Another rascally week of gaming news

For the week of July 22 to 28, 2018 some gaming news, and entertainment news has crowded its way towards the front of the room and managed to catch my attention. So, I present to you some of the news that happened this week.



Gaming Releases:

Banner Saga 3 –

The saga continues to its final chapter in this tactical role playing game. Steeped in Viking lore and fights you must once again set out to explore the world and fight with your party to finish off the story you once started. Developed by Stoic and published by Versus Evil it came out on August 26, 2018 for PC, Xbox One, Switch, and PS4.


Airheart – Tales of Broken Wings –

Now leaving early access and flying out into the world. This is a free roam style game with lots of airplanes flying around the world, perhaps doing some missions, or fishing, or going after the pirates that wish to ruin your day. Developed and published by Blindfug Studios for PC and PS4 on August 24, 2018.



Gaming News:

Amazon is now allowing you to finance any PC parts or whole PC’s with monthly plans. Once you order an item from them they will charge you a set fee each month until the product is paid off on the credit card that you put the purchase on. They will not ask you to pay any interest on said orders. has the story for your reading pleasure.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand it is great to give consumers options, and the chance to spread things out should they be in a pinch but still need something. On the other hand, you probably better off just saving your money and not worrying about having monthly payments.


The Fallout 76 beta will be arriving in October first on Xbox and then shortly after on PC and PS4. This comes a month before its release of November 14, 2018. Head over to for all of the beta details.

This should not be called a beta as those occur well in advance of a games launch for the most part. This is in reality a stress test for the servers to make sure they can handle the crush of oncoming players.


The upcoming This is the Police 2 which will release on August 2, 2018 for PC showed off a very different feeling trailer from the first one. This is the latest trailer to come out before the game hits PC and there will also be a PS4, Switch, and Xbox One version coming.

The game certainly has a similar dark tone to the first game, but it still feels different and new which I like. I’m looking forward to this one as I liked the first game, but got frustrated with how it felt I got stuck after a certain amount of time.


Steel Division is getting a sequel but will be moving from the western front of the war to cover the Soviet operation Bagration. This time though the game will not be published by Paradox Entertainment.

I’m surprised as I figured that the game would be a one a done, as people liked it but never raved about it. I’ll be curious to see what improvements are made, and if they can entice players back to trying this sequel. Hopefully it can live up to players expectations.


A new strategy tactics game has come to light and is based around a tabletop board game with minature figures. Called, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics, where you are playing the allies fighting the Nazi’s but there is an even greater threat hiding in the background in Cthulhu.

It doesn’t look all that grand in the trailer, but it could be a fun little game if you’re looking for some horror strategy game that isn’t a first person or third person over the shoulder style of game.




Entertainment News:

A new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel was released showing the upcoming December 21, 2018 movie. The movie revolves around a robot that has been found and brought back to life, sans some of its memories. There are forces at play that would rather this robot did not get back those memories and tries to stop this female robot as she begins to hunt down her secrets. The movie is written by James Cameron from the manga Battle Angel Alita and is directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Yeah, I didn’t like the original trailer and this new trailer still doesn’t convince me that this one will be good. It looks far too uncanny especially the main character, she doesn’t look like she belongs in the world and I hate to say this but it might be her face that’s throwing me off.


Ryan Reynolds is producing a new movie, inspired loosely by the family favorite movie Home Alone, only this time it will be R-rated and will be all about a stoner who missed his vacation flight and now must fight off some thieves. has all you’d want to know about the Ryan Reynolds movie.

This is a bit weird to think about and I’m not sure I completely get it. I don’t mind that it is inspired by Home Alone or that it will be about a stoner. My level of caring right now is about zero, this isn’t a project for me, and it may be one of those very niche films that sounds great on paper but makes almost no money. Or maybe I’m wrong and it makes tons. Right now it sounds great as a pitched idea, but as an actual movie worth going to see… I’m of the opinion that it sounds like it isn’t very fleshed out as an idea.




This week has come and gone once again and thus I must end another blog post of madness. Thank you so much for taking a look at my blog and rambled writing. If anyone is looking to get in touch with me, there are three ways in which you can do so. You can email me at, or you can leave a comment below, or finally find me and message me on Twitter at @Snipehockey.

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