This week in the madhouse of gaming news…

The haphazard wrecking ball of video game news has come through once again in bedazzled fashion. Or that might just me liking to writing silly words next to one another. Either way the the week of August 12 to the 18. 2018 had a bunch of stuff happen so I’m here to write about what caught my interest. I’m pretty sure that is obvious by now that I write about only the stuff that I’m look oh cool, but you never know. Now, on with the show.


Gaming Releases –

Sword Legacy: Omen

A turn based strategy game set before the times of King Arthur you find yourself in a lost and broken Britannia which you must fight to reunite the country. Released for PC on August 13, 2018 it was developed by Fireside Studio and Fableware Narrative Design while being published by Team17.


Phantom Doctrine

A turn based strategy game about spying and getting intelligence without managing to get caught or you’ll have a terrible situation on your hands. You must use your spies wisely as they all have strenths and weaknesses which go well with some missions not so great for others. Released on August 14, 2018 by CreativeForge Games and published by Good Shepherd Games. It came out on PC.


Graveyard Keeper

You are a graveyard manager and well things aren’t exactly good at your graveyard. It’s a management simulator set in a medieval cemetery where you’ll have to make decisions about who goes in the graveyard and so on. It was developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild for PC, Linux, Xbox One, and Mac and came out on August 15, 2018.



Gaming News –

There has been a lot of talk of getting Diablo onto the Nintendo Switch console with fans starting rumors and lots of talking, then Forbes reported and then pulled an article saying the Diablo III was headed for the console. A few days later and Nintendo and Blizzard have confirmed that the game will be headed to the tiny handheld and home cross-over style console. It will be coming out in the fall of 2018.

A bit of a surprise but it has been teased ever since Blizzard tweeted them plugging in a Diablo night light into an outlet and switching it on. It looks good overall and arrives sooner rather than later which is always a good thing. Hopefully it can preform well both sales wise and game play wise so that Blizzard will bring more games to the console.


The newest Battlefield got a new trailer just in time for the madness of Gamescom convention in Germnay. It shows a mad battle around Rotterdam and scenes from a few other battles? They also teased a bit of their Battle Royale mode at the end of the trailer.

This is the type of trailer I expected when the game first was announced, lots of destruction, violence, vehicles, a far bit of mayhem, and some teases as to whats to come. The other trailers were okay so far, they didn’t have that zing that I expect from Battlefield trailers.


Counter Strike: Global Offensive added a new weapon, though technically it is an old one. The MP5 returns and will be one of the few silenced weapons in game. Currently it is available to use in casual matches and fun game modes like arms Race but cannot be used in competitive. It replaces the MP7 should you equip it and the MP7 does stick around in your inventory should you prefer to keep that gun.

It’s nice to have the MP5 back in the game, though it does feel like it will probably get nerfed. I don’t think it will change much game wise but then again I don’t know crap about competitive CS:GO so, yeah.


The islands are once again calling out for a ruler and Tropico 6 has stepped up to answer the call. A new trailer has released showing off some of the customization coming this time around along with must of the same feeling one got from the previous iterations of the game. It is set to release on PC in January of 2019 and come to the Xbox One and PS4 during the summer of 2019.

I’m not sure on this. I do love the Tropico franchise, but the last one didn’t wow me over, though it was fun to play for a while and I’m glad they did experiment with game. I’ll be curious to see what other changes are coming to the game to help revitalize what feels a bit stagnant.


Inmost is a new game being developed by Hidden Layer Games and published by ChuckleFish. It’s a 2D pixel side scroller that will concentrate heavily on its story. It will be a very atmospheric looking game with a blue hue to its pixels.

This is a great looking game as the visuals while simple have this nice hue and feel of Gothic horror. The trailer does a great job of giving you a feel for the game while also holding back on everything that’s going on it. All around this game has me curious to see more of it.


Old game franchises sometimes manage to squeak back into existence tough mostly from fans insisting that their beloved game be given another chance and some crazy developer giving it a shot. THQ Nordic may or may not be doing that for the Timesplitters franchise. What they have done however is purchase the rights to the game setting up potential remakes and future installments if THQ Nordic sees it as a money maker. Check out for the full story.

I don’t expect anything to come of this even though I love the Timesplitters games. I’ve heard so many stories of the games coming back or just rumors of fan projects that until a game comes out I won’t believe it. I do hope that a remaster version comes out on eveything that it possibly can, but I don’t expect it to happen at this point.


Echtra studios has given a peak inside their studio and their plans for Torchlight Frontiers. It will be a top down action RPG massive multiplayer online experience though maybe not the usual style of MMO more of a Player vs. everything than PVE and PVP.. Currently the game is planned for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Seeing this developer diary gave me a bit more hope for the game as it sounds like the developer is putting their heart and soul into the project. I’m still a bit reticent as I want to see more and publisher Perfect World isn’t a company I know well enough to throw my interest behind one hundred percent. I’m willing to give it a shot though because I want to see the expanded world of Torchlight.


For lovers of pixel-y point and click adventure games there is a sequel coming for Darkside Detective. However, it will be on kickstarter to get funding for the game starting in September. It will be developed by Spooky Doorway who made the first game.

It’s a little teaser that doesn’t show anything really, but it is good to be aware of it in case you do love point and click adventure games.




Entertainment News –

Landmark Theaters owned by billionaire mogul Mark Cuban and associate Todd Wagner may be up for sale or at least they’re exploring a potential sale. One of the rumors making its way around the net furiously is that Amazon is one such potential suitor to buy the company. This news has hurt the stocks of several movie theater companies on stock market as tends to happen these days whenever Amazon is mention as a potential buyer. reports that Amazon is unlikely to even be one of the finalists to buy Landmark.

Well in accordance with U.S. law it would illegal for Amazon to buy a movie theater company like Landmark because they already own a movie studio that creates films. The interesting bit is that President Trump is reportedly looking into changing the law, but also has a rather massive feud with Amazon owner Jeff Bezos. If the law were to change then Trump oddly enough would be helping his hated rival if it is in fact a rivalry. Either way this probably won’t happen and the fact that the stock market reacted in such a manner is a bit silly. You’d think that buyers and sellers would at least research before they buy and sell stocks, but I guess it came down to a bit of a panic sell off. Still a bit silly.




That’s all there is for this week in the madness of games. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look around as I appreciate it. I welcome any questions, suggestions, and comments down below, or via Twitter at @Snipehockey, or through email at Goodbye until next weeks round up.

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