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Gaming news marches on rather anemically, but still it goes on. This week I’m covering the end of July to the beginning of August, so Jul 29 to August 4, 2018. It should be noted that I only cover the stuff that I found interesting during the week and I don’t cover all that has happened.


Game Releases:

This is the Police 2 –

You once again take over a police station with the goal of helping it survive and keeping yourself alive from gangs and corrupt officials. Released on July 31, 2018 for PC. It was developed by Weappy Studio and was published by THQ Nordic. Console version will be coming at a later date.


WarioWare Gold –

The zaniness of Wario plus tons of weird mini-games to keep you occupied for a couple of seconds before you’re dashed off to the next one. Released on the 3DS on August 3, 2018 in the U.S. it was developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo.


Yakuza 0 –

An open world game where you play as Kazuma Kirtu and Goro Majima who are both Yakuza and have found themselves tangled up in events that they cannot control. They struggle to hold on as the Yakuza threaten to break into a war between factions. Originally this game came out in 2015 for the PS3, it was then re-released early this year for PS4 and now makes its way to PC as of August 1, 2018. The game was developed and published by SEGA.



Gaming News –

Stardew Valley multiplayer is now out for PC allowing you and a friend to farm and work together in the valley. This is actually a pretty big update that includes more than just the multiplayer. The console version is still being worked on at this time. Checkout the blog post over on to learn all about the update.

Nothing to say about his really other than it is pretty cool that you can now farm with friends and family in this mostly chill game.


Apple has decided to end its App Store Affiliate program. This means that any website that talked about games, movies, or books that had a link to iOS store page for said item will no longer receive a small percentage fee should a person download the item. Toucharcade was one such website affected by this and they made a post worth checking out on their website.

Some websites live and die by such programs so it is disappointing to see Apple do this, but also understandable. Apple want you to use their way of finding stuff instead of going to some outside source that they don’t know or trust all that much. It is the way things go sometimes despite everyone’s good intentions.


EA’s On the House program which gave away games through EA’s Origin PC storefront application is also coming to an end. Check out the story over on to get the full gist of what’s going on.

Not much surprise here as EA hadn’t done much with it after the flurry of games that they gave away. It seemed like they only had so much that they felt comfortable giving away before it fell by the wayside and EA looked to protect its bottom line. Still it was nice while it lasted and will now be replaced by EA’s subscription service that you pay for.


Valve has a launch date of November 28, 2018 for its DOTA 2 based card game called Artifact. It’s design is being lead by Magic the Gathering’s creator Richard Garfield. This is not a free to play game, you will have to purchase it for 19.99 usd and you can buy and sell the game cards through the Steam Market. There is a Forbes article which has all the launch information.

A rather surprising date and one that Valve has to feel very confident about to release in the middle of the busy holiday season when it is easy to get looked over by other games. I’m not sure that this will steal people away from Hearthstone or make much of a blip other than some of the hardcore audience who wanted this game.




Entertainment News –

Nicholas Winding Refn a rather famed director for his movies and at some point also has a TV show coming out, has brought to life his own streaming service. And it is completely free. The catch bring that these movies are cult b-movies. These movies also have supplemental to go along with them like essays and so on. Check out to see movies and find yourself lost in B cult classics.

I’m all for weird things, as long as I remember about them and get around to watching it. That’s pretty much going to be my issue with this, I have to have something to remind me about it or else it will fall by the wayside. I hope that they come up with a lot of interesting content though so that I can remember about it.


Amazon dropped a trailer for its Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen new TV series Forever, a comedy in which the two marry and have lived the same life for twelve years. Things get shaken up when they take a ski trip and they find life not so great.

I’m not sure what I should make of this trailer. On one hand I like the mystery and none explanation it presents to you. But at the same time I do feel like I want just that lilttle bit more so that I can get a grasp of it, without going on an internet search for what it is. It’s similar to Amazon’s Romanoff’s in that it has a cool trailer but literally nothing gets explained.


Reboot’s in TV seem to be incredibly popular right now, and Warner Brother’s TV division is joining in on it as they try and bring back the show Alf. The original show was about an alien “Alf” who crashed landed on earth and lasted from 1986 to 1990. No writers are attached to the project as of yet, but it belived that in this new series “Alf” would have gotten out of Area 51 to find a new world for him to interactive with. So, it’s more of a continuation of the original while rebooting segments of it. This news comes via a report.

I don’t remember much of the original series, other than the puppet Alf. To me it isn’t that big of a deal of they do or don’t bring this character back. I’d love to see more new and original content for TV but if this becomes a way to bring new things to TV, than so be it.


The original Star Wars trilogy won’t be making its way to the Disney streaming service anytime soon. In fact it will have to wait until 2024. This is due to the fact that Turner Broadcasting got the rights to both the TV and streaming versions of the films in 2016. Turner has refused to sell back the rights. Read all about this news from

Ouch. That is a bit embarrassing for Disney. One of your tent pole series of beloved almost fanatical loved movies in original trilogy and someone else has the rights. It does make Disney’s streaming service a little less exciting to jump onto as I don’t care about most of Disney’s movies other than a few of them.




Another week defeated in a similar fashion to the previous weeks. It ran out of time to get things done. Anyway that’s it for me for this week. If you wish to contact me because you have comments, questions, or suggestions I certainly welcome them. You can contact me through the comment section below, via email at, or find me on Twitter at @Snipehockey.


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