A rough week of gaming sorted out.

Marching in for a new week of entertainment is the latest and greatest in gaming releases, gaming news, and some entertainment news. This for the week of September 9 to 15, 2018. Please note that I cover the news that catches my interest and not all that has happened during said week.



Gaming Releases:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider –

Lara Croft is back exploring two months after the events of the last game and have her chasing an Aztec artifact that has a connection to her late father. However, a paramilitary force also wants to get its hands on the artifact as they believe it has the ability to reshape the world. Released on September 14, 2018 by developer Edios Montreal and publisher Square Enix. It came out for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.


Frozen Synapse 2 –

A game that combines grand strategy with turn based combat in what developer/publisher Mode 7 is calling “Open World Tactics”. It places you in a procedurally generated city which changes with each situation you are confronted with. You have the ultimate freedom to do missions your way. It was released on September 13, 2018 for PC.



Gaming News:

Lucas Pope the creator of Papers, Please will soon have a new and very different game out on the market. Called, Return of the Obra Dinn, it’s all about exploring an abandon ship and finding out what happened to the crew. It has a very interesting monochromatic visual style that makes it look like few other games.

I have been following this game on and off since I learned about it after the release of Papers, Please. It has my curiosity to see if it can capture my imagination in the same way, or will it simply be another game that passes me by. I hope this game comes to consoles and is playable on Mac, and Linux as well as it looks like a unique experience. I should note that since it is from a single lone developer, any ports could take a while to happen.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is coming back in remastered form. It will be coming to the PS4 and Switch and is set for a 2019 release date. Originally it was a Gamecube game that came out in 2004 and required the use of Gameboy Advance for a full experience. You will no longer need the Gameboy as the remaster will have an online capabilities.

It’s nice to see this little game have its comeback. I only played it a bit back when it came out due to all the hops that you had to jump through to play it. Hopefully it sees a resurgence in fanfare and can finally be a well loved game by all.


2K19 the latest Basketball game from 2K Sports is getting a lot of frustrated gamers riled up due to being bogged down in so many micro-transactions. Many feel that the last few years the game has stunted your created players ability to advance and get better by forcing people to pay up money to have a decent enough player so that they can actually play the game. You can check out Kotaku UK for their report on how micro-transactions are going down.

I cannot say I’m surprised that 2K Sports and its owner Take-Two Interactive are trying to pinch as many pennies that they possibly can out of a sports game. It has become a terrible trend in many sports games to micro-transaction the hell out of it so that it feels like you must pay more to get anywhere. This looks bad and I fear that 2K sports won’t back down on it because they feel that gamers would rather pay for upgrades rather then instituting fun simple easy mechanics that reward you for playing.


EA Games have decided to challenge the Belgian government’s ruling that loot boxes and card packs are a form of gambling. EA does not believe it’s FIFA card packs fall under the ruling. As a result the Belgian government is looking to open a criminal investigation into the company. If you wander over to Hexus.net you’ll get a better sense of what’s going on.

From all appearances this will head to a court case and many appeals before it gets settled. It is for the best that this does get settled so that people know where they stand and how exactly this will be enforced or what will be covered. Many people are beginning to argue that Magic the Gathering Cards also fall under the gambling rule. It will be a while before the dust on this settles and game companies, gamers, and countries know where they stand on the issue.


If you purchase the season pass to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey you’ll be getting the remaster of not one but two previous Assassin’s Creed games. Those being AC: III and AC: III Liberation. If you have no interest in buying Odyssey and just want to play the remasters they will be put up for individual sale in March of 2019. Odyssey will be releasing on October 5, 2018 with the first section of DLC coming in December 2018 with the season pass costing 40 USD.

Overall this seems like a pretty decent deal. You get a game though a remastered one and tons of extra content plus the free content the developer is putting out. The only question becomes is it worth to you to spend that extra money for this content.


Nintendo which last week delayed its Direct video have now released it to catch gamers up on the future of the 3DS and Switch. It confirmed game leaks, Civilization VI, as well as announcing new games, and talking a bit more about their online service which launches on September 18, 2018. Some of the new games include Luigi’s Mansion 3, Town (Working title) from GameFreak, and the dog Isabelle from Animal Crossing joining the fight in Smash Ultimate. They also made a sneaky Animal Crossing announcement for the Switch as well. Then there is also the onslaught of Final Fantasy game remasters that will be coming next year.

A good direct, lots of good interesting announcements and quite a few troll moments. I saw the Animal Crossing troll coming from a mile away but it is good to see the series get some love. The troll of Luigi’s Mansion 3 got me however, as I was just expecting it to be the remaster of the original game for 3DS. I’m curious about Town which has the potential to be interesting though so little is known about it that it’s hard to get a full grasp of it. It is good to see so many classic Final Fantasy games coming to the Switch as well, though I do wish there was some new FF games. I get that by publishing remasters they’re judging how well these game might do and if there is an audience for new games on the console. Now to the disappointing part. The Online service sounds meh at best. Many people were hoping for a better explanation of what they’re doing. Instead it felt bare bones and charging for things, cloud saves, that should probably be free in the first place. Nintendo is once again behind when it comes to a competent online service.


Interestingly, and staying with Nintendo and Online, Ubisoft and Nintendo have a Japanese only version of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey which is running on the console via cloud streaming. Head over to Usgamer.net for the news story on what is going on.

This is happening exclusively in Japan because the infrastructure and ability to have a great internet connection is much more prominent than in other countries. I do wish it was possible in the U.S. but with the way the FCC is acting I wouldn’t be surprised if the internet winds up dropping down into the stone age.


Wolfenstein 3 is being worked on over at Bethesda, though they are first concentrating on the spin off series Wolfenstein Youngblood which stars B.J.’s daughters. PCGamer broke the news story on this report.

This isn’t much of a surprise. Following the first game Bethesda made two smaller spinoff games and I expect we will see something similar here. The only issue is keeping the story relevant and not forgotten by the time this third game rolls out for release.




Entertainment News:

The movie universe of DC might be up for some changes. There is some debate about whether Henry Cavill will be reprising his role as Superman. He has responded by posting a bit of an interesting cryptic clip on Instagram. Then there was the news that Jon Hamm would be interested in playing Batman but only if the script was right. Check out the THR first report on Superman and the Jon Hamm report via THR as well.

View this post on Instagram

Today was exciting #Superman

A post shared by Henry Cavill (@henrycavill) on

So much has happened in the worlds and universe of DC cinema that this comes as no surprise. And while I like Henry Cavill as Supes if he doesn’t return… to me it is no big deal. He’s had his chance and both he and WB have done little with the role. Perhaps it is time to just move on to better projects. Cavill did just sign onto the Witcher TV project which should keep him very busy. As for the Jon Hamm talk, I think it could be cool if the project is the right one for him. I think this was mostly him just talking, but it is always nice to hear actors talk about projects that they could potentially do.


Apple is in a bit of hot water after reports that consumers may lose the ability to watch movies that they have purchased from them via iTunes if Apple loses distribution rights. This can happen to any movie that are solely on then cloud servers. This news comes courtesy of theoutline.com who broke the story.

I fear that this is becoming more and more common of a thing. I’m sure other companies have similar polices that offer little in the way of compensation. It’s even happening in gaming where games will become de-listed from digital stores due to expiring rights to music or vehicles and so on. It is an unknown future that we potentially are walking into that is run by companies that if they don’t get along you might lose a digital product you purchased legally. It’s up to the government’s to help protect the consumers from such practices and in the U.S. at least it doesn’t seem like that will happen.




Enough of this idle banter and talk of video games for this week. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I appreciate it. If you’re looking to post a comment, questions, and/or a suggestions I love those and please do post them. You can leave said comments below, or email them to me at Lostvideogamesblog@gmail.com, or find me and talk to me on Twitter at @Snipehockey. Bye bye until next time.

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