suggestion list became a bit cumbersome with how long it takes characters to be suggested and then implement Better to just have an idea and go with it, though the fan interaction is always a good thing.


A new quirky skating game where you play a bird who skates has been announced. It has a neat little trailer for you to check out. It’s releasing sometime in 2019 and will be called SkateBIRD.

This is a cute looking though also a bit cumbersome looking game. Hopefully it continues to improve before its launch and it garners enough attention to be successful.



Entertainment News:

There may soon more Breaking Bad heading to TV or the movie theater. There is plans for a sequel movie that concentrates on Jesse Pinkman after the events of the show. If you wander over to The Hollywood Reporter you’ll find the full story.

I’m rather ambivalent to more Breaking Bad. I’ll wait and see how it turns out but I don’t have high hopes unless Bryan Cranston is involved because he did so much to make that show what it was.


The Secret Life of Pets 2 got a teaser trailer revealing the new voice of the main character. Louis C. K. who voiced Max has been replaced by Patton Oswald. The movie arrives in Theaters on June 7, 2019.

I know people don’t much like Illumination, I don’t mind them as much as other people. And I actually felt that the trailer was rather amusing. I’ve never seen the first movie, but if the next trailer is pretty good, I could see myself checking it out once it is out of theaters.


Disney has finally given a name to their streaming service. It will be called Disney+ and will be arriving in late 2019. Along with that any content remaining Disney content on Netflix will be pulled off. The company also confirmed that plans of a Loki mini-series with Tom Hiddleston reprising his role. You can check out the blog post by Disney in the tweet below or click right about here.

I supposed its a name that rather makes a lot of sense as Disney has ESPN+ and it sort of goes with the branding. Still, it is a rather bland and boring name but I suppose that goes along with the Disney image of never rocking the boat and kid friendly. On the other side of things it does look like they’re putting a lot of effort into creating shows and series for the service so that it won’t feel bare bones at launch which is good. Now we just need the pricing for this service, though many will probably wind up paying through the nose for it because of their kids.




Well that will wrap and end this week of wickedness that wasn’t wicked at all. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look around. I welcome questions, comments, and suggestions though a couple of different ways. You can find me and talk me on Twitter at @Snipehockey, email me at, or drop a message in the comment section below. Thanks and bye for now.

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