Around and around the wicked week goes.

The week of September 30 to October 6, 2018 made its presence known about the gaming and entertainment world. Probably as one to forget but still, interesting things have happened and I’m here to talk about such events. I’m looking over the game releases, gaming news, and entertainment news that caught my attention. Please note that I cover the stuff that caught my interest and attention.



Game Releases:

Mega Man 11

An action platformer in the main series of Mega Man games. You’re trying to stop Dr. Wily from using an old invention of his, the double gear, to conquer the world. It was developed and published by Capcom for worldwide release on October 2, 2018 followed by a Japanese release on October 4, 2018. The game was released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.


Super Mario Party

The party game that ruined a few friendships, controllers, and hurt quite a few hands along the way has returned. Played out as a board game using characters from the Mario series, you must travel the game board competeing against one another in a series of many mini-games to be the winner. Warning you will need a fair amount of luck to win. It released on the Switch on October 5, 2018 and was developed by Nintendo and Nd Cube and then published by Nintendo.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Taking place during the Peloponnese war in which you can play either a male or female character in Ancient Greece. You also get to choose if you wish to fight for Sparta or Athens which will then change the story as things play out. The game retains its open world exploration that has been a staple of the previous games. It released on October 5, 2018 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. There is a special version for the Switch which is running via cloud meaning it is streaming to the console but it is only for Japan. The game was developed by Ubisoft Quebec and published by Ubisoft.



Gaming News:

A new Harry Potter RPG game appears to be happening. Leaked footage from some studio working for Warner Brothers made its way online and then quickly got taken down. A few people wondered if this could be Rocksteady’s new game, a rumor that was quickly denied. Rocksteady became well known for the Batman Arkham series. If you head over to you’ll get an idea of what’s going on.

I didn’t get to see the clip that got out there, but the photo stills that people captured make it look promising though a bit weird also. I also feel for whoever developed this because all of your hard work got leaked and it isn’t completely ready to be shown off yet. It sucks, but on the bright side their seemed to be a lot of positive response to it.


Changes are coming to Blizzard Entertainment in the form of a new CEO. The leader of the company for the past 27 years, Mike Morhaime, is stepping down to be replaced by Allen Brack effective immediately. has the full story.

Best wishes to the old CEO and the new one in there endeavors. It will be interesting to see what happens next and if change occurs at Blizzard or if they will stay the course.


What’s left of TellTale Games won’t go quietly into the night as they want to finished their last game. The studio has taken to trying to find another studio to complete The Walking Dead’s final chapters. This story comes to us from

Yeah I’m not sure how well that idea is going to work out for them, but I guess it is worth a shot. I doubt that anything will come of this unless someone like THQ Nordic jumps in with one of their developers.


In other WB news they will be the North American distributor for the upcoming hyped Cyberpunk 2077. This news comes directly from CD Projekt where they have a nice blog post about it.

I find this news a bit odd, though I guess it mitigates some of the capital developer CD Projekt has to put forward which they can then use on the game itself. I guess I semi-expected it to be self published due to the success they have had with The Witcher. This also means that the game is getting ever closer to completion so that should get fans excited.


Animal Crossing might be coming sooner than many people realize? At least that’s the rumor going around about the game that it could be coming in early 2019. If you’re curious about the rumors head over to

It’s a possibility that this is true, but I wouldn’t get any hopes up. Nintendo would have shown a lot more of the game by now if it was that far along. All we have so far is a small teaser saying the game is coming. If I had to guess I would say that Nintendo probably is looking towards a summer or fall 2019 release. I just feel that they would have unwrapped more of the game to show us by now if it was so close. You have to remember at this point 2019 is only a few months away and Nintendo doesn’t seem to like rushing games out to meet release dates.


Ubisoft which fought off the hostile take over attempted by Vivendi will soon be completely free. Vivendi has announced that they will see of the remaining shares that they own in Ubi by March 7, 2019. This news is from a Press Releases that Vevendi published on their website. 

That’s great news for Ubisoft that they can continue to make the games that they want free of some corporate overlords that only look at the bottom line. Granted it isn’t bad too keep an eye on making money, but art generally doesn’t go all the well together with making money. Sometimes art need to take chances to continue to grow the field but doesn’t turn out to be a major hit.


More rumors abound with Nintendo that a new version of the Switch will be coming next year. There’s some question about what type of improvements will be made to the console, but many agree that it will get a new screen. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on this, though you’ll need a subscription to read their full article.

I feel like if there is a new version of the Switch we won’t see some massive hardware upgrade as Nintendo doesn’t want to fracture their player base. Granted they kind of did that during the N64 era but it still isn’t a good idea.



Entertainment News:

Netflix will have a choose your own adventure episode for the upcoming season of Black Mirror. If you wish to know more then is where you’ll want to go.

This is a bit interesting. I can see it be a cool little episode and its certainly something that Black Mirror is known for exploring. My only fear out of all of this is that someone, not necessarily Netflix, will take the idea realize the data collection possibilities and use that to create shows that they think people will like.


The fantasy wars have begun. With Game of Thrones coming to an end the search for the next big fantasy show is in high gear. Amazon which has jumped in with Lord of the Rings will also be making a Wheel of Time series from the novels. Then they also signed a deal with creator Neil Gaiman to work with him on creating shows. Not to be left out of the fight, Netflix as landed the Chronicles of Narnia rights to make both film and TV shows out of the property. has the news about the Wheel of Time pick up, The Neil Gaiman news is from, and the Narnia report is from

Yeah this seems like a great thing for all those involved as long as properties turn out to be well made. If they don’t well, lots of unhappy people will certainly be willing to express their opinions on the matter and probably will even if the shows are good. I’m more curious to see what Gaiman comes up with over Wheel of Time and Chronicles of Narnia, as he’ll likely come up with something different and crazy that I never knew I wanted to see.


DC’s streaming service has a teaser for its new cartoon show about Harley Quinn which is also its title. The series will star Kaley Cuoco who will voice the villainous Quinn.

I kind of like this teaser? It would take a little getting used to the different voice for Harley, but something about the animation and the sense of humor just seemed about right. If course I’m guessing that the show won’t be as meta or fourth wall breaking as this teaser, but I don’t mind if they did it ever few episodes or so.


Damon Waynes is quitting the show Lethal Weapon at the end of its third season. He made a lot of waves earlier in 2018 when he came out against Clayne Crawford saying he was abusive and when directing had an unsafe set. Crawford was fired from the show and was replaced by Seann William Scott. This news came out of where Damon Waynes did his interview about leaving the show.

Whoa. This is crazy after all that’s happened over the last year with this show. If I was a producer on Lethal Weapon I would be furious since Waynes told no one and sprang this news during an interview. This show is either going down in flames, or somehow they’re going to manage to recover something from it. It should be noted that Wayne’s has been dealing with a lot lately as his daughter and his mother both had surgeries recently.


The trailer for the Dick Cheney movie Vice has come out. It is about Cheney’s rise to power and his time as vice president. The movie stars Christian Bale, Sam Rockwell, Steve Carrel, and Amy Adams. It is releasing on December 25, 2018.

This is a very slick trailer. I liked pretty much everything about it even if it is about a vice president that I don’t care for much. Plus the movie has such an amazing cast that its hard to see this film not making at least a few waves when it comes to award season.


Disney is doing as many live action remakes of the their classic cartoon movies as they can. The latest to be slated to be made is Lilo & Stitch. The “remake?” of the 2002 movie is being written by Mike Van Waes. Disney has not said if this will be for their streaming service or if it will have a theatrical release. has the report on this news.

I’m mostly okay with remakes, reboot, or whatever they do. Movie companies are going to look to old properties to make money off of in new ways. Thus live action remakes are happening by the dozens at Disney, but not literally. Lilo & Stitch are just another property to them that has a built in fan base that can be exploited for monetary gain. I do worry about this remake because I’m not sure how well Stitch and the other aliens are going to wind up looking. It will either look like disaster or come out semi-decent though I’m not holding my breath.


Lots has come out of Comic Con in New York. We got a new look at the upcoming Aquaman with an extended trailer that showed off quite a lot. The film appears to be a fight over the underwater city of Atlantis who who shall rule it but also seems to have a villain in Black Manta who is also causing trouble. The movie is due out on December 21, 2018 and stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. It is the next movie in the Worlds of DC. Another trailer out of NYCC was the Good Omens trailer. The show runner is Neil Gaiman who wrote the book many years ago with Sir Terry Pratchett. The story revolves around the end of times with a demon and an angel trying to stop it because they rather like being stuck on earth. Good Omens is a co-production between Amazon and the BBC and is due to arrive in 2019 first on Amazon and then on the BBC. The series will star Michael Sheen (British actor) as Aziraphale and David Tennant as the demon Crowley.

I was not sold completely by the San Diego Comic Con trailer for Aquaman. It was good, it felt like a bit of hype material but it didn’t resonate with me. This new trailer, and the long action running shot looked amazing though and I can see myself slowly getting aboard the hype and hoping that this turns into a fun action film that does some occasional amazing stuff. Now to the Good Omens trailer, there isn’t much to say it looks as good as I expected it to be with both Tennant and Sheen looking great. I have high hopes for the series.




A cruel cruel week that seemed to have so much to say is now over. Thank you for popping by and taking a look around my blog posts and musings. I appreciate the visitors. For those that have any suggestions, comments, and or questions I welcome you to leave those. You can contact me via email at, or on Twitter at @Snipehockey, or just leave it in the comment section below.

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